Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Mechanical Heart - Chapter Ten

This week of "My Mechanical Heart" is marked in a bittersweet way for me. It's the final chapter of this story and something that I feel was able to express what I loved the most about Will and Helena. The idea of acceptance, dealing with life's curves and embracing one another are all key notes that I hoped would be presented through their relationship.

I bid them farewell sadly; but have an inkling in my heart that it won't be a final goodbye. It's more of an adieu. I can feel my fingers itching to chronicle more of their time together...but when that will be remains a mystery.

But as I step back and observe the story on a whole I feel that boiling it down to one sentence can be very aptly done through Karen O's song "Strange Love" as she sings 'When there's beauty on the inside; the outside there's nothing to change."

So I thank everyone who has shared this time and story with me, I wouldn't have done it without you because a writer's work isn't truly complete until someone enjoys it.

Chapter Ten

- Helena Cope -

The weeks after which followed the dance were strictly ordinary according to Helena's standards.
But that was the amazing thing.
In all the qualities of life that Helena strove for, this was it. So many people would run around trying to impress, trying to make people notice them. For Helena being the centre of William's world was more than enough.
They would rely on each other and in an environment where they were nearly invisible, that was just fine. There was nothing particularly wrong with meaning the world to one person as long as you both felt that your purpose had been fulfilled.
At least that's how Helena felt and she was positive Will was just as completed by that same philosophy.
And on a typical Wednesday, after their classes were over, William and Helena would make their way to Maple Bakery for one of her favourite events.
A 'Gelato Date'.
While she sat in one of the Bakery's window seats, William would go and get a large cup of the delicious Italian ice cream with two spoons and sit down across from her with a quiet smile.
The treat was tasty but it was the company that made it all worth while.
One half of the cup was filled with banana flavor and the other chocolate. The latter facing Helena of course since it was her newly found favourite food. She was in fact obsessed with anything that had chocolate in it; even making efforts to bake better, new and improved triple chocolate cookies. Her surprising respect for chocolate had made Helena into a good baker and a quality that she was quite pleased with.
In the end, she chalked it up to another thing that William had taught her.
But today, as he slowly ate he gelato and waited for Helena to start before he made conversation, she watched him guiltily.
"Hey everything okay?" He finally asked as she seemed to refuse to eat.
"Yeah...I guess." The girl replied, poking her little spoon around until her side of the gelato started to go mushy.
"I thought you never lied." Will said, reaching a hand across to table.
But instead of giving him her hand; Helena pulled out a piece of folded office paper from her bag and placed into Will's outstretched palm.
"What this?" He asked, staring at the white sheet.
"Read it..." Helena said softy, turning her face away and staring blankly out the window. And as William read out loud, Helena felt her heart jolt off and on from the way it wracked her emotions.
"Dear Mr. Cope." He started, realising it was for Helena's father-creator. "We, a the New York Museum of Modern Art are pleased to say we have reviewed your submission to our collection. After reading your passionate letter and examining the material you sent with it we are thoroughly impressed at the artistic engineering and modern thinking approach you have taken in the creation of 'Helena'. We take every effort possible to ensure that our Museum houses the most innovative and unique works of art across the globe. It is with all this in mind that we cordially invite you and your..." William's voice slowly slipped away from him in a tone of disbelief and Helena could only turn to look at him painfully.
"They want you?" He asked with a sudden wave of sadness to his usually unshakable positivity. "They want you in New York?" William said again, as if it would be any less true if he repeated it.
The words that Helena had rehearsed in front of the mirror over and over after Clarence had given her the letter failed Helena horribly as she reached forward and took William's hand; the letter crinkling between their palms.
"I found out this morning. I didn't know how to tell you." She said apologetically, staring down at their wasting cup of ice cream before William reached forward with his other hand and gently lifted her chin. His pain was just as clear to Helena she was sure he could see her own on display. But in front of all that, he forced his lips into a brave smile of acceptance that Helena wanted to kiss away.
"Isn't this what you wanted? What you were made for..." He asked delicately, already knowing the answer.
It took a moment for Helena to reply; she knew that he was right and while she wanted nothing more than to stay in their small, blissful existence there was something more that which she simply could not ignore.
"I don't want to leave you." Helena said, knowing that there wasn't a point in agreeing with something they both already knew.
"Hey, I don't want you to leave either..." Will replied weakly, one of those endearing chuckles passing his lips as he said it. "But what else is there to do? This will...complete you, it's what you've needed all this time." His statement was confident but the end of each word wavered with helplessness.
Helena knew that wasn't true; even though William thought that she needed this to make her feel total.
"No." Helena said in the firmest tone she knew how. "That's not's you I needed. Will. I needed to come to this point into my existence, my life, before I could move onto what Clarence created me for." She explained, more assured of this than anything in her life. "If I hadn't met you...people would have loved and admired me vainly. I never would have been able to return any of it or even understand what it means. Everything would be wasted and for nothing, You taught me how to love and be loved. Without that...I'm nothing more than a pile of gears turning towards no purpose." The smile on Helena's face was understanding and grateful. "All those times people refused me was for me own good. Can't you see? If it hadn't happened, we never would have met." Was all Helena was able to say before Will pulled them both to their feet and boldly kissed Helena in the Bakery.
Maybe it was something that he wouldn't have done on any other day but the combination of realisation and understanding was so potent that he didn't know how to describe himself with words or phrases.
It would take something purely emotional for him to convey the strong feelings of love and pain that Helena's words had evoked in him. He would miss her; life wouldn't be the same until he could find a way for them to be together again.
...But until then he had to seal the moment somehow.
Of course, this was one of those moments between people that was simply understood and as Helena stood there in William's arms she knew that he was telling her so many things at once.
Thankfulness, completion, love, devotion and sadness of parting. Will's heart was on his lips. But most of all there was the knowledge that this was a promise; a bond that she too desired to keep between them.
And so that day Helena Cope and William Auditore's paths were entwined together, no matter how far they were made to part or the distance of time fate forced between them seeing one another again and they sealed it with a kiss.

