Thursday, 1 November 2012

From Away - Chapter Three

Well, it's already the mddle of the grand month of November! So many people endeavor to participate in NaNoWriMo, "National Novel Writing Month" and of course who could forget Movember? Good luck with your books and 'staches, ladies and gents! So far I've seen some very impressive looking facial hair.

I must say I'm very proud of everyone who participates in either event, you're fantastically motivated people.

Also, the November/December issue of The G! Magazine is out for everyone to enjoy. There's so many tips for the holdays and articles to keep you stress-free and jolly! Oh...and there's one other article in there. What was it again? Ah, yes! Chapter Three of From Away, my serial story for The G!

Of course, I suggest everyone goes out to grab a copy of the G! right away but if you're away from home or want some reading on your smart phone here's Chapter Three for your convenience.


Chapter Three

Despite the fact that I had seen Erik Deror's sailboat sitting on the water outside my condo window, Erik had been missing. I hated myself for missing someone I had just met, but it was nearly impossible not to want to see him again.
I filled my time between thinking of Erik with writing.
And so here I sit by Victoria Row on a bench with the bronzed statue eyes of Canada's first Prime Minister on me. It's kind of unnerving to have a lifelike statue there as if he wants to make light conversation. But those eyes on me were like someone expecting me to be responsible.
"Come, you can be my accomplice today." Said the savoury voice of Erik in my ear.
I didn't even mind it when he plucked my pen from my hand and pocketed it. Instead I did something completely uncharacteristic.
I laughed.
He smiled at me knowingly and took my hand as if to help me stand. Instead of getting annoyed at his curiousness I showed my intrigue openly. "Accomplice?" I asked with interest but his response was even stranger than my imagination expected.
He handed me a paper bag...full of quarters.
As I peered inside the bag Erik chuckled as he said. "Don't worry, you'll see. I promise it won't bore you."
He led me along the sidewalk, paying exaggerated attention to the parking meters in front of the Confederation Centre. Erik was mumbling something to himself and I was sorely tempted to tug at the ponytail he had made from his raven hair to get his attention.
But before I could he quite suddenly exclaimed. "Ah! Expired!"
When he said that it was the moment I started to pretend not to know Erik until I found out what he was going to do. But much to my surprise he took a quarter from his own bag and popped it into the meter.
That was when I realized what we were doing.
At the same time Erik and I smiled conspiratorially at each other.
I felt like I was finally starting to understand the way my odd friend thinks and instead of following him as I was I did something I look back on and blush but will never regret.
"Bet I can use my bag up before you do." I challenged him, ready to sprint towards as many expired parking meters as I could.
"You're on, Mari." He said with a wink.
I didn't give him the chance to be a gentlemen and let me pass but slipped by him quickly as if I were nothing more than a school girl playing a game and made my way down the right side of the sidewalk on Queen Street. There were plenty of meters that were paid but the few that stood expired I took pride in putting a quarter into and watching my reserve of coins dwindle.
Taking a right I went up the next street continued on my strange mission of paying people's meters until I passed another street with my favorite coffee shop on it where Erik and I met. I could see the Province House now so I crossed the street, with anticipation I pulled out my last quarter and prepared to spend it on one more meter, but when I reach the meter my hand meets another.
At first I freeze, thinking it's the owner of the vehicle, but I notice something distinct about this human's hand. It's weighed down with exotic looking rings and clearly different than my hand with a smooth, deep tan.
"I do believe we've been presented with a dilemma." Erick said ironically. "But as a gentleman, I'm obliged to say...ladies first." He added with a sweep of his arm.
I smile graciously and place the quarter into it's assigned spot. I felt a good triumph fill my face until the sound of a car pulling out of that very spot made the situation one of intense irony. Erik and I laughed long and hard, only stopping long enough to look at one another and laugh again.
"That was fun!" I said brightly.
"Yes, terribly fun." Erik agreed.
It was at that moment I decided something very important and which just had to be done. I whipped out my writing book and realizing I had no pen I reached into Erik's vest pocket where I would find my pen that he had taken. But taking it out I was shocked to see that it wasn't my pen at all but a different one which had a distressed gun metal surface.
"Where? How come this isn't my pen?" I asked, wanting my pen back.
"I told you I worked for the circus." He said craftily. "What's so important that you need to write anyway?" He asked as I smirked.
"I won't tell you." Was my resolute answer.
"Then you won't get your pen back." Erick replied smartly.
"In that case, I think I'll enjoy my new pen." Erik raised an eyebrow at how I said this and I felt as though I was getting snappier at my replies. With that I started to feverishly take down notes in my book, dodging Erik as he tried to see my messy handwriting. "You'll just have to wait and see what I'm writing." I said, pressing the book to my chest.
He eyed it as if he was considering his chances of getting it away from me. But I shook my head and he digressed.
"I promise you'll be the first to read it." Was all I would say.

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