Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another Wednesday for Lilly and Jude

Hoy Mates!

A very happy Wednesday to all my readers! This week on Prince Edward Island, readers will be discovering the third chapter of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors while in Vaughan you'll be checking out the second chapter.

Prince Edward Island Readers can check out the new chapter online here:

Ontario Readers can check out their new chapter online here:

Since today is the release of another set of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors chapters I thought I would tell you all a little bit about how I wrote the story and what inspired some of the upcoming characters.

I've loved Pirates since I was a kid myself, I always wanted to read about them, play pirate games and draw pictures of Pirates. It made sense that if I was going to write a story for kids it would be about one of the things I loved the most when I was your ages.

Prince Edward Island is an awesome province surrounded completely by water so it makes for a great place to inspire stories of sea-sailing, swashbuckling pirates! You can look out on the horizon and imagine pirates ships sailing by and mermaids along the coast. There are also many cultures here that gathered together to make it the place it is. The legends of the Mi'kmaq, Acadian, Irish and Scottish people made my imagination go wild. There were so many stories from their cultures to choose from but I carefully selected ones that would add to the story.

Look for all of the interesting legends that were inspired by the Island's cultures and try to discover some interesting stories for yourself! If you find something that itches your imagination, why not write a story about it too?

The upcoming characters are legendary, funny, fierce and some even historic! It just goes to prove that you can take any story and make it your own!

This week, why not pick a legend, historic person or even a friend to write a story about. Then see how many of your mates you can share it with or why not write a story together?

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