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My Mechanical Heart - Chapter Seven

In this week's chapter of My Mechanical Heart...Will does something he never suspected he would do by himself. Go dress shopping. Ah, love is a many splendid thing; it introduces us to our comfort zone and then makes us go past it. But when things like that happen for the sake of another person, maybe we're actually gaining a lot more than we're giving. There's so many ways to look at things and none more complex than love and teenage love at that.

But that's the fun in exploring these things; they're is rarely ever a clear answer. Everyone finds a different perspective, a different angle to see thinks from and each one in it's own respect can be right. That's part of what I love about writing; how it makes me see the world through a so many different minds and eyes. No matter what my opion is, my character's all have a different view and I benefit from it.

That said, enjoy Chapter Seven!

Chapter Seven

- William Auditore -

With Helena locked in a closet, an elderly woman eyeing him contemptuously, time slipping by quickly and everything about their shopping trip practically in ruins...
Will did the only thing he could.
Go dress shopping.
"Helena..." Will said her name softly, trying to coax her out of the closet just once more before he left the old apartment where Helena had once lived. He felt so horrible for ever suggesting they visit the place and now he felt personally responsible for her locking herself away.
Leaning his forehead on the door, William spoke in a hoarse whisper feeling deeply emotional after pleading with Helena.
"...I don't want to go to the dance with anyone else; I don't want anyone else for a friend. Helena, you're not a mistake." Biting his lip, one of William's hand balled into a fist and knocked on the door in vain agony.
"C'mon Helena." There were words on William's lips that he was afraid to say because he so hardly spoke them but it was like there was some sort of force pressing against his lips that couldn't keep them in again. But even in all that it came out in a weak whimper.
"I love you." The words hung in the air for a moment and for a split second Will thought that Helena would be moved enough to open the door.
He stepped away hopefully. Even the woman who had been grunting and making annoying comments the whole time was quiet.
But that's all there was. Silence. Helena didn't even make a sound.
William considered yelling, screaming, getting mad and dramatic because Helena refused to reciprocate his feelings but instead he looked to the woman apologetically.
"...I'll be back soon Ma'am, I'm very sorry for this..." He promised while slipping reluctantly out of the apartment.
Emerging from the brownstone building and onto the sidewalk, the Fall air no longer felt crisp and clean but was chilling William to the bone. He didn't feel any regret for telling Helena what he did but at the same time he was numb. His whole body felt like it was made up of nothing and even if his reason repudiated from that analogy it was the best way Will could describe the feeling.
His Aunt's Shop wasn't far and in his current state Will nearly passed it. But reliable as always his Aunt must have been watching for him. Before he could completely stray away from her store-front, a caring hand reached out and grasped his arm; holding Will back.
"Hey William, weren't you coming to visit me?" She said in her warm voice that always reminded Will of fresh baked cookies and days of being babysat at 'Zia Luciana's House'. She was beautiful and looked a lot like his Mom. In fact she reminded him of her from when he was kid. Relaxed, happy and always there whenever he needed her.
"Sorry..." Will apologised for what felt like the millionth time that day after having to tell the woman he in the apartment how sorry he was.
"Don't worry." His Aunt said reassuringly as she ushered him inside the dress shop.
"Weren't you supposed to have a friend with you?" She asked, obviously humorously surprised to have her nephew visiting her dress shop unaccompanied.
Part of Will wanted to tell the truth and whine to his Aunt. But if he did that then he knew he would certainly start to cry and didn't want to embarrass himself in front of the store's clerks. "She, uh...couldn't make it. So I came to pick it out myself." If will thought his Aunt had been amused before, she was completely floored now.
Her smile was knowing and it made Will blush. "She must be something very special." Luciana's said, a sparkle of romance in her eyes.
Of course she was more right than she would ever know but Will just agreed with a shy nod. "Yeah, I've never met anyone like her." He affirmed.
Moving further into the shop, Will felt out of his element, unsure of what to even recommend that Helena might like. She seemed to wear a lot of striped shirts at school but how would that translate into a pretty dress?
"So, what would your girl like to wear?" His Aunt Luciana asked, fingering a frilly, pink dress that probably would have looked stellar on a girl like Angela in all her gaudy ways.
"Nothing like that..." Will said, assuming what his Aunt thought the girl might be like. "Helena wouldn't like pink. She likes darker colours...and red. " Will said thoughtfully, examining the store's displays.
"Hm..." Luciana seemed puzzled and yet impressed.
"She's kind of pale, pretty tall and skinny." Will continued on explaining.
"Is she one of those popular girls you complain about so often?" She asked, an eyebrow raised.
Will shook his head. "No." He replied.
"I'm proud of you Will." His Aunt said in a pleased tone, leading him over to a rack of dresses in a style that reflected the bag he had gotten for Helena.
His Aunt had seemed to get the idea pretty fast as she held out a dress that would have looked more amazing on Helena than any dress could have ever looked on Angela.
He smiled. It was a sleeveless dress with thin black and white stripes across it which were accented by exaggerated red stitching. There was a thick red ribbon sash across it and Will couldn't imagine anything more perfect.
"It's awesome, Zia!" Will said reaching for the dress. His spirits felt like they were lifting but he stopped himself short realising something. "Sleeveless..." He murmured.
Helena wasn't likely to wear something without sleeves to cover her arm and heart but still this dress seemed so perfect for her.
"Oh, would she like something with sleeves?" Luciana asked, reaching for another dress. Of course, Helena would but Will stopped his aunt.
"She might, but this will look perfect." He decided with conviction. "I'll take that one." Was William's certain decision as he went over to the cash register and paid his aunt for the dress. Of course it was steeply discounted since he was her nephew, for which Will was glad since his allowance wasn't likely to afford the real price of the dress.
With a few more kind words of encouragement from his Aunt and Helena's new dress neatly folded in a bag William started back to the apartment. There were so many thoughts crowding his head that it was hard to get them all straight and he allowed himself to walk slowly back so he could try and get his mind in order.
How much would things change when he went back with the dress? If he was able to get Helena out of her old broom closet would she be able to return his feelings or would she shy away from him as she did with so many other people? And even so, how would that make him feel. He was already starting to feel the nerves of regret stinging the centre of his brain and it was difficult.
Then there was the puzzling way he Aunt had said she was proud of him.
Was it because he wasn't being superficial and doing what people expected or maybe it was the fact that he was becoming the person she knew was part of him; a human that William was just getting acquainted with. And while the walk to the apartment felt so much faster than it should have, William was left with a sense that he was discovering himself in a way that he never would have if he hadn't met Helena. And he wanted to repay the favour, Will only hoped that he hadn't completely destroyed their friendship by telling her that he loved her.
But it was true and he wasn't even sure how it had happened. How he had fallen for this girl whom he thought was so strange was a total mystery. Some people would argue that it was simply a matter how how protective he felt of her; but no that wasn't it. When Helena smiled it made Will feel content, when she was nervous, he wanted to take care of her and most of all there was a great part of him that wanted to complete her in the way she had done for him without realising it.
Yes, this was love and no matter what stood in the future William knew he was better for it.
And as he re entered the apartment to find the closet door still closed he approached it with a new certainty.
"Helena...I've got your dress. If you don't come out I'll have no one to go to the dance with and I'm never leaving this apartment." He said firmly, grasping onto the bag with Helena's dress tightly. Of course he was petrified but there was also a small part of him that had to crack a smile at how comically horrified the elderly woman looked at the idea of him never leaving her apartment.

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