Friday, 27 July 2012

A Story of Pirates and Potatoes in Charlottetown

Hoy Mates!

Today has been a fantastic week full of excitment! I hope that everyone in Ontario and Prince Edward Island has gotten the chance to check out their chapters this week and is enjoying them! Congratulations to all you PEI readers who have reached the story's half-way point, there's lots more adventure to come.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the chapters yet, you can take a look at them here.

The Guardian - Week Five Chapter

Vaughan Weekly - Week Four Chapter

On Wednesday this week, I visited the Confederation Centre Public Library in Charlottetown! It was so much fun and I got to hang out with some awesome kids from the Boys and Girls Club! I got to read them an exclusive exceprt from Chapter Six and we had a super talk about pirates. There were even some kids there who knew all the parts of a ship...I was very impressed.

During the program everyone got to design their own Pirate flag and from monkeys to treasure chests and everything clolorful inbetween we had a fleet of flags that would impress Captain Calico Jack himself! (Calico Jack is credited with creating the famous Pirate Flag "The Jolly Roger").

Afterwards, we wrote a story of pirates, treasure, mermaids and potaotoes together, you can check out the story here:

One bright and sunny day, the S.S. Charlottetown was sailing into Charlottetown Harbour when a French ship was sailing in on the port side, it was a Pirate Ship called "The Cross Hooks"! Their crew was ready and armed to steal treasure from the S.S. Charlottetown. The treasure was dubloons, diamonds, rubies and gold coins. Captain Dollar of the S.S. Charlottetown called his crew saying "All hands on deck!" and the pirates drew their swords, while the crew of the Cross Hooks boarded their ship. But the mermaid Halie saw this and wanted to help protect the treasure. So singing her mermaid song she called her ocean friends, the turtles and dolphins to move the S.S. Charlottetown. But the crew of the Cross Hooks was already aboard. So the Mermaid sang another song and made all the Pirates act like monkeys! So they climbed all over the ship looking for a treasure of bananas. While this happened, the mermaid took the treasure and was going to get away with it...but thinking there was Bananas in the treasure chest the Captains started to fight over the Mermaid. As they swashbuckled, the Captain of the Cross Hooks fell off the plank! Amazingly, after that it started to rain PEI Potatoes which made the crews act like themselves again! The mermaid took the treasure and brought it to the bottom of the sea. The pirates realized that their treasure was gone, but took all the potatoes and cooked them to eat. When the crew sat down to eat the PEI Potatoes, they found a gold dubloon in each one. Some kept the coins but others used them to buy more treasure to go and bury on the beaches of Charlottetown!

The End...

You'll be able to see this story on display at the Charlottetown Public Library very soon!

For anyone who has been wondering what I've been doing for Summer Reading, have no fear, I to have been getting my fair share of reading this month. I'm currently reading Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, it's a classic story of pirates, adventure and a boy who refuses to grow up! Pair reading this story while listening to the Finding Neverland movie soundtrack for an amazing reading experince!

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