Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Visiting the Wonderful Monatuge Library

Hello Everyone!

As you can see from the image beside this text, I've had a great time this week and it's all because of the awesome kids at the Montague Library and their super sweet Librarian!

Bringing Chapter Seven of "Beyond Imagination" I set out to spread a little bit of extraordinary-ness into everyone's day and was so pleasantly pleased to find lots of smiling faces and broad imaginations!

After reading to the children of the Montague Library Reading Program we had an awesome chat about special travels and how exciting they can be. I was so proud to find out that all our friends at the Library knew, just like Milo and Etta, that travels are very special and an opportunity to experience new things and make stronger bonds with our friends and family.

Later, everyone drew pictures of where Milo and Etta should visit next in the story! There was so many creative ideas that I left feeling super inspired for my next children's story! There were chocolate camels, a forest of candy apple trees, a King's castle, trucks and trains made of peppermint and licorice! It was easy to feel hungry for a treat or two after all those delicious ideas!

Check out a couple more photos of my visit below and don't forget that I'll be visiting the Souris Library on Friday August 16th!

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