Friday, 27 July 2012

A Story of Pirates and Potatoes in Charlottetown

Hoy Mates!

Today has been a fantastic week full of excitment! I hope that everyone in Ontario and Prince Edward Island has gotten the chance to check out their chapters this week and is enjoying them! Congratulations to all you PEI readers who have reached the story's half-way point, there's lots more adventure to come.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the chapters yet, you can take a look at them here.

The Guardian - Week Five Chapter

Vaughan Weekly - Week Four Chapter

On Wednesday this week, I visited the Confederation Centre Public Library in Charlottetown! It was so much fun and I got to hang out with some awesome kids from the Boys and Girls Club! I got to read them an exclusive exceprt from Chapter Six and we had a super talk about pirates. There were even some kids there who knew all the parts of a ship...I was very impressed.

During the program everyone got to design their own Pirate flag and from monkeys to treasure chests and everything clolorful inbetween we had a fleet of flags that would impress Captain Calico Jack himself! (Calico Jack is credited with creating the famous Pirate Flag "The Jolly Roger").

Afterwards, we wrote a story of pirates, treasure, mermaids and potaotoes together, you can check out the story here:

One bright and sunny day, the S.S. Charlottetown was sailing into Charlottetown Harbour when a French ship was sailing in on the port side, it was a Pirate Ship called "The Cross Hooks"! Their crew was ready and armed to steal treasure from the S.S. Charlottetown. The treasure was dubloons, diamonds, rubies and gold coins. Captain Dollar of the S.S. Charlottetown called his crew saying "All hands on deck!" and the pirates drew their swords, while the crew of the Cross Hooks boarded their ship. But the mermaid Halie saw this and wanted to help protect the treasure. So singing her mermaid song she called her ocean friends, the turtles and dolphins to move the S.S. Charlottetown. But the crew of the Cross Hooks was already aboard. So the Mermaid sang another song and made all the Pirates act like monkeys! So they climbed all over the ship looking for a treasure of bananas. While this happened, the mermaid took the treasure and was going to get away with it...but thinking there was Bananas in the treasure chest the Captains started to fight over the Mermaid. As they swashbuckled, the Captain of the Cross Hooks fell off the plank! Amazingly, after that it started to rain PEI Potatoes which made the crews act like themselves again! The mermaid took the treasure and brought it to the bottom of the sea. The pirates realized that their treasure was gone, but took all the potatoes and cooked them to eat. When the crew sat down to eat the PEI Potatoes, they found a gold dubloon in each one. Some kept the coins but others used them to buy more treasure to go and bury on the beaches of Charlottetown!

The End...

You'll be able to see this story on display at the Charlottetown Public Library very soon!

For anyone who has been wondering what I've been doing for Summer Reading, have no fear, I to have been getting my fair share of reading this month. I'm currently reading Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, it's a classic story of pirates, adventure and a boy who refuses to grow up! Pair reading this story while listening to the Finding Neverland movie soundtrack for an amazing reading experince!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Sailing from CBC Mainstreet to the Souris Library

Hoy Mates!

A very jolly Friday to all my mates in Prince Edward Island and Ontario, I hope you got to check out your latest chapters on Wednesday! This has been an active week for me as I was with CBC Radio Mainstreet on Wednesday and today I made my way to the Souris Public Library where me and some great pirate mates wrote a story together, I read to them from an upcoming chapter and we got to hang out, chatting about pirates!

On Tuesday I was interviewed by Kerry Campbell on CBC Radio, it was a great time and I had a super time reading from Chapter Five of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors! We talked about the story, my writing and I made some reading suggestions for the Summer from some of my very favorite authors!

You can listen to the whole radio show here: CBC Radio Mainstreet Interview

Now today I gave a visit to the Souris Library to hang out with all my pirate-loving friends in Kings County, PE! First, I read another excerpt from Chapter Five of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. Afterwards we chated about world of Pirates, talking about the words they would use, different places on theis ships and even the food they ate! I think the biggest gasp I got was when I explained some Pirates even had chickens running around on their ships!

The best part though was that afterward we all wrote a story together about Jude and Lilly! They sailed to Souris, found a treasure chest full of slippers, swashbuckled with pirates and then found a secret box with a note in it that told of another treasure chest that had golden bananas, a ruby necklace, a thousand silver pieces, seaglass, much more treasure and even a note that lead to a mysterious island! We had an awesome time taking turns and adding to the story. You can do the same thing, just get a sheet of paper and write out an amazing story each person adding a new sentence to the last person's idea!

Check out the story written by Jenna, Grace, Erin, Marybeth, Lesley, Evan, Tyler and Me!

