Friday, 6 July 2012

Interviews from Vaughan to Summerside

Hoy Mates!

I hope all of my readers from Prince Edward Island and Ontario are having a good time with their chapters. There's a lot more of the story to come, what adventures do you think Lillian and Jude have in store?

Before Red Shores and Pirate Anchors was published on PEI, Stephen Brun a journalist from The Journal Pioneer did a story featuring me. It was fantastic to chat with Stephen and answer his questions. I've got a lot of love for PEI and I think he did a great jog of representing that. Check out the interview here:

As my Ontario mates might have seen in the Vaughan Weekly this week an interview I did with reporter Alexia Kapralos was featured. It was so pleasant chatting with Alexia, she really wanted to represent my love of reading and writing which I truly appreciated! You can check out the interview until next Tuesday here:

Thanks so much to Stephen and Alexia for these stupendous stories! I hope you can learn something interesting about me through them.

I also wanted to give a shout out to a really awesome girl I met today who is a fellow fan of pirates! A special hello to Rowan, I'm wishing you lots of good luck in landing the role of one of your favorite pirates in an upcoming play.

I leave you all today with a photo taken from East Point Lighthouse, PEI. It's a view of the waves and sea that both Lillian and Jude would have seen many times, I hope you enjoy it!

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