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My Mechanical Heart - Chapter Three

Tomorrow we will be half-way through the month of November, it's hard to image! It feels like this month is rushing by. But with an eggnog latte in my hand and a writing pen in the other, I just sit back and enjoy it. There's so much running around before the Holidays that we've just got to take some time and relax. It makes everything worth the the while!

And now another Wednesday has come and I'm here to present you with Chapter Three of "My Mechanical Heart". Tension is building at Maple High for Helena and William started to feel even more pressure to choose sides when he sees how Helena is thought of by their fellow classmates.

But what would he think if their accusations were true? Maybe that is the most difficult decision he will be faced with,,,

Chapter Three

-William Auditore-

William was putting some serious consideration into the concept that he was insane.
But no. No, he couldn't be crazy. It had to be that girl, Helena who was crazy. Didn't it? If that really was the case then why was Will so unsure?
No matter who was sane, assuming either of them actually were. William wasn't able to wash away the crestfallen face of Helena Cope. His mind found it impossible to avoid the stare of her intensely dark eyes as they trailed on him in curious scrutiny.
For someone who so often found himself disinterested, every fibre of Helena failed to escape him.
It was frustratingly hard to focus as his mind explored why Helena was so adverse to her closet, how come her arm seemed so peculiar with it's industrial steel stitches and mostly how come she was so particularly different than anyone he'd ever met.
That Saturday visit had somehow felt altering to William, like something inside of him had shifted but it was a part of himself that he wasn't aware of. Which scared William and excited him all at the same time, it left him wanting to see Helena again so that he could find himself in the sheer conundrum of who she was.
But this was Monday. Monday wasn't a day to spend considering the strange phenomenon of Helena. It was a day to drink coffee and complain about being tired.
Will's circle of friends were actively complaining about staying up late because of video games. This would typically be William's own vexation too but looking back on his weekend he could only blame staying up late because of lying in bed and staring at the ceiling.
Of course while he did that he also thought about Helena.


Will's brow furrowed as they approached the school's parking lot, his eyes squinted as he tried to make out what was going on. There were a bunch of girls surrounding Helena in the lot but from the way her shoulders drooped William doubted she was making any friends.
"Seriously, I saw her in the gym change room with her tank top on. Her arm is all messed up and there's this weird thing in her chest. Like a clock." One girl said in an accusatory tone.
"I saw too! I bet she doesn't even have a heart!" Another spat.
Helena looked horrified, like she was in physical pain from that last comment and in made William wince. His friends seemed blissfully unaware of what was going on but to Will, it seemed like his pores had just absorbed what happened and his muscles reacted by making him run over to the group of girls verbally pecking at Helena.
"Hey, step off" He growled at the girls.
At first they didn't seem phased and Helena barely had the courage to look up but Will felt reckless abandon at telling the girls off.
"Auditore?! Are you kidding? This girl isn't even human." Said one of them who Will recognised as one of the smarter girls in his Math Class. It seemed strange that she would be the one to call down Helena, considering she was one of the more invisible girls at school.
Then again, she seemed to be gaining popularity which every comment she made against Helena. Other girls, some popular and some less were rallying into the circle giving strange, disgusted looks at Helena and adding their agreement to the accusations. There were so many things being said that it made him physically reel, but shoving between the group William manged to place himself between Helena and the other girls.
"Quit it! She is so human!" He yelled, catching even more attention.
Now almost every peer from his grade was gawking at the scene, their faces judgemental. Whether or not they were supporting his outburst or wondering if their favourite golden boy had finally snapped...William wasn't sure.
His resolve started to wavier with all those eyes on him but he did his best to look determinedly strong in his resolve.
The girls had finally stopped insulting Helena out loud but there was a whisper that travelled through the crowd like a ripple across Mill Pond. It made William's cheeks blaze red hot from frustration and embarrassment.
"How dare you..." His voice was shaking. "How dare you treat her like that..." He took a step back, realising too late the Helena was right behind him. But even more surprising than how he had suspected to trip and knock them both over was the fact that Helena was gone. He gasped and looked around but couldn't see where she had gone.
It wasn't until one of the teens standing around pointed out of the parking lot that he saw the form of Helena running as fast as her skinny legs could take her.
"HELENA! WAIT!" William cried out to her before he went to run off and catch her.
But the bell rang and William knew he couldn't go after her... All he could do was linger in the parking lot of Maple High for a moment before filing in with the rest of his peers whom he had never felt so distant from.


