Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Deal With A Pirate"

Hoy Mates!

Congratulations to all my mates in Ontario who have been reading the Vaughan Weekly and completed their reading program! I hope you had a yo-ho good time reading "Red Shores and Pirate Anchors"!

And a big ahoy to all of you from ABC Life Literacy, this is your fourth week in the reading program and things really start to get exciting in this chapter! I won't spoil it but I bet from the chapter title you'll be able to tell that there is lots of pirate adventure and maybe even a little danger.

So pick up you swords and prepare to swashbuckle with a pirate captain!

Chapter Four

"Deal with a Pirate"

With one eye peering through the keyhole of her treasure chest, Lillian could see feet shuffling back and forth; they wore huge boots with tall men in them. Each was dressed messily and had funny accents, saying words like ‘ahoy’, ‘avast’ and ‘me hearties’. Lillian knew exactly what all these things meant though, because she had made it her personal mission to know everything there was about pirates. Her heart was racing from excitement as she anticipated them opening the chest to find her. The Pirates would be so surprised and even if this wasn’t her Father’s ship, surely they would be able to lead her to him. It was the perfect plan! But sadly no one had come to free her from the chest and Lillian didn’t want to scare them by just popping out. It was becoming tiresome and cramped hiding in the box though and so once all the men had cleared out of the hold, Lillian gently creaked open the heavy lid and slipped out of her treasure chest. She had her compass attached to the pants that she had changed into and her shirt was lose and comfy, it was much easier to navigate a pirate ship like this than in a silly dress. Observing the room around her, Lillian’s mouth was agape with awe. It was exactly as she had imagined and more. Floor to ceiling everything was made out of wood, ropes hung against the walls, wooden beams held up the frame of the room. It was dank and smelt like salt water but Lillian didn’t mind, she even liked the comfortable swaying of the ship. "It’s amazing." She whispered, creeping around the hold so no one would hear her. Swords were secured against the wall opposite of her and a wide eyed Lillian regarded them cautiously. That was when something glittery grabbed her attention. It wasn’t treasure or doubloons but something so much more fascinating.  In the corner was a barrel, it overflowed with water as the ship wavered and in it was a beautiful woman. She had long, straight black hair, radiant copper skin and deep colored eyes that shone. Too stunned to say anything, Lillian watched her in captivation until the woman spoke. "Come child." Lilly was quiet, but obedient, coming so close that the woman in the barrel could touch her. And she did. Reaching out long, slender fingers she touched Lillian’s cheek and then smiled. "Hello Lillian Webbe." The woman said. "How did you know my name?!" The girl asked, her cheeks flushing red as she realised how rude she had been. "I know, because the wind and fish speak to me. I am Nokomis, a sabawaelnu; friend of the Mi’kmaq of your Island. The fish have told me of a girl with hair like me and eyes of a storm who sought to find her Father. Is this you?" Lillian nodded quickly. "Yes! Yes that’s me and now I’m going to find my Father because these pirates will lead me to him." The girl’s face was beaming with optimism. "But please tell me, Miss. What is a
sah-buh-wahn-ill-noo?" She asked, sounding out the funny name that Nokomis had said. The woman laughed softly. "You amuse me little one, you are innocent. That is the name my people have given me. I am a half-way person. You see, trapped in this barrel is my fin. I am half woman, half fish." Her lips spread into a gentle smile. "A mermaid?" Lillian asked. Nokomis shrugged. "I guess that is what the English call me. But you must listen now there are more important matters at hand. This ship is not what you think, a dangerous pirate captain sails it. His name is Dimitri DeNoir. He is greedy and will not help you. I will though if you can do me one service." It was comforting to know that the half-way woman would help her, but Lillian was discouraged and felt disappointed that the pirates would not help her. "What do you need me to do?" She asked, fully prepared to help Nokomis. "If you free me, little one, I will give you something to protect yourself with and use my powers to lead this ship ashore to safety." Nokomis’ plan sounded just right to Lillian, but she would have to find a way to free her first. Looking around the room, the girl noticed that there were many cannons pointing out of holes in the wall. Dashing over to one, she got a brilliant idea. Shoving it out the way with great effort, Lillian found that the square hole was just enough space to push Nokomis’ barrel through. And just as she was about to shove the barrel over to the hole, Nokomis stopped her. "Wait. Bring me a sword from the wall, Lillian Webbe." Blinking in surprise, Lillian obeyed and went to the wall picking a small sword, one that fit in her hand and wasn’t too heavy to carry. Bringing it to Nokomis she held it out to the half-way woman. Taking a silver armlet off, Nokomis placed it over the blade of the weapon and slid down to the sword’s hilt. For a second, nothing happened but magically the armlet shifted in shape until it fit against the hilt and decorated it. "This sword is now enchanted; it will protect you and can use the powers of the sea." Lillian noticed the change right away, the sword was lighter than a feather and she could slip it into her belt with ease. "Thank you Nokomis." Lillian said gratefully, leaning over and giving the creature and little kiss on her cheek before pushing the barrel over to her planned escape route. For a second, Lillian watched Nokomis, but hearing footsteps coming towards the hold she quickly managed to push the barrel out of the hole and watched as it broke into a million golden fish from Nokomis’ magic. With her copper fish tail splashing into the water, Nokomis waved to Lillian. "Thank you little one! I will see you again, be safe and be brave." She called before diving underwater. Lillian was leaning out of the hole waving Nokomis off when she heard a voice that made her jump.

"And who be this little scallywag?" One man said in a funny voice. "Looks like we’ve got a stowaway." Another replied to him. Lillian cautiously peeked over her shoulder and out of the hole to see two pirates standing over her. They had crooked teeth and crooked smiles that weren’t very friendly. "It be a little lass!" One laughed, reaching to catch Lillian by the collar of her shirt, but she ran to the other side of the room. "A quick little imp too!" The skinner of the two men said, leaping to catch her, but Lilly scampered off towards the stairs so she could escape to the deck. "Oh no you don’t!" Both cried in unison, knocking into each other before they ran off after Lillian. She gave them a chase across the decks of the ship, dodging pirates and masts, the girl thought she had lost the two clumsy men. But with one quick swipe, the tall skinny pirate grabbed her hand and held her up above the deck. Lillian dangled there for a second, kicking her feet to try and get free, but it didn’t work. "Got’cha ye slippery little eel!" He laughed. "Let’s take her to the Cap’n." The other recommended. They both nodded and smiled at each other, taking Lillian to the Captain’s quarters. It was an elaborate room with treasure strewn all over the place and there a man sat at his desk looking over a pile of maps. Everything he wore was black, even his hat with a huge black feather in it. He stood up slowly as his crewmen came in, the pirate’s face was thin and his nose long and pointed with a curly moustache underneath it, his green eyes were alert like a cat’s. "Captain DeNoir, we found a stowaway!" The thugs said, setting Lillian down, Captain DeNoir gave her a good look and then chuckled. "This little thing? Throw her overboard!" He said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "No!" Lillian cried, pulling out the sword that Nokomis had given her and pointing it at the Captain. Even if he didn’t want to help her, maybe there was a way Lillian could get the information from him. Demitri raised an eyebrow at the girl and shook his head ignoring her outburst. "She’s feisty; do you think you’re a pirate girl? Then you shall be treated like one! Make her walk the plank!" The man said, pointing a bony finger at Lillian. "No!" She cried again. "Fight me! If I win, I’ll stay on the ship!" She said with determination. "And if you lose?" Dimitri DeNoir asked, drawing his cutlass. "Then I’ll walk the plank." Lillian gave her word, making a deal with the ruthless Pirate Captain.

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