Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Classic Breakfast with Factory Cookhouse Flair

So have you ever heard a plate say good morning? Well, I have!

Now hold your claims of "She's Crazy!", "She's Hearing Things!", "I always knew that girl was a little different." Because I may not have so much heard the "Good Morning" with my ears as I sensed it with my taste buds. And in a way, that's more important than hearing it. At least if you're me.

This morning, I ventured out to The Factory Cookhouse in Downtown Charlottetown and thanks to Chef Brian, my eyes were opened to seeing a classic breakfast with new flair. The usual suspects at breakfast were more than mere staples. They were refreshed with unique little touches that I've only ever seen at the Cookhouse.

Check out my packed plate from this morning, there wasn't a spare spot to fit anymore food on this generous platter!

See what I mean? That plate is a breakfast smorgasbord!

It's hard to know where to begin when telling you how great this plate of food was, but since I have to choose, I'll go for the home fries. They were a nice mixture of large, potatoey (yup, that so not a word) nuggets and tiny crisp home fries. With fresh and crisp green onion to top them off, it's a delicious and unique twist that I had never seen before. And I know that while home fries are typically dipped in ketchup, I went for something a little less conventional and totally in the Cookhouse spirit. In the photo above you can see a bottle of Cookhouse Creamy BBQ Sauce. This stuff is made of heaven's idea of flavors! It's a creamy, spicy and sweet sauce that offered up a little extra kick. There's no way you can go to the Cookhouse without trying this combo. Remember that, home fries and Creamy BBQ Sauce, or I'm going to have to come and remind you myself!

Next up is the toast and eggs! Thick cut Texas toast (how very appropriate) and two eggs any style. I chose over easy because my inner child likes to dunk my toast in the yolk. And that inner child wasn't disappointed! Perfectly toasted, toasty, toast (I couldn't resist) and over easy eggs with a nice soft yolk for dipping was exactly what I got.

And then comes the meat. My first word, yummy! The bacon was super crispy and delicious, thick cut in two strips with a satisfying crunch. You could tell this was high-quality meat because you could taste that heavenly bacony goodness that is so often missed with over salty breakfast bacon. Kudos to the Cookhouse! And my personal favorite at every breakfast is sausage. I am admittedly a breakfast sausage person and while that is a bit of a guilty pleasure, I'm proud to admit it. That said, I've seen my share of breakfast sausage, but when this plate was placed in front of me, my jaw nearly dropped! Do you see that sausage!? True Farmer's Sausage, from a local producer and perfectly cooked. It was sheer bliss for me! Both sausages were super lean and once again have a pure, honest flavor.

Garnished with fresh melon, this plate was nothing short of perfection! The Factory Cookhouse offers every single best thing about breakfast, all on one plate and served up with a smile!

P.S. A big shout out to Lundy for being a total sweetheart of a waitress!

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  1. Would love to have you as our guest again. Email me for details. Thanks so much for your kind review. We are pumped you enjoyed it.