Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Philosophies of Fear faced in Morning Light

Hello again to all my readers from ABC Life Literacy, I hope you've all enjoyed the first chapter of From Away. The whole thing was inspired by the concept of what could happen in a single moment when two people cross paths. But it grew from there into a series of events that my characters developed into amazingly.

For readers in Ontario, I don't want to give away too much but there will be a new story coming your way in the Vaughan Weekly next week! Don't worry, I plan on premiering it here too as a bit of a Halloween treat...or trick, it depends on the way you look at it.

For now, relax and soak in the curious philosophies of Erik Deror...


Chapter Two

There is something utterly magical about coffee in any form, but as I prepare to emerge onto my waterfront balcony in the early hours of dawn with my pajamas on, it's an irreplaceable companion.
Sitting down I take in a deep breath of morning air and congratulate myself on the smart investment of a waterfront condo when a sound I didn't take into account breaks my reverie.
"Good Morning Starshine!" A voice calls out from the distance.
I hesitantly glance recognising that glorious accent from Erik in the Coffee Shop yesterday. I didn't see him at first but a second glance on the water showed a sailboat bobbing contently on the water with an annoyingly content Erik standing on it, waving to me.
If he was trying to make a better second impression, this wasn't it.
"Coming down?" He coaxed.
As if I would listen. Would I?
How foolish it felt to clamber back into my room closing the drapes behind me.
I wonder what kind of satisfaction Erik is getting as I step out of my condo building, but seeing him with a forest green sailboat tucked neatly against the rocks by the building I can't help but shake my head.
I realise now that I'm just as amused as he is with me and my self-consciousness starts to melt away. Of course ditching my pajamas for everyday clothing doesn't hurt that either.
"What do you want?" I finally question, shakily braving the rocks to come closer to the boat.
"Didn't you see my note?" He asked incredulously.
Of course I had seen where he had sneakily written 'See you tomorrow' in my notebook, but I didn't take it seriously. Yet here I was extending myself towards Erik's outstretched arms.
"Nothing is prettier then dawn on the Atlantic." He added as I wobbled into the boat with a secure tug from his surprisingly strong arms.
He took a sidelong glance at me and I could feel my cheeks blush like the morning light.
"Satisfy my curiosity Mari, why don't you share your stories with people?" He asked me plainly.
Most people I would lie to; laugh and tell them that I hadn't thought of it. But Erik's expression made me want to bare my soul and it was as if I would be speaking into the breeze. That once I told Erik the truth he would go back to where he came from and I would go on as if nothing had been said.
"I don't share them because I'm scared." It was the ugly truth to me and without even intending it I open up to Erik. "I'm afraid that no one will like them, that they'll think me foolish." He opened he mouth to speak but my words kept spilling out. "And if they do like them, then what? I'll feel pressured to impress them, I won't feel free to write what I want to." Releasing a stressed breath, I turned to see Erik chuckling softly.
"You're quite the mess of contradictions, aren't you?" He asked. But I mustn't have looked impressed because he resigned himself to a serious look. "Watch the horizon." He directed me with an outstretched arm. "When I sail, there are times I see nothing but that surrounding me. It's beautiful, yes, but I have modern devices to tell me where I'm going. Then I think to myself what of the days of sailors in the past. They would see the horizon before them with nothing more than a compass and map to guide them. I'm ashamed to say I would have been terribly frightened. But so would they. What made them who they were was their response. They didn't see it as fear, they saw it as opportunity."
I was mesmerised by the spot where the ocean and sky kissed, the pink of the sun reflected off of the sea water and made it brilliant.
"So you see if we turn fear into opportunity it becomes a driving force. Just like those sailors of old if we take our fear, seize the horizon and turn it into opportunity it becomes a driving force of fantastic proportion." He advised sagely.
I watched Erik for a moment, considering what he said. It made the gears in my mind turn and I received, from his words a brand of courage that although I might consider irrational it made me want to go and brave that fear which was hindering me. But one thing puzzled me still and it wasn't Erik's philosophies but him as a person.
"Erik...who are you?" I asked it without even responding to his small speech but he didn't seem bothered.
"I told you, I'm from away." He said with another charming smile.
"Okay, then what do you do?" I queried on, unsatisfied with his vague answer.
"I've done plenty of things, I drink espresso, play music, help little old ladies cross the street, enjoy cinema...and I do think I've worked with the circus. Briefly." The little smirk on his face as he spoke make me shake my head but instead of protesting I let us sit in silence and focus on the horizon as we both seemed content to do that, yet there was a little piece of me that was alighted with excitement to discover more about Erik Deror.

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