"A Story of Treasure for Lilly and Jude"

One very stormy night, Lilly and Jude were at East Point Lighthouse when they thought they saw the Ghost Ship "The Wandering Maiden", when they squinted to see it better, the friends saw right through it! So they boarded their ship "The Coral Reef" to investigate. But once they were on board Lilly and Jude found that Captain DeNoir had stolen the ship and took command of it. Captain Dimitri DeNoir wanted to sail to Souris and steal some Pirate Treasure! On the Captain's way to Souris he saw a Mermaid and told his crew to catch her. When Lilly and Jude saw this they were worried the Captain might use her powers to find where they were hiding, but the mermaid didn't find them. Instead Lilly and Jude found a Treasure Chest full of slippers hidden aboard the ship...the friends didn't know it, but inside each slipper was a diamond. Once "The Coral Reef" made it to Souris, Captain DeNoir, the Crew, Lilly and Jude found a secret box filled with diamonds. When the Captain saw that Lilly and Jude had been on the ship he took out his sword and said "hand over the treasure!". So Lilly took out her magic cutlass and fought back. During the swashbuckling match, Captain DeNoir knocked Lilly's sword out of her hand and said "the treasure is mine now!" But Lilly's cutlass magically came back to her hand and she said "I can always swashbuckle!" As Lilly is fighting, Jude takes the treasure and runs but is caught by DeNoir's First Mate. Lilly didn't know Jude had got caught but while she was fighting she dropped her cutlass, it magically floated and started to fight the Captain by itself. Lilly then ran to rescue Jude and the treasure. When Lilly goes to rescue Jude she gets caught by the Second Mate. Then Jude pulled a hypnotizer out of his pocket and hypnotizes the pirates, it made them fell asleep and drop the treasure! Jude grabs the treasure and Lilly's cutlass came back to her, then they escaped to their ship. Once they board "The Coral Reef" and open the treasure, they find that there is really a note inside telling them a path that leads to a treasure of crowns, gold, golden bananas, a thousand pieces of silver, a ruby necklace, a bag of diamonds, sea glass, an engagement ring, a box with a dancing frog, a flying carpet...and another note leading to a mysterious Island!

Below you can check out some pictures of me with the super fantastic kids of the Souris Library!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another Wednesday for Lilly and Jude

Hoy Mates!

A very happy Wednesday to all my readers! This week on Prince Edward Island, readers will be discovering the third chapter of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors while in Vaughan you'll be checking out the second chapter.

Prince Edward Island Readers can check out the new chapter online here:

Ontario Readers can check out their new chapter online here:

Since today is the release of another set of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors chapters I thought I would tell you all a little bit about how I wrote the story and what inspired some of the upcoming characters.

I've loved Pirates since I was a kid myself, I always wanted to read about them, play pirate games and draw pictures of Pirates. It made sense that if I was going to write a story for kids it would be about one of the things I loved the most when I was your ages.

Prince Edward Island is an awesome province surrounded completely by water so it makes for a great place to inspire stories of sea-sailing, swashbuckling pirates! You can look out on the horizon and imagine pirates ships sailing by and mermaids along the coast. There are also many cultures here that gathered together to make it the place it is. The legends of the Mi'kmaq, Acadian, Irish and Scottish people made my imagination go wild. There were so many stories from their cultures to choose from but I carefully selected ones that would add to the story.

Look for all of the interesting legends that were inspired by the Island's cultures and try to discover some interesting stories for yourself! If you find something that itches your imagination, why not write a story about it too?

The upcoming characters are legendary, funny, fierce and some even historic! It just goes to prove that you can take any story and make it your own!

This week, why not pick a legend, historic person or even a friend to write a story about. Then see how many of your mates you can share it with or why not write a story together?

Monday, 9 July 2012

Avast! Shall We Speak Like Pirates Today?

Hoy Mates!

There are lots of things that make a pirate who he or she is, like sailing to sea, hunting for treasure and just being pretty awesome in general. Yet there is one thing that I think comes to mind for every boy and girl who bring pirates to mind and that would be the special words they use and the way they speak! From Captains to Cabin Boys there is a special language that Pirates use to talk that was unlike any landlubber. Today, I thought we would take a look at some of these funny sounding words and see exactly what they meant all those years ago when Pirates sailed the deep blue sea.

Ahoy or Hoy - A word that means 'Hi', 'Hello' or 'Hey'! It's a general greeting from one pirate to another. Sometimes they would yell it across the ship to get each other's attention or from one ship to another when they would cross each other. Hoy is how I always greet you, my mates, whenever I post on my blog. How about giving your friends a pirate hello next time you meet them?

Aye - Saying aye was like agreeing or saying yes to each other. Also if a Captain asked one of their crew members to do something that person would say 'Aye, Aye Captain!' to let the Captain know that they understood the order and were going to go and do it! Next time your parents ask you do do something try saying 'Aye, Aye Captain!' instead of just 'yes'!

