Monday, 8 April 2013

Burger Blogging for PEI Burger Love

To all of my readers from Prince Edward Island, you know the glorious feeling that April brings. Spring is here, the blooms are budding, the birds are singing and we've got a month of culinary excellence spread out across our entire Province!
You know what I'm talking about...PEI Burger Love, the amazing event where chefs create the most amazing creations in beef that man or woman has ever been subject to. As an ardent lover of PEI, Island Producers and food artistry it only makes sense that this is one of my favorite times of year!

As such, I was given the opportunity to be a an Official 'Certified' PEI Burger Love Burger Blogger! What does this mean, you ask? Only that I get to go and eat, savour and write Love Letters to Burgers that are so worthy of adoration that I wish I had a choir with me here to sing their praises!

So far I've had the chance to enjoy The Griffon Burger at the Dundee Arms, as you can see in the first picture with Sous Chef Michael and I.

And...Found my "Soul Mates" Burger at The Pilot House, where bonding with this Burger was like true second nature!

I've written odes to both of these Burgers terrific, live-changing qualities that I know by now you're just drooling to read...
So click away to visit the Official PEI Burger Love Website and find out what your next meal should look like!

The Griffon Burger - The Dundee Arms

The Soul Mates Burger - The Pilot House

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