Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Swashbuckling Duel"

Well, today in another day for the "Red Shores and Pirate Anchors" reading group with ABC Life Literacy. Did everyone have a hard time waiting to find out what happens during Lillian's duel with Captain Dimitri DeNoir? Well the wait over! Today you'll find out how Lillian fared in her duel with the enchanted sword Nokomis gave her. Maybe her sword will help Lillian or maybe there's something else that will make sure she doesn't end up walking the plank...the only way to know is by reading on!

Chapter Six

"Swashbuckling Duel"

If there was one thing Lillian had never expected herself to really do, it was sword fight with a pirate Captain. Oh yes, she had imagined it many times, a scarf wrapped around her head as she fought her shadow with the wooden sword at sundown. But Lilly’s shadow wasn’t nearly as good at this as Dimitri DeNoir. Nokomis’ sword had proven a valuable ally in the fight as it seemed to guide her hand while the girl and Captain circled one another on deck, clashing swords and turning the blades trying to make the other drop his or her weapon. But as Lillian held onto the sword it was as if it would never leave her hand. She considered that this might be part of the enchantment of the weapon and was thankful for it. Lillian was small and quick so the Captain had a hard time catching her as she dodged back and forth, hiding behind masts. Captain DeNoir had run up against his own masts several times in pursuit of Lillian but it never stopped him, instead Dimitri would just stumble along for a moment before catching up to her again. The two were locked in a stale mate; both meeting each other’s sword strikes at the same time. "You can’t beat me lass!" The Captain laughed. "You’ll be walking the plank in due time missy." His eyes narrowed as he watched her, Lillian kept backing up while the Captain took steps closer and closer to the girl. She hadn’t realised it until she felt the wood beneath her shaking but Lillian had backed herself right on the ship’s plank. Screeching in shock, Lilly looked left and right for a way to save herself from plunging into the ocean, but there was no possible way. "Haha, I told you that I would win." The Captain roared in laughter as Lillian teetered on the plank.

Closing her eyes Lilly prepared to be knocked into the water, but a swishing sound cut through the air and silenced the laughing pirate. In that very second, Lillian felt as if she were floating in the sky her eyes squeezed close. "Open your eyes Lilly." A familiar boy’s voice said. Listening to him and opening her eyes, Lillian caught as gasp in her throat. "Jude!" She yelped, wrapping her free arm around him and smiling brightly. Her friend was holding a piece of rope attached to the main mast of the ship and was swinging straight over the deck as he held her close. "Did you miss me Lilly?" Jude asked with a smile as they landed on the top deck. "Of course! How did you find me?" Lillian asked, grabbing Jude into a big hug. The two ignored the pirates running towards them for a moment in their touching reunion. "You’re Father sent me." Jude whispered to Lillian and she let go of the hug with a massive smile on her face. "I knew he was alive!" She cried happily. It made Jude smile too but both friends’ expressions quickly turned serious as an angry Captain DeNoir stood before them. "You’ll both walk the plank now!" He yelled in fury. But Lillian put away her sword and crossed her arms. "I won! That means we get to stay on the ship!" She said smartly. "But you didn’t win, you’re little friend rescued you." The Captain said in irritation. "I didn’t say how I needed to win. I just said win." Lillian pointed out; she was proud of herself for a moment but as a wicked smile spread across the Captain’s face her pride failed. "And I didn’t say where you could stay on the ship…" Dimitri said in a snide tone. "Throw them in the brig." He told his crew before walking away from the two youths and before they could protest, Lillian and Jude had been locked away below the deck of the ship.

In their cage, Lillian moped in the corner, her chin in her hands. But Jude paced, he puzzled over what they could to do escape. "Where did you find my Father?" Lillian asked halfheartedly, feeling that neither of them would see their families ever again. "He pulled me aboard his ship..." Jude explained. "He’s on a Ghost Ship and he’s bound to it, that’s why he couldn’t come to save you himself." He added, feeling somber at having to share that news with Lillian. Slowly he went over and gave the girl tight, comforting hug. "I’m sorry Lillian…I know he would have come, he’s so nice!" Jude assured her, holding the girl tight. Lillian didn’t say anything but embraced her friend also. As the two sat comforting each other their silence brought a voice from the room above them to their ears. It was the snooty accent of Captain Dimitri DeNoir, he seemed to be talking to himself. "Yes, DeNoir, you’ll be the richest Pirate this side of Canada!" He assured himself. "Once you steal that treasure from the Island’s Province House you’ll be able to retire, maybe in France with all its rich foods and good wines!" Lillian gasped at this realisation but it was Jude who spoke softly under his breath. "If I could find treasure it would save the farm…" Lillian wasn’t sure exactly what he meant but she could easily assume that it had to do with Jude’s family. "You need treasure to help your family?" Lillian asked curiously, the light in her eyes had returned. Jude nodded in discouragement but didn’t speak. Slowly Lilly let go of him and stood up with determination in her eyes. "Then we’ll get to that treasure before the Captain does!" Lilly said proudly. "But how?" Jude asked. Rubbing her chin, Lillian thought about it for a moment until a plan popped into her head. "Ah ha!" She exclaimed, drawing her sword. "You can’t break the bars with that sword." Jude said shaking his head. "No…but I can break wood." Lilly said with a mischievous look on her face. "We just have to wait until the Captain falls asleep."

And wait the two friends did. They sat together and talked, Jude telling Lillian the story of her Father. She felt saddened by it but the thought of helping Jude outweighed any of her disappointment. When night came and the Captain’s snoring sounded above them Lillian jumped into action. "Give me a boost." She instructed Jude as he lifted her onto his shoulders. Lilly then started to saw away at the wood above them, shavings and wood dust falling on the two and making them sneeze. Thankfully the noise didn’t wake Captain DeNoir. Finally after much work Lillian had cut a hole that was big enough for her to squeeze through. Dropping down a rope she found in the Captain’s room Lilly pulled Jude up into the cabin with her. In the candle light the Captain’s cabin looked like something out of a fairy tale from far off lands. But Lillian didn’t stop to look at the grand treasures all around, she went right to the desk where she started to read charts and maps. Jude leaned over her shoulder and shook his head. He couldn’t make any sense out of the images on the maps. "How can you read that?" Jude asked, pointing out all of the marks on a map of Charlottetown. "That shows you how to get to Province House." Lillian explained, drawing a line with her finger to show Jude the route. Taking a smaller sheet out from under that one, Lilly showed him the floor plans of the important Charlottetown building. "Where’s the treasure?" Jude asked, not sounding very smart about reading maps. The girl only giggled. "Don’t you know Jude? X marks the spot." She said, showing him where there was an x on the map. He couldn’t make sense of where in the building it was, but Jude knew he could trust Lillian. "But isn’t it wrong to steal what belongs to someone else?" Jude asked a third question. Lillian rolled up the maps and stuck them in her belt along with her sword and compass. "This is Pirate Treasure Jude, it says so on the map and if a pirate buries their treasure that’s because they want it to be found by someone. Who better to find it than us? After all we can save your family’s farm that way and you’ll be able to grow crops again." She explained, proud of how resourceful she had been to devise such a plan. Just as Jude was about to agree with Lilly, the two were sent flying by the ship jolting with a crash. They both fell to the ground and luckily rolled right under the Captain’s bed. The two friends stayed close to the ground as a pirate burst into the Captain’s cabin waking him with bad news. "Cap’n, we’ve run aground! The ship is stuck on a beach!" He cried. Captain DeNoir flew out of his bed in a fury, waving his arms and yelling at the crew man, but under the bed Lillian smiled at Jude. "Nokomis kept her promise."

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