Friday, 20 July 2012

Sailing from CBC Mainstreet to the Souris Library

Hoy Mates!

A very jolly Friday to all my mates in Prince Edward Island and Ontario, I hope you got to check out your latest chapters on Wednesday! This has been an active week for me as I was with CBC Radio Mainstreet on Wednesday and today I made my way to the Souris Public Library where me and some great pirate mates wrote a story together, I read to them from an upcoming chapter and we got to hang out, chatting about pirates!

On Tuesday I was interviewed by Kerry Campbell on CBC Radio, it was a great time and I had a super time reading from Chapter Five of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors! We talked about the story, my writing and I made some reading suggestions for the Summer from some of my very favorite authors!

You can listen to the whole radio show here: CBC Radio Mainstreet Interview

Now today I gave a visit to the Souris Library to hang out with all my pirate-loving friends in Kings County, PE! First, I read another excerpt from Chapter Five of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. Afterwards we chated about world of Pirates, talking about the words they would use, different places on theis ships and even the food they ate! I think the biggest gasp I got was when I explained some Pirates even had chickens running around on their ships!

The best part though was that afterward we all wrote a story together about Jude and Lilly! They sailed to Souris, found a treasure chest full of slippers, swashbuckled with pirates and then found a secret box with a note in it that told of another treasure chest that had golden bananas, a ruby necklace, a thousand silver pieces, seaglass, much more treasure and even a note that lead to a mysterious island! We had an awesome time taking turns and adding to the story. You can do the same thing, just get a sheet of paper and write out an amazing story each person adding a new sentence to the last person's idea!

Check out the story written by Jenna, Grace, Erin, Marybeth, Lesley, Evan, Tyler and Me!

"A Story of Treasure for Lilly and Jude"

One very stormy night, Lilly and Jude were at East Point Lighthouse when they thought they saw the Ghost Ship "The Wandering Maiden", when they squinted to see it better, the friends saw right through it! So they boarded their ship "The Coral Reef" to investigate. But once they were on board Lilly and Jude found that Captain DeNoir had stolen the ship and took command of it. Captain Dimitri DeNoir wanted to sail to Souris and steal some Pirate Treasure! On the Captain's way to Souris he saw a Mermaid and told his crew to catch her. When Lilly and Jude saw this they were worried the Captain might use her powers to find where they were hiding, but the mermaid didn't find them. Instead Lilly and Jude found a Treasure Chest full of slippers hidden aboard the ship...the friends didn't know it, but inside each slipper was a diamond. Once "The Coral Reef" made it to Souris, Captain DeNoir, the Crew, Lilly and Jude found a secret box filled with diamonds. When the Captain saw that Lilly and Jude had been on the ship he took out his sword and said "hand over the treasure!". So Lilly took out her magic cutlass and fought back. During the swashbuckling match, Captain DeNoir knocked Lilly's sword out of her hand and said "the treasure is mine now!" But Lilly's cutlass magically came back to her hand and she said "I can always swashbuckle!" As Lilly is fighting, Jude takes the treasure and runs but is caught by DeNoir's First Mate. Lilly didn't know Jude had got caught but while she was fighting she dropped her cutlass, it magically floated and started to fight the Captain by itself. Lilly then ran to rescue Jude and the treasure. When Lilly goes to rescue Jude she gets caught by the Second Mate. Then Jude pulled a hypnotizer out of his pocket and hypnotizes the pirates, it made them fell asleep and drop the treasure! Jude grabs the treasure and Lilly's cutlass came back to her, then they escaped to their ship. Once they board "The Coral Reef" and open the treasure, they find that there is really a note inside telling them a path that leads to a treasure of crowns, gold, golden bananas, a thousand pieces of silver, a ruby necklace, a bag of diamonds, sea glass, an engagement ring, a box with a dancing frog, a flying carpet...and another note leading to a mysterious Island!

Below you can check out some pictures of me with the super fantastic kids of the Souris Library!

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