Saturday, 15 September 2012

From the Author's Mind to From Away...

With From Away's first chapter making an appearance in the Vaughan Weekly this Wednesday, I felt like it would be nice to give you some insight into what I felt during the writing of the story. My vantage is always different no matter what I'm writing so there's always this sort of anticipation for me, to find out what a story is going to make me feel and how it will effect me as an author.

Looking at the story of From Away, I felt that there was this really sort of magical experience in a chance meeting and I wanted to expand on that encounter. As I was writing each chapter dawned on me like it was a song, it has a solid point that can be taken as it's own entity but if you put them all together they tell you something bigger when they're looked at in full perspective.

Of course it wasn't difficult to craft, having two fantastic characters to work with. There are plenty of things I would like to say right here and now about Erik and Mari but I'll have to refrain if only because it would unfortunate to spoil the story. The amazing thing about Erik Deror as a character is that he is entirely unpredictable. As an author you get senses from your characters and you can tell what they're going to do or say before an event in a story takes place. But the amazing thing about Erik is that he constantly caught me off guard. There were things he would say that were totally unexpected and I that I couldn't have predicted myself. Even the scenarios were fantastically shocking at moments and as it dawned on me I couldn't help but laugh or just delight, it felt like a times I was one of the readers.

That's a rare experience for an author and I can really characterise my experience with From Away through that.

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