Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Burger Love 2013 - The Big Ben

We're doing a little big of time traveling today and as you may have guessed it's all part of my continuing series this month getting you prepared for Burger Love next month! And while I've been seeing lots of preparations, even so far as people wanting to take out "Burger Love Loans", to get themselves in gear...I suggest heading down to Water Street Fish and Chip to try out their Burger Love creations from last year. A little bird (named Twitter) told me that they're featuring the Big Ben all this month in honor of the coming celebration.

So let's take a trip down memory lane together before you go out and try this Burger for yourself. It's guaranteed to help get you prepared for April's Burgerdom!

Let me tell you something truly; I've always longed to visit England. It's one of those life-changing Bucket List trips that you dream about for years. Well, Water Street Fish and Chips made my dream into a reality when I was invited to Burger Blog for their "Big Ben" creation. Stepping into the restaurant was more like taking the shortest flight in history or bending time much like Doctor Who. It was a trip to London that made me half expect to find Buckingham Place on quaint Water Street.

They say every time a dream is fulfilled, a person needs a new dream to take it's place. Not only did Water Street Fish and Chips check a trip off my Bucket List; they also granted an unexpected wish! They gave me an unforgettable tasted of England in their "Big Ben" Burger.

I was breathless at the sight of Big Ben...and I don't mean that fantastically gigantic time piece in London. I mean PEI's own Big Ben! The terrific, stupendous and magnanimously flavourful Burger that will be sure to chime in time with your heartbeat as it races to dig into such luscious culinary artistry.

The first bite came with a gentle crunch of the toasted bun, the heat of banana peppers and jalapeno mayo, savoury deliciousness of crispy calebrese salami, fresh veggies, a pleasant soft sweetness that rounds the edges of heat from caramelized onions and of course the star of the show, an 8oz 100% Island Beef Burger. With a deep fried cheddar cheese stick for it's crowning jewel, the Big Ben was just made for royalty and layman alike!

But even more fantastic than the first bite was every lip tingling single bite after it!

With spice that reminded me of a punchy British comic, tamed by the creaminess of the Havarti and sweetness of the caramelized onions this burger is the definition of sweet heat. Banana peppers tease with you a mild beginning and then get hot as you start to warm up to them. The 100% Island Beef was cooked to perfection; it's no wonder the London Tower guards are referred to as Beefeaters! One of the world's greatest creations is the deep-fried cheddar cheese stick, which just has to be tried with their house made tartar sauce! Matched up with a mixed side of onion rings and cheddar topped PEI
hand-cut French fries, this is one of the greatest combinations since the Beatles came together.

It's blend of flavours is a beacon in the London fog, shining brilliantly and tempting you with it's savoury combination of scents. Big Ben brought tears to my eyes and it wasn't because of the spice either! I was just so moved by it's total burger beauty!

This burger is like riding on the London Eye, it's got enough magic to get you through Platform 9 3/4 and I dare say this burger is the only thing in the world that could make the Queen's Guards smile! It's my complete London Love!

Want a taste of Jolly ol' England all to yourself? Well don't let the clock strike on the next hour...just stroll down to Water Street Fish and Chips for the Big Ben! It's the quickest hop across the pond anyone on the Island is every going to make.

Big Ben is truly British fare with Island flare!

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