Saturday, 1 March 2014

Burger Love 2013 - The Griffon Burger

Well, I know that for most of you living on Prince Edward Island, I don't have to tell you...but today marks one month before our annual Burger Love campaign starts in April. For those of you who were following my blog last year, you know that I got the opportunity of a lifetime to take a Burger journey like none other...

I was chosen by the mystical Burger Love powers at Fresh Media to be one of the chosen few to write their Burger Blog. Being sent off to taste test four of last year's Burgers along side other passionate Burger Lovers was a time that I'll remember for the rest of my life.

And in honor of this month before Burger Love, I'm going to recall that time for you my readers. Once a week from now until April I'll be posting one of my reviews so that you can get your minds prepared for all the Burger goodness to come!

So, with much pleasure and a watering mouth, I present to you my first review from last year's Burger Love campaign!

The Dundee Arms - The Griffon Burger

Telling a love story all of its own, The Griffon Burger weaves a tale created by al the culinary artists at the Dundee Arms. A fusion of modern taste innovation and classic