Saturday, 8 March 2014

Benny and Steak at the Olde Dublin Pub

Benny and Steak, two dishes that can strongly stand alone, but when fused are a powerful force of yum to be reckoned with! Served along with the culinary skills of Chef Brad Collins, sweet personality of waitress Meaghan and authentic Irish Pub atmosphere of the Olde Dublin, I would say it makes for a perfect Saturday morning.

That said, I won't make you wait and let you take a peek at just what made my morning perfect...

I don't blame you if that made you really jealous of me. But just keep one eye reading and another on that photo and you'll be able to imagine yourself at my Saturday Brunch.

As you can see, my plate is a trio of breakfast and lunch staples. Classic Eggs Benedict, a hearty bacon wrapped steak and crisp home fries all garnished with a crunchy dill pickle. Each part as tasty as the next and earning the Olde Dublin Pub two big thumbs up for overachieving in the department of wowing me!

First things first, I went straight for the steak. And although I've never had bacon wrapped steak before, I won't go back to eating it any other way. I knew from how easy the steak was to cut that it had to be incredibly tender and when I got it into my mouth I was just floored at how utterly tender and juicy it was. Chef Brad Collins must have a sixth sense when it comes to cooking steaks because I've had some good ones in my time, but they couldn't stand up to this perfection that was served to me today. The bacon surrounding it was thick cut and crispy, creating this sort of cool juxtaposition between the two textures and flavors. And just imagine, that's only the start.

Next came the Eggs Benedict, on a thick cut, perfectly toasted English muffin. The shaved ham was a combination of subtle sweet and smokiness, topped with a perfectly poached egg and all topped with that life changing substance known to man as Hollandaise sauce. I've already said how yummy the ham was but it's worth pointing out again that this honey ham is SO much better with hollandaise sauce than regular ham. Keep that in mind, people! And once again, timing is everything and just like that steak which was so skillful done, so was the poached egg. It was firm enough on the outside that it didn't fall apart (like mine so often do) and the yolk was smooth so that I could dip my English muffin in along with the ham and sauce. The hollandaise to top it off was velvety with a buttery and rich flavor. (And there was just enough left that I could dip the occasional home fry in it. Can I get a  "YUM!"?)

Last but certainly not least were the home fries; a few of which as I mentioned above were dipped in the remaining hollandaise sauce. These were crisp and light with a pleasant crunch and soft inside. It's hard to get good home fries, some are too heavy, others too oily and then there's the ones that are just meh. But let me tell you, if you want great home fries...go to the Olde Dublin Pub! (And yes that totally needed the emphasis of bold font!)

I imagine you don't have to be a mind reader to know what I'm going to say as my final word...

Want an unbelievably satisfying and well-done Brunch? Good! Do your Saturdays and Sundays at the Olde Dublin Pub. You've got to taste it to believe it!

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