Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A New Story Treat; Tricks Included

Happy Halloween to all of my readers. As a fiction writer by trade, Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. It's hard not to adore the one day out of three-hundred and sixty four where you can be whatever you're heart desires.Whether I'm dressing up for the day or spending Halloween week on my tradition of reading Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" it's always enjoyable.

But you didn't come hear to listen to my love of October 31st, I imagine you're a very intelligent trick-or-treater and really want something! Well, I just happen to have a treat in my bag and I'm very happy to share it with all of my blog readers and the readers of the Vaughan Weekly!

Today, my new story for young adults "My Mechanical Heart" begins in the Vaughan Weekly and for all those readers across the land I'll also be posting chapters here every Wednesday. It's a treat of a tale about William Auditore and Helena Cope. These two teens attend Maple High and couldn't be more diverse. William just happens to be an extremely popular introvert and Helena is the type of girl that it very hard to classify since she's completely different than anyone you've ever met.

When the two meet, things start to change in unexpected ways and both teens are faced with unexpected road blocks...

And of course, there's a few tricks thrown in for good measure. So cuddle up to your treat bag and eat a few mini chocolate bars while you take in this first chapter of "My Mechanical Heart".


Chapter One

-William Auditore-

William was the kind of teenager that everyone wanted to be.
His hair always fell in exactly the right position, his smile was never crooked, his eyes were a vibrant chestnut brown and there wasn't a person who hadn't tried to be his friend.
Yes, everyone envied Will except for Will himself.
William didn't understand the attention that he was being drenched in constantly and yet everyday he still felt pressured to live up to his peers' standards. More often than not, the young man was sorely tempted to hide, dreading the crowded halls of Maple High. Each Monday it felt as if the school was impossibly packed with more teenagers than the precious Friday before and to Will Auditore it was like each person had at least one eye on him.
Their obsession with what he would do next, how he would act, what he would say, or wear made William smile outwardly but shudder inside. By now that awkward sensation wasn't so foreign to him, when it became too much he would duck into his book pile and try to avert his eyes from onlookers.
Today of all days seemed more of a burden than usual as the person who shared a locker beside him had transferred schools and now Will was to get a new locker mate.
William so often never got his way that he lacked any surprise when said new person just happened to be beside him. Thankfully with both their locker doors open neither could see the others face.
Practically letting his locker swallow him, Will wasted time until the new person decided to leave. Whoever it was, they were painfully slow though, which gave Will ample time to listen to his new peer, a girl from the sound of her mumbling voice. He couldn't make out any cohesive words but her syllables sounded so jumbled that it almost gave the impression she was mad.
Crazy mad, which wasn't particularly something people smiled upon.
Feeling that he might have a better chance of getting away before this strange girl noticed him, Will snapped his locker shut and planned to make a quick escape. But as providence was so rarely on
Will's side, the girl also chose to shut her locker at exactly the same moment. Will looked instantly horrified, but the girl before him stood still as a statue. She had dark grey eyes that although appeared to be on him, looked as though they were staring right through him. Her frame was slight as a rail and her hair was black and slightly dishevelled.
Now Will could have been accused of staring, a crime which he detested. But before William could realise that extreme irony, the girl gasped as if she realised for the first time that she was in front of someone. Her sickly pale face froze in a stunned expression and her eyes dropped to her shoes before she managed to mumble out.
"Pardon me." And run off.
Will was struck. She hadn't lingered to watch him or gawk like the other girls would have. Instead she seemed like her intentions were the exact opposite, she wanted to get away as fast a possible. Will smiled to himself, maybe this locker mate would work out better than he thought.
And as William turned to head for his first class, the strange image of that girl filled his mind, blinding him to the customary waves he received. Her gangly figure beneath two layers of striped shirts and that odd blank look on her face. Interesting as it was, Will had become curious of her. Who she was and why she seemed so different than everyone else. Her lack of interest in him piqued his interest in her.


That fascination lingered in the air like a strange fragrance which William wasn't sure he found pleasant. Yet he was mystified enough that it made Will glance over his shoulder casually in class to steal a glance at the wispy form of the new girl as she took notes.
Her pencil was held in a strange position as she wrote, Will thought she should be struggling to write with it but her dexterity shocked him. It was as though she had never learnt to use a pencil any other way.
Their classes weren't on the exact same schedule but each time William walked into a class where she was present, the girl had arrived before everyone else and he never saw her leave. He was starting to get the impression that maybe she had nothing better to do than school work, which seemed the strangest thing of all her peculiarities in such a group of social youth.
By the time classes were complete for the day and William was on his very routine walk home, he was distracted from his typical chore of avoiding people by watching for the young woman who enticed him with her elusiveness.
"You notice the new girl at the locker beside you?" Asked Carlo, one of the guys who always hung around Will, trying to get him to join the Soccer Team even when they all knew he had no interest in competition.
"Hm?...Yeah. What about her?" William tried to stay as neutral as possible, not wanting to give in and show his intrigue.
"I heard she transferred from downtown Toronto. Something about getting expelled after her Dad lost his job. I heard that he's some sort of half-baked inventor. No wonder she's weird." Carlo said, shuddering animatedly for extra effect.
Will didn't respond but meditated on what his acquaintance said. As if to prove his point, Carlo pointed across the street where the new girl was. He acted like her appearance was proof enough that she was strange but Will wasn't convinced. She did however have no backpack with her and instead was carrying all her books in her weak looking arms, so a venture to defend her would have been wasted.
Carlo didn't seem to notice that though, he had forgotten all about their conversation quickly and was running off about Soccer statistics which William new would lead to him being asked to join the team. Again.
"Carlo, I can't. I'm sorry." Will said without realising he had yet to be asked. Carlo looked stunned and annoyed at the same time.
"Since when did you become a mind reader, man? I didn't even ask you yet." He said, crossing his arms in front of himself.
Will knew a lecture about how much the team needed him was coming but he was miraculously saved by them coming upon Carlo's house . "We're at your place." He pointed out, staying humourless despite the fact that he wanted to laugh.
Huffing, Carlo didn't say anything but turned towards the house. William watched as the dejected Carlo stepped inside his family's townhouse and as soon as the door shut, he bolted across the street so that he could approach the new girl on her walk.
Maybe that was incredibly reckless considering the fact that he could have gotten hit by a car, but Will hadn't thought of that. He hadn't considered the haphazardness of his actions until running into the new girl and startling her so much that the two collided into one another.
There was a loud crack that sounded like a baseball nailing a window followed by the girl's sharp gasp. She looked at William astonished, staggering backwards as her arms let go of the books she was gripping onto.
"I'm sorry..." She hardly breathed out the words, hands trembling as she turned, escaping the opposite way down the street and disappearing around the corner. But as the girl ran off down the street, Will called out to her.
"You forgot your...books." He hesitated slightly because as he bent down to pick up her school books he noticed that they were covered in fine shards of shattered glass. As he brushed them away carefully, William noticed her name scribbled on top of the first book.
'Helena Cope' was the name that stared up at him, sunlight filtering through in rainbow colours onto it from the remaining glass.

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