Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Parrot Corn Roast and Mermaid Party at the Cornwall Library

Hoy Mates!

This past Friday I had a fantastic visit with the children of the Cornwall Library! There were so many creative kids, it was great hanging out with them and being pirates together. They even put a Captain's Hat on my head and gave me a Pirate Flag, it was so much fun to be Captain for the day especially when the crew was so super!

During the program everyone coloured pictures from Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. It was so much fun for me to watch everybody colouring and I was so touched by the fact that a lot of the crew even gave me some of their pictures. They were coloured beautifully and I am going to treasure them just like pieces of eight!

Take a look at some photos of our great time!

Together we wrote a really cool story which you can read just below! It's very exciting and even includes some delicious under water treats that I would love to try sometime.

"Pirates, Corn and Seaweed Smoothies...oh my!"

On a very stormy and blustery day Lilly and Jude were on their Pirate Ship. Using Jude's spyglass to search the water they see a whale in the ocean The wale swims up to the ship and sprays water on everyone with it's blowhole. That scared Polly their pet Parrot who flies away but comes back with a bunch corn on the cob from Cornwall. Lilly and Jude were so surprised by this that they didn't pay attention to the ship. Because of this they crashed and became shipwrecked! Shocked one of their pirate crew members jumps out of the crows nest and into the water where he discovers the lost city of Atlantis. The whole crew joins him there and they find a treasure of a gold necklace and a million pieces of gold! Captain Dimitri found out about Atlantis and the treasure though so he came to steal it with his crew of scurvy pirates. When Kennedy the Mermaid saw this she distracted the rival pirates by splashing them with water using her beautiful Mermaid fin. Then calling her Mermaid friends they all took the treasure together to the bottom of the sea. Then the mermaids decided to use the treasure to buy sea-salt cotton candy and seaweed smoothies for each other. But there was an octopus hiding in the treasure chest who jumped out and wants to take their treats! But he's just a hungry octopus so the kind mermaids decide to share their food with him and they have a big under water party together!

Above the ocean it has turned into a bright, sunny day but suddenly it starts to snow. Pirates don't like snow so Captain Dimitri and his crew run away from the snow forgetting to take their Pirate Ship with them! Lilly and Jude board Captain Dimitri's ship so that they can use it for themselves and their crew. Once again they can sail all around Prince Edward Island and look for buried treasure. To celebrate, Polly the Parrot has a corn roast with all his parrot friends and the crew on their new ship. Then everyone is excited for the new adventures to come.

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