- The End -

Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Mechanical Heart - Chapter Nine

Happy New Year to all of my readers; I'm looking forward to giving you all a yearof new and fantastical stories in 2013. I hope that this year has already started off great for everyone and that the coming months will bring plenty of reasons to wake your imaginations.

This week in the Vaughan Weekly and on my Blog I have Chapter Nine of My Mechanical Heart. Last we saw of William and Helena it looked like their might have been a wedge driven between them from Will's good intentions at raising Helena's self-esteem. Sometimes things don't go as planed, but maybe if we take the unexpected reaction and do the best we can with it we'll learn a lesson ourselves.

We're drawing closer to the conclusion of My Mechanical Heart so savor each moment just like Helena and Will have learnt to do.

Chapter Nine

- William Auditore -

Will was filled with equal parts excitment and trepidation all at the same time.
He knew that it would be impossible to gauge the reaction Helena would have towards the dress he had bought for her.
He also knew she'd be ravishing, but would she be able to see that?
And as he stood in front of the door, tipping back and forth on his feels, there was a nervousness in him akin to the very first time he returned Helena's school books to her.
When she answered the door at first Will was just in such awe that he failed to notice the expression on Helena's face.
"Wow..." Was the only breathless word he could pull from his lips before Helena yanked him into the house with utterly surprising force.
That was when the hurt and angered look on her face made itself undeniably clear and Will felt his heart sink.
"Why did you do this?" Helena demanded in a heart-wrenching tone as she gestured to the dress that was on her. "Did you think it was funny? Didn't you hear anything I've said to you?" She persisted.
Will was only able to open and shut his mouth, trying to find words as he held up his hands in defence. "Helena...Helena, please listen to me!" Will pleaded.
The girl simply dropped her arms and stared down at her shoes.
"I only picked out the dress because I knew you would look beautiful in it. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted you to see yourself as I see you." William said in the most soothing voice he could muster.
At first Will wasn't sure if his attempt to do something good had done terribly wrong. The look Helena gave him was blank in expression but her eyes were deep in consideration.
"You mean it?" She finally asked defensively. "This isn't like the cookies? You're not lying just to be nice?" She queried on skeptically.
A soft and slightly unintentional chuckle passed William's lips as he reached out and embraced Helena. "Of course not. I wouldn't like about something so important to me." He assured her with a soft smile. "Trust me. You're perfect just like that and when you step out in confidence people will be so fascinated by the real you that they'll only be able to look at you in amazement." Will said confidently, stretching out his arms so that he could take another look at Helena. Over her shoulder he saw Clarence, waiting, watching with a small nod of approval and tight smile on his lips.
Helena's eyes watched William for a moment and he let her go as if to wordlessly say 'I'll wait until you're ready'. And after a second of the girl smoothing out the dress, looking at her self in the foyer mirror and reluctantly brushing her fingers against the stitching in her shoulder. Helena turned to Will. The smile on her face wasn't bright or exuberant but it was placid and accepting.
William couldn't have asked for her to be more gracious in such a situation.
Reaching out and taking her hand, he ushered Helena out of the house and to the car where his mother sat waiting to drive them to the Dance.


