Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Perogy of a Pizza From The Urban Eatery

Today I had something completely unique and unexpected for lunch. And while I've been on lots of food adventures, I would have to say that this was, without a doubt some of the most creative fare I've come across. And that is the Urban Eatery's Perogy Pizza! You read me right, Perogy Pizza.

Now literally speaking and since I'm an author this is sort of obligatory, this pizza is inspired by "Pierogi", a traditionally Ukrainian dumpling that has made it's way into many a Canadian life and has been something that I've grown up to know and love.

And with all the staples that make Perogy such a delicious treat, this pizza has paired all that onto a generous slice (technically the Eatery's slices are a half a pizza) and it was so big, I had to get it sliced in half and on two plates!

With a sour cream base on an ultra thin crust instead of traditional tomato sauce, this pizza lets you know that it's prepared to handle the mission of perogy-ness from start. Topped with thin sliced potato, crunchy bacon bits, green onion and sharp cheddar cheese, this pizza is all the best of such a classic dish!
And let me tell you, it's tastes like a perogy. It really tastes like a sour cream dipped perogy! And that's to say that it tastes really great! It completely nails the true creaminess of a perogy while all still being a thin crust pizza.
Everything came together in a way that made this pizza just as much perogy as it was pizza and visa versa. You know that song Muppet of a Man? Well it's just like that! If this pizza was a perogy it would be a perogy of a pizza! (I hope I didn't lose you there and instead you started singing.)
The thinly sliced potato, while lending it's perfect flavor also helped create the texture of the pizza which was just as important of an experience as the actual taste. And cheddar! Oh, cheddar! That sharp cheese's flavor made itself so clear and so much a part of the pizza that I want to start a movement to make it the official pizza cheese instead of mozzarella. All in all, we're talking intense flavor that lends itself to being not only one of the most unique Pizza creations but also one of the best thought out and spot on when it comes to blending two very different and yet equally delicious foods together.
Pleasantly, feathery light, this pizza is satisfying but lacks the sort of heaviness that leaves you feeling bulky after most pizzas. And so I could and will easily recommend this pizza to anyone looking for a great tasting, special and impression making lunch. Thank you to the Urban Eatery for going where no pizza has gone before and making in great!
P.S. Those two little morsels on the side of my left plate? They were samples of the Eatery's Italian Pizza Roll! Dipped in tomato sauce they're perfectly herbed with a tender inside and crunchy outside. Topped with yummy cheese, I could see these rolls being the perfect companion to a bowl of spaghetti. Oh and they would also be perfect for wiping up that left over sauce after you're done your spaghetti, because we all do that, even if most of us aren't brave enough to admit it! 

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