Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Pirate Olympics at the Stratford Library

Hoy Mates!
I hope that all my readers from PEI, Ontario and ABC Life Literacy have been enjoying their chapters for this week! There is lots of excitment in all three chapters and lots of fun still ahead!
Today was a very awesome day and I want to make a special 'Ahoy' to my mates at the Stratford Library in PEI! I was able to share a special even there today where we all celebrated the end of the Library's Summer Reading Program with a Pirate Party! We had all sorts of fun pirate themed things to do like making newspaper hats, choosing our pirate flags, coloring pictures of our favorite Red Shores and Pirate Anchors characters, going on a treasure hunt, learning about pirate life and I got to do a reading from chapter eight of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors!
Everyone was so curious about pirates and asked me so many smart questions, I was so impressed! One girl even asked me why there were hourglasses on a lot of pirate flags! Did you know that the reason for those hourglasses was as a message to other ships that their 'time was up'?
This is a super cool picture that was colored by one of the girls at the Library! What do you think Lilly and Jude would think of their new haircolors? I think they're pretty spiffy and orange is a great color on Lilly!

Everyone was in the pirate spirit as you can see from this jolly roger of a pirate!

Best of all we wrote a story about Lilly and Jude participating in the 'Pirate Oympics'! Wouldn't you like to run in the peg leg race or do plank gymastics?
Have fun reading the story that we wrote!
"Lilly, Jude and the Pirate Olympics"
On a very stormy day, Lilly and Jude were sailing their ship "The Pirate Ship That Belongs To The Pirates", looking for a new land where the Pirate Olympics were being held. On the way they found a bottle with a key inside it that had a map imprinted on it. The map on the key led them to the Island where the games were being held. There they played in many events, like Pirate Tag, the Peg Leg Relay, Plank Gymnastics and Treasure Hunting. Captain Dimiti DeNoir and his crew wanted to win first place in Treasure Hunting. Third place was a bronze treasure chest, second place was a silver treasure chest and first place was a gold treasure chest with a special surprise in it. Lilly and Jude wanted to win the gold treasure chest because Dimitri had stolen their chest to make a prize in the Olympics. So they trained hard to be the best they could in treasure hunting! But in order to win they had to swashbuckle a giant rubber duck to get to the treasure. Dimitri had to pass the giant duck too but his crew was afraid of the big squeaky duck and ran away! So Lilly and Jude bravely faced it and passed the duck first, working together as a team they dug up the treasure. It was hard work but the had worked hard for this moment and so they said one last "heave-ho!" and pulled the great gold treasure chest out of the sand and were declared the first place winners! Captain Dimitri won second place and got the silver chest, but he wasn't a good sport and threw a tantrum that all the pirates thought was very silly! When Lilly and Jude opened their gold treasure chest they found a time machine watch which had been made by a man who wanted to see what the past was like and then used it to send Dimitri DeNoir forward in time so he couldn't bother anymore pirates or steal anymore treasure! Everyone was so happy that he was sent away they shouted a great huzzah and continued on with the games! Lilly and Jude had a delightful time playing in the PIrate Olympics together with all the other pirates and bought a fleet of new ships with their prize treasure. Lilly won a silver treasure chest in Plank Gymnastics and Jude won a bronze treasure chest in the Peg Leg Relay, they were very happy for winning and were very happy for all of the other pirates who won treasure chests too. When the games were over the had a great party to celebrate everyone's jobs well done and wish each other good luck at the next Pirate Olympics!
All together we had a memorable day and left with a great 'Yo Ho Ho' in our hearts! Huzzah to me hearties at the Stratford Library!

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