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"The Pirate Treasure of Lillian Webbe"

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I am going to be doing a special presentation of "Red Shores and Pirate Anchors" on my Blog for my readers and for the friends of ABC Life Literacy! Starting this Wednesday I am going to be posting a new chapter each week for the next ten weeks! This gives everyone the chance to comment on each chapter's blog post, making comments and asking questions! I hope that you all enjoy the next ten weeks of Red Shores and Pirate Anchors. In the coming weeks you can also expect some special posts about new stories of mine that will be releasing soon and even art!

Chapter One

"The Pirate Treasure of Lillian Webbe"

In the year 1870, when Canada was still a child, life was not as different as you would expect. There were as there as always has been adults and children, girls and boys, friends and family. Each person played their roles just as they do today. Farmers tilled the soil, weavers made their cloth, fishermen brought ashore their daily catches, mothers gave love and fathers in their own right supported their families. In the youthfulness of Canada, the spirits of its people were full of pride and unity. On Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown bustled with news, Summerside was revered for its finery and the Eastern tip of the Island shone for its earnest hearts and warm smiles. Each person lived with a set ideal, knowing where they were from and where they were going. Everything was constant, only to be shifted by the sands moving with the tide. But ask yourself this, if you met someone new, someone different then you've ever known, how would you react? How would your family react and even your friends? What if the beauty of your Island was shown to you in a different light that made everything seem alive through the eyes of fantasy? Imagine your reaction as you may, but please read on, dear friend and see how in the great 1800s Prince Edward Island learned more from the likes of a curious child such as you then they could in all the text books that could be piled from East to West and back again.


"I did not steal anything!" Lillian Webbe shouted in her own defence. She was skinny, with long thick hair the colour of a raven and deep stormy grey eyes. She did not look like most of the children she shared a small classroom in Elmira with but stood out with her foreign features. Big almond shaped eyes and skin that looked like she had gotten a tan spending extra time out in the sun. Despite her differences though there was one thing Lillian was certainly certain about and that thing was that she did not at all like the looks the other fair haired, blue eyed children were giving her. She did not like the frilly frocks that the girls her age wore and the boys thought she looked silly when dressed like one of them. Their parents thought her odd for the braids and little wooden beads that dangled from her hair but most of all she hated how they would tease her. How right at this very moment a girl of twelve, just Lillian's age, had told their teacher that she had taken a bright shiny red apple from the desk of their youngest classmate. He cried and cried, crocodile tears, Lillian often thought of them as when someone would cry for no reason. "She took my apple!" He whined to the teacher, pointing at Lillian as she tried to step back and hide among her peers. "I did not!" Lillian said again, stomping her foot. But the teacher shook her head at Lillian and called her to come forward. There was nothing to do but listen, however much she didn't want to. So stepping up to the teacher Lillian stared down at her feet while the woman scolded her. "You know you're not supposed to take other people's belongings Lillian..." Her teacher said, trying to sound kind behind her annoyance but failing at the attempt. This made the classroom seem much smaller and Lillian could feel her cheeks go red hot. "And this isn't the first time I've had to say this either. If it happens once more I'm afraid that I'll have to expel you..." Her teacher's tone was serious and stern but Lillian kept her eyes down. "Now go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. Before class is over I want you to apologise to Billy and give back his apple." But as usual Lillian said nothing and walked shamefully over to the comer where there was a little stool for her to sit on. "But I didn't take anything from him..." She muttered to herself as the lesson began again. Lillian wasn't paying any attention though, instead the twelve year old girl waited for her teacher to turn around and scribble something on the blackboard. Because the very second that the woman turned around Lillian with great silence slipped out the back of the classroom.