When William escorted Helena into the Banquet Hall where the dance was being hosted, his senses were overwhelmed by all the points of interest in the room.
Music filled every inch of the space with it's intense bass, lights flashed in time with the sounds and there was a constant buzz of drowned out conversation weaving throughout the crowd of teenagers. If William thought he felt intimidated by everything, he could only imagine what Helena was feeling upon their entrance. She gave no indication that anything bothered her though and William was stunned into silence by that sheer fact.
As the roamed they room together, observing everyone, Helena was so bold as to smile coyly when someone would drift past them and pay her a compliment. Will was sure he heard a few people tell him that he looked good but he merely smiled a nodded; every bit of his attention was spent on Helena with whom he was thoroughly impressed.
They lingered amongst their peers for awhile, tasting the food, taking in the tunes and nodding politely at people. It was too loud to do much or even to have a proper conversation so after a little bit of playing the part of routine party-goers both Will and Helena slipped out into the grand entrance of the Hall.
Sounds still exuded from the room they had left but it was much easier to have a conversation in the entrance where Helena dropped into a lovely wing chair and William sat on the arm of that same chair.
"No one noticed." Helena said in bewilderment, looking up at Will.
"They didn't notice that it was different." He corrected, placing a hand on Helena's shoulder. "When you're simply yourself people aren't blinded by what makes you different; they see it as part of what makes you who you are." Will said thoughtfully. "At least that's what I think." He added humbly, shrugging shyly.
Noddling slowly, Helena seemed to agree with Will as she let her fingers trace the window of her heart. It didn't seem so foreign to William anymore, in fact the clicking of her heart was soothing. William allowed his fingers to trace the stitchesalong Helena's arm; wanting to learn everything he could about what made her who she was.
"You've taught me a lot William." Helena said softly, her dark eyes staring straight into his soul.
"Me? No way, you're the one who's helped me find myself." He said in a truthful tone.
"You don't understand what you've given me William, I can tell." She told him in that soft way that always seemed to mark her charms.
Will was stunned into silence when Helena said this but it was a very lucky turn of events as she song which had been blaring out of the dance room had turned into a lilting melody that William was sure he had heard before. It was one of those popular songs that everyone knows but he just hadn't paid enough attention to.
However with the dim light of the room surrounding them William was inclined to make it something special.
Gently lifting Helena's hand he slipped from the arm of the chair and brought them both to their feet. She looked unsure of what they were doing but it felt too good for William to stop the moment and explain. Instead he brought her close, putting one arm around her waist and holding onto Helena's hand with the other.
Just like their kiss, the first movements of their dance were stiff and awkward but as they swayed to the song there was a natural flow that came to their dance. With the grand entrance all to themselves Helena and Will were able to find a way of their own to dance together across the vast marble floor with sweeping, turning motions that reflected not just the music but the gentle ebb of their emotions and the metronome like clicking of Helena's heart which was the sweetest music William was sure he had ever heard.