Tuesday, 26 June 2012

We Set Sail Tomorrow

Hoy Mates,

Today marks the last day of school for my readers in Prince Edward Island! Congratulations on a great year mates, you deserve a super Summer vacation. A big ahoy to my readers in Ontario too, I hope you've enjoyed your early Summer heat wave and have found fun ways to keep cool while you read.

Keep a weather eye on The Guardian Newspaper and the Journal Pioneer for the very first chapter of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors which releases tomorrow! I'm excited to hear what all my mates think of the story. You can join Lillian Webbe and Jude McLean as their adventure begins on the Eastern point of Prince Edward Island. Together the two friends meet many fantastic creatures of the sea and pirates fearsome and funny alike.

I'll be with you for all ten weeks of the story through this blog, my Twitter @MKRMossey and watching for your emails at m.k.r.mossey@hotmail.com. I love to answer your questions about the story, writing and art so don't be shy!

During our ten weeks of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors I'll be updating this blog and my Twitter with answers to your questions, exclusive story art, awesome pirate facts, photos of the real life places that Lillian and Jude visit along with lots of other really awesome stuff.

Until tomorrow may there be wind in your sails and music on the deck!

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