This was something that the girl often did. This was also a cause of irritation to her teacher but Lillian didn't care if it got her expelled, she was tired of all the other children making fun of her and getting her into trouble. She had never stolen anything in the classroom; the children only said it because they didn't like her. She was different. But this way, Lillian knew she could be free and go down to North Lake, one of her favourite places. With all the fishing going on no one would notice her and Lillian felt very at home in her secret grotto by beach. It was hidden by the rock clefts in the sand, a tiny cave just big enough to fit two fully grown people. But it felt cozy to Lillian; it was damp, smelt like salty air and most importantly was her special secret. So slipping off her proper looking, worn out hand me down shoes she started running across the field behind the tiny school house. Lillian loved the field's tall grass; how it tickled her toes and how the bright sunlight above made the sky a shade of blue that matched the ocean perfectly. The sun felt warm on her skin and the ocean breeze was so fresh and easy to breath. This was wonderful and Lillian liked it that way. Chasing the path she had memorised so well down to the North Shore, Lillian knew every blade of grass and every little sound. She knew where all the foxes' dens were and of the birds’ nests high in the trees. Most of all she knew the shoreline and the shouting of the fishermen at each other as they pulled in their lines. A great big smile spread across the girl's face as all the sadness of the classroom went away and she could see the ocean. Dashing between the shacks where the men kept their fishing nets Lillian's ears were open and listening.

What for? Well it was really a simple reason. She didn't want anyone following her to her secret grotto. It seemed as if the coast was as clear as it could be. Yet once she got onto the beach with the boiling hot sand between her toes, Lillian's mind slowed for a moment to watch the horizon. Stretching out for infinity from the water. It was amazing to wonder where it could lead and what it could bring. Taking a huge breath of salt water air and wiggling her toes deep into the sand Lillian was completely at peace. Until there was a strange shifting in the sand. The girl's ears so sensitive that she could pick up the noise in an instant. Her whole body went stiff and her head snapped back over her shoulder to catch a shadow much the same length of her own. "Who's there!?" She shouted nervously. But no one said anything. "I know you're there!" Lillian cried out again. There was more of the strange shifting noise but this time along with a voice. It was a boy and he spoke very shyly. "It's okay! I'm not trying to frighten you..." He tried to soothe, coming out from behind a large red sand stone. He was blond with airy blue eyes and pale skin. His cheeks were reddened embarrassment and he slowly took a few steps towards Lillian. "I'm not scared of you." She replied to him with a determined look on her face. And squinting at the boy, Lillian was certain of who he was. "You're Jude MacLean. You're from the schoolhouse!" The girl's annoyance was clear as she stomped over the rest of the way to Jude. Raising his hands in defence the boy shook his head. "Wait, don't get mad at me! I just came to see if you were alright...I saw who took the apple. I know it wasn't you. I think it's wrong what the others said and that the teacher blamed you." The words flew out of Jude's mouth quickly and Lillian gave him a weird look. She was first surprised that he had left their class to go and find her and second Lillian felt happy within herself that one of her classmates did in fact not hate her. "You came to see me...?" Her voice was soft and disbelieving. Jude nodded, quite pleased with himself. "Wow...that's really...nice." She said, tilting her head and looking the boy over. He was her age also and there was something she liked about him. He looked on the outside like everyone else but in his eyes there was a difference. He seemed to have at least a little bit of adventure in him even if he was too shy to really show it. He had proved it by running after her. She stood in silence considering him while he squirmed under her stare. Maybe he was worth taking with her to the grotto. Peeking over her shoulder on both sides, Lillian smiled at him. "How do you feel about pirates?" She asked quite suddenly. Jude's expression twisted in surprise but he too smiled even if it was just a little bit. "...I...think that they're exciting..." He whispered. "Even if my Mother doesn't think so." The boy added on quickly. Lillian's smile widened. "Good, because I have something to show you...come with me." And taking her new friend's hand quickly she started to pull him with her down the side of the sandy beach towards her secret place hidden away in the face of the rock. "You can't tell a soul though..." Lillian whispered secretively. "Because I've got pirate treasure."

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