Avast - This was a word that Pirates used to tell each other where something was or when they wanted each other to look in the direction of imporant things. Such as: 'Avast, look at that sparkley, shiney, treasure over there!'

Me Hearties and Mates - This was what Pirates called their friends. We say 'friend', 'buddy' or even 'best friend forever'. The word mate is still used in Britan today and by the English, try using the word mate too! BPM could been a new way to describe you and your 'Best Pirate Mates'!

Landlubber - A Landlubber was someone who wasn't good at sailing or got sea sick often. Pirates thought that Landlubbers were silly people and would use these word to tease one another.

Davey Jones' Locker - A way to describe the very bottom of the ses, a place where no pirate wanted to go. There isn't really a locker at the bottom of the sea but imagine if there was! Do you think it would look like your school locker or something quite different?

Galley - A place on the ship where the ship's chef would make food for the whole crew! Imagine having to make a meal for all those hungry pirates! Next time you're in your house's kitchen or school cafeteria remember that Pirate would call it the Galley!

Nor'easter - A Nor'easter was a storm that came from the North and Eastern winds coming together. Pirates would watch for these sorts of storms so that they could prepare the ship. Nor'easter is a term that is still used in Prince Edward Island and the Maritimes for coming storms.

This will start you off to sounding just like a Pirate, we'll discover more words in the coming weeks. By the time you've finished reading Red Shores and Pirate Anchors I bet you'll sound just like the most popular Pirate Captain!

Check out this awesome pirate flag from the Pirate's Galley Cafe at East Point Lighthouse!

Until next time...keep talking like a pirate mates!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Interviews from Vaughan to Summerside

Hoy Mates!

I hope all of my readers from Prince Edward Island and Ontario are having a good time with their chapters. There's a lot more of the story to come, what adventures do you think Lillian and Jude have in store?

Before Red Shores and Pirate Anchors was published on PEI, Stephen Brun a journalist from The Journal Pioneer did a story featuring me. It was fantastic to chat with Stephen and answer his questions. I've got a lot of love for PEI and I think he did a great jog of representing that. Check out the interview here:

As my Ontario mates might have seen in the Vaughan Weekly this week an interview I did with reporter Alexia Kapralos was featured. It was so pleasant chatting with Alexia, she really wanted to represent my love of reading and writing which I truly appreciated! You can check out the interview until next Tuesday here:

Thanks so much to Stephen and Alexia for these stupendous stories! I hope you can learn something interesting about me through them.

I also wanted to give a shout out to a really awesome girl I met today who is a fellow fan of pirates! A special hello to Rowan, I'm wishing you lots of good luck in landing the role of one of your favorite pirates in an upcoming play.

I leave you all today with a photo taken from East Point Lighthouse, PEI. It's a view of the waves and sea that both Lillian and Jude would have seen many times, I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Beautiful Beaches and a New Friend

Hoy Mates!

Today has been a truly great one. To start off my morning I got to meet a very sweet girl whose name is Barra. I'm so happy that I got to meet her, we talked about Pirates, the Island and she showed me her collection of temporary tattoos! Barra was even so nice that she gave me this very piratey tattoo which I will proudly be displaying in my writing book! I aksed Barra for permission to use her name in one of my upcoming books and she said yes. Watch out for one of my novels with your name in it, Barra!

Later today I went to Red Point Park on Prince Edward Island and had a lovely stoll on the beach. There were lots of people enjoying the ocean and sand. While I was there I saw some sandstone rocks.covered with moss that looked incredible, so I took a photo to share with you all.

I love to stand on the beach and watch out into the vast distance of the ocean. It's certainly not hard to imagine a Pirate Ship on the horizon while I'm there.

I hope each of you have had a jolly day and got to spend it doing all of your favorite things!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day Mates!

Hoy Mates and a very jolly Canada day to you all!

I hope all my Prince Edward Island readers had a good time checking out the first chapter of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. I was thrilled when I saw it in the Guardian and Journal Pioneer. To all my readers in Ontario, keep your eyes on the Vaughan Weekly for your first chapter coming soon!

Lillian and Jude both lived in Canada just as it had become a Country. Just like you are, they're very proud to be Canadian and live in such a special and diverse place. In fact, did you know that the idea of Canada originated from Prince Edward Island? It all started at a big meeting on the Island where people talked about their lands coming together and forming a country. We have a lot of places and people to be proud of in Canada. Famous writers, chefs, hockey players, fashion stylists and inventors just to name a few. Try to find as many special Canadians as part of your Canada Day celebrations!

Summer Reading Programs will be beginning this month in your local libraries, check them out to see which activites you can enjoy this July and share them with your friends. I'll be posting some of my favorite books for you to read this Summer. There's lots of selection so you'll br able to find something just for you.

In the mean time, check out my Twitter @MKRMossey for fun facts, photos, reading.suggestions and to ask me questions!

Until next time keep everything shipshape mates!