Every time it was noticed that Helena wasn't in attendance for class, William cringed inwardly. He wanted to leap out of his seat and explain why she hadn't shown up, he wanted to call out those wretched girls for what they had said but something kept him glued to his chair.
Will wasn't sure if it was fear of getting further involved or simply the mentality that he always had to impress people controlling him. Whatever it was, he didn't like it and William knew that he just had to make it up to Helena.
He would go visit her, hopefully she had went home and they could eat those horrible cookies while he convinced her that everything would be okay. He couldn't imagine why those girls would start such disgusting rumours about Helena, but she didn't deserve it. Maybe her arm did look strange and she didn't act like everyone else, but to say that she wasn't human seemed less human than Helena's oddities.
It was like waiting an eternity for school to end but when he did, William didn't let anything hold him back. His friends wanted to talk to him but he left them behind to shout questions at him.
When Carlo thew the soccer ball at him, William kicked it back in such frustration that he sent the ball across the school's field in a black and white blur.
He had to get to Helena's house and he had to do it immediately.
It didn't take long for him to reach Helena's door and ring the doorbell, it sounded strange like some kind of chime but Will's own heavy breathing drowned out the sound to his ears. He hoped Helena would open then door but when Clarence Cope greeted him, William cursed.
The man looked frazzled as usual but Will's appearance made the man look like he had stuck his finger in a high voltage socket. Every wild hair on his head seemed to stand on end and his eyes were so wide, Will could have sworn they might fall out of their sockets.
"William!" He finally said. "What's wrong."
"Tell me Helena's home!" He practically demanded.
"S-She's not...William, what's wrong?" Clarence said, his distress turning into something more emotional than physical as he looked at him with pleading eyes.
"...She ran away from school." Will said hastily, swallowing his nerves and shaking his head. "I gotta go find her. Where would she be?"
"I...I don't know..." Clarence said helplessly. "We're new here, she barely knows her way around..."
Clenching his fists in frustration, Will bit his lip.
"Then I'll just have to search." He said, throwing his backpack down on the stoop, turning and running away from the house screaming Helena's name.
He was no longer worried what his school mates would think, Will just knew that he needed to find Helena Cope.
Maple was frustratingly large though and with all it's connecting suburbs Will had no idea where to startpanic and channel it into thoughts. With the little he knew about Helena, William could recall all of the books strewn across her room. If Helena liked books than there was only one place he could think of that she might be.
The Library.
Running to the Maple Library tired William but he had to even his emotions before walking into the place of quiet respect. Taking a few deep breaths and running his hands through his hair, Will strode into the Library. He could smell the distinct scent of paper, ink and well-loved books as he tried his best to inconspicuously look for Helena.
The Library wasn't large but it had plenty of aisles, all labelled and neatly stacked with books. Most of them were devoid of people at the current moment since the Library's occupants were either reading or studying at the group tables. Weaving between the aisles, William was discouraged by the fact that Helena seemed absent and he greatly considered the fact that he had been wrong about where she would run. Still though there was the chance and Will refused to give up until he had checked every nook of the Library.
His determination came to fruition as he looked down one of the more obscure aisles, filled with older novels that he had never heard of. There at the very back, sitting hunched over with piles of books stacked around her was Helena. She seemed quiet, almost asleep as she read and so William approached her with caution.
"Hey...Helena." He said the words softly but still the girl's head snapped up her eyes staring at William for a long moment before she knew he was there. He swallowed hard but kept going towards her, dropping on one knee when they were just inches away from one another.
"Helena, don't listen to what those girls say." He whispered, pushing the book in Helena's hands down. She looked away quickly, but the compassion in William's voice elicited something that he had never expected to hear Helena say.
"But it's true..." Helena murmured in desolation.

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