Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tea Sipping Out on a Limb

A warm hello to all my ABC Life Literacy readers, it's been a month today since you met Mari Chance and Erik Deror. They're some of the more fascinating characters I've come to write about and while Erik happens to surprise me with his philosophies on a regular basis, I'm so happy to have someone like him in my head to write about.

It's a very interesting relationship as a writer and one that I enjoy for it's uniqueness.

This week, I won't spoil the setting...but I will say this was the first time I have written characters in this sort of locale before.

Chapter Four

After that day with Erik and the quarters I shifted my writing. There are so many ways that I have been inspired by the freedom, awareness and joy Erik has presented me with that I just cannot let them go to waste.
But I can't help feeling that in between the lines of what I am writing...
I'm becoming personally involved.
Erik is honest, caring, funny and a handsome soul deep with layers I want to discover. But he's unbound, everything about Erik represents freedom. Maybe that's why I'm so attracted to Erik Deror.
Either way, I'm too far into this to ever forget about him now.
As I stroll along the wharf, I spend time eyeing the tourists as they take in the sights. Their laughing and smiling faces are alight with excitement that seems to rub off on me since I can't seem to wipe the silly grin off my face.
Along the walkway, I find a quiet place to sit and write among the late blooming flowers, their fragrance fills my spirit to the brim.
Something strikes me as strange while I prepare to write, a shadow which shouldn't be there is looming over me. Looking to my left and to my right I see no one, but a rustling noise from the tree above catches my eye and I look skyward to see a smiling, cheshire cat like smile beaming down from the branches.
"Got any bananas?" The man in the tree asks me.
"Erik!" I exclaim in great surprise, of all the places he has popped up so far there was no further reaches of my imagination that could have pictured him lounging in a tree.
"I was spying on you" He said with fake repentance and honestly it hit me as more endearing than it should be.
"I can't help it if you're such a good writer that I'm compelled to hide in trees." He said simply, as if what he's doing is entirely normal.
Maybe where he comes from it is, if only I could figure out more about him than a history under the big top.
I rolled my eyes at his comment, I couldn't find it in myself to be mad, after all it is kind of flattering in a peculiar sort of way.
"There's an absolutely delicious view up here." Erik said, extending a hand to me.
"Oh no, I'm not climbing up a tree! What will people think of me, you might not have responsibility here but I've got to face people every day!"
Erik shrugged passively. "They'll say 'Look, there's a girl in that tree! Let's go tell the neighbours!'"
Feeling my freer side, which Erik has a knack of awakening, want to entertain this thought I mount the bench on which I've been sitting. Erik bent forward and I let him hoist me into the tree. He looked pleased with himself as I found a comfortable branch to perch on.
"Mind you Mari, by the time those people make it to the neighbours the story will have changed so much that you'll be in a tree, dressed as a renaissance poet, rescuing a tiger and using ice cream to tame it." He laughed heartily at his own joke, a sign of just how certain he is of himself.
"Oh, be serious Erik!" I said in mock annoyance, playfully punching him in the arm.
"Like this?" He asked with a grim looking straight face.
"Indeed!" I approved.
"And would Miss like some tea with her serious face?" Erik asked, producing two fine china cups and saucers from behind him.
I am filled with awe at this but I took one from hm. I held it on my lap, nervous that I might drop the delicate china.
Still as grim as ever though, Erik raises his eyebrows at me expectantly, holds the saucer in one hand and cup in another, pinkie raised just like a proper english gentleman.
Mimicking Erik's movements, the two of us sit in the tree sipping tea in the silence for a moment. There are so many things running through my head to say but the quiet is nice and loud in it's own thickness of emotions.
"Oh yeah, visitors always seem to have a good time here." I agree, although admittedly I haven't spent as much time thinking about it as I could.
"Why do you think they're having such a good time Mari?" Erik asks me, his eyes trailing on me from over the brim of his tea cup as he sips away.
"I dunno, I guess because they're on vacation...they want to make the most of their trip." Was the only response I could come up with to what seems like a very silly question.
"Ah! Exactly. They want to make the most of each and every moment." Erik exclaims.
I nod in agreement. This all seems so obvious to me that I can't imagine what Erik's purpose for the statement is, if there's a point at all.
"But it makes me wonder Mari, why we as people don't try to do that all the time. Savouring the moment seems like such a smart thing to do that we should make it a regular event." He continues on.
I furrow my eyebrows and I can feel my forehead wrinkling in thought.
"LIke this." Erik explains, spreading his arms wide and almost sending his cup and saucer to their death on the pavement below.
"You mean we need to see things in an extraordinary way so that things don't become mundane." I surmise what I feel Erik is trying to express.
"Bravissima! Very good. That's exactly what I mean." He said with triumph.
I don't find it in myself to reply but manage a small giggle before going back to my tea and drinking it slowly so I can take advantage of watching Erik as he looks out on the crowd contentedly.
There's something there, in his eyes, in this moment that I know I will never let go of.

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