Monday, 9 July 2012

Avast! Shall We Speak Like Pirates Today?

Hoy Mates!

There are lots of things that make a pirate who he or she is, like sailing to sea, hunting for treasure and just being pretty awesome in general. Yet there is one thing that I think comes to mind for every boy and girl who bring pirates to mind and that would be the special words they use and the way they speak! From Captains to Cabin Boys there is a special language that Pirates use to talk that was unlike any landlubber. Today, I thought we would take a look at some of these funny sounding words and see exactly what they meant all those years ago when Pirates sailed the deep blue sea.

Ahoy or Hoy - A word that means 'Hi', 'Hello' or 'Hey'! It's a general greeting from one pirate to another. Sometimes they would yell it across the ship to get each other's attention or from one ship to another when they would cross each other. Hoy is how I always greet you, my mates, whenever I post on my blog. How about giving your friends a pirate hello next time you meet them?

Aye - Saying aye was like agreeing or saying yes to each other. Also if a Captain asked one of their crew members to do something that person would say 'Aye, Aye Captain!' to let the Captain know that they understood the order and were going to go and do it! Next time your parents ask you do do something try saying 'Aye, Aye Captain!' instead of just 'yes'!

Avast - This was a word that Pirates used to tell each other where something was or when they wanted each other to look in the direction of imporant things. Such as: 'Avast, look at that sparkley, shiney, treasure over there!'

Me Hearties and Mates - This was what Pirates called their friends. We say 'friend', 'buddy' or even 'best friend forever'. The word mate is still used in Britan today and by the English, try using the word mate too! BPM could been a new way to describe you and your 'Best Pirate Mates'!

Landlubber - A Landlubber was someone who wasn't good at sailing or got sea sick often. Pirates thought that Landlubbers were silly people and would use these word to tease one another.

Davey Jones' Locker - A way to describe the very bottom of the ses, a place where no pirate wanted to go. There isn't really a locker at the bottom of the sea but imagine if there was! Do you think it would look like your school locker or something quite different?

Galley - A place on the ship where the ship's chef would make food for the whole crew! Imagine having to make a meal for all those hungry pirates! Next time you're in your house's kitchen or school cafeteria remember that Pirate would call it the Galley!

Nor'easter - A Nor'easter was a storm that came from the North and Eastern winds coming together. Pirates would watch for these sorts of storms so that they could prepare the ship. Nor'easter is a term that is still used in Prince Edward Island and the Maritimes for coming storms.

This will start you off to sounding just like a Pirate, we'll discover more words in the coming weeks. By the time you've finished reading Red Shores and Pirate Anchors I bet you'll sound just like the most popular Pirate Captain!

Check out this awesome pirate flag from the Pirate's Galley Cafe at East Point Lighthouse!

Until next time...keep talking like a pirate mates!

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