Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mari Talks to Strangers in Chapter One of From Away

Today, everyone on Prince Edward Island will get the chance to meet Mari Chance and Erik Deror through the first chapter of "From Away" in the G! Magazine. Don't forget to pick up your copy today at all local coffee houses, salons and almost anywhere on PEI!

I personally love to read things in print, I love the feeling of paper and ink between my fingers. But there are those occasions when the Internet is a much easier way to get my reading fix and that's why I'm presenting you all today with Chapter One of "From Away". So for all you "wordivores" who can't wait to get your hands on G! or the Vaughan Weekly, here's your chance.

Don't worry if you're not in the reading range of either magazine or newspaper...the story is titled "From Away" so we don't mind. Hehe.

"Chapter One"

I may not know you but to be honest I've gotten into the habit of talking to strangers lately. Not something I would recommend but if you think I'm crazy now, keep going because this story is a lot more interesting than I am. Let me explain...

Downtown Charlottetown is my home and at one of my favorite cafe's on University Avenue is where I find myself most at ease with the world. On a Fall day where I can stare out the picture window and see rain reflecting off the color of wet leaves on the pavement. A weathered notebook and pen sit attentively before me with my treasured latte keeping the silence in my head as I ponder on. I write stories of antiheroes and villains at war. Of good over evil and the line that humans touch while deciding whose side they favour. Most people wouldn't assume that I was thinking of such complications, however I must look distant enough because they all have the sense to leave me alone. Yet today my attention is snitched by an accented voice. "Would you hate me if I shared a table with you Miss?" He sounded as if he'd been to Brittan, Australia and the Caribbean, bringing a different voice each time as a souvenir. I'd assumed he would be patient and wait for an answer, but by the time I'd turned to see who the stranger was, he'd already sat himself across from me. A drink in his hand, pure black with caramel coloured froth as a crown. Espresso, a bold drink for a bold person. I said nothing but gave him a disapproving look. Unfortunately though, he was terribly handsome with a thin, yet defined face, black hair that hung in a small braid over his shoulder and bangs sweeping in front of the most beautiful ocean blue eyes I had ever encountered.

"Well, this is a cozy cafe, isn't it? Bit crowded I'll admit but on a whole the nicest I've seen in awhile." He spoke again as if he knew me. "Yes, it's a lovely place." I had to admit it, after all this was my second home. He nodded and smiled in a way that I couldn't tell if he agreed or was in fact amused. Yet reaching his hand out to me his expression shifted to one of greeting. "The name's Erik Deror." Watching his hand I decided that he must have assumed me either mute or incredibly rude. So clasping my hand in his tan, ring clad palm we shared a soft hand-shake. "Mari Chance." I said my name."Charmed, I'm sure." He added with little more than a chuckle. But swiftly I ducked my head back into my writing. He cut in again and I hid a cringe. "If you don't mind me asking, what're you writing at there?" Erik queried, poking a finger at my page. "Fantasy Fiction." I mumbled. My eyes traced up to him as he watched my pen with fascination. "Do you...write?" I asked hesitantly. His lip pouted thoughtfully and he took a sip of his drink. "Yes and no. I like to think I write by the way I live." With this statement I couldn't help but be interested. "You know, writing my story down on that ubiquitous sense that make up everything around us, building history and all that stuff. I suppose you're doing that too." Forgetting about my annoyance at unwanted company, I shook my head. "I don't think so. Tell me how you do it." He seemed surprised at my ignorance. "Like this." Erik said sweeping to his feet and setting a crisp five dollar bill onto the counter where people stood irritated at a man who didn't have enough to pay. He rejoined me and answered my incredulous look. "You see? I did something that changed a negative to positive. It effected that man and also the people around him, plus they see my example. They're moods have changed and they'll continue their day agreeably instead of frustrated. Something like that can change a lot. It greatly effects that ubiquitous presence I was talking about." I smiled and saw his eyes light up. "I understand, but how can I do that with my stories?...No one reads them." I whispered.

"You'll just have to change that, won't you?" Erik took my book, looking it over with interest before setting it back and smiling warmly. "You write eloquently. I want you to share this with people." He said softly. I watched his face, unable to take the silly looking contented grin from myself. "You seem familiar, but I swear I haven't met you." I spat the words that I'd been thinking out as he drank the last of his espresso. "Maybe you've met me before." He said, standing up from his seat. "But...where are you from?" I asked in a frenzy I hoped wasn't showing on my face. "From away." Erik said with a certain sense of humour, like he knew what that would mean to an Island girl like me. In that moment his eyes locked with mine. I couldn't say anything or ask him to stay before he walked away and vanished into the throng of people outside. But glancing down at my notebook I saw something in a distinctly unique hand writing. "See you tomorrow..."

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