Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Chapters and Celebrating 125 Years of News on PEI

Hoy Mates!

This week will prove to be an exciting one for both Ontario and PEI's chapters, you can read them in your newspapers and online. Congratulations to Ontario, this week you can read the fifth chapter of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors which means you are half way through the story.

Have you every swashbuckled with your shadow like Lillian or imagined you were on a Ghost Ship like the one Jude visited? Maybe you were brought to the ship by a mermaid or even are using a magical sword enchanted by a half-way person...the possibilites are endless!

Check out your new chapters here:

Ontario, you can read your chapter here: "The Ghost Captain"

PEI, you can read your chapter here: "Swashbuckling Duo"

Today I was at a special event to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of The Guardian Newspaper! Can you imagine what the news would be like 125 years ago? It was pretty amazing! There were all sorts of things happening locally and because there was no such thing as internet the newspaper would be how people could find out what was happening all over the world! I brought back a photo of  an early issue of The Guardian to show you.

...And I even got into my newsboy cap to be in the spirit of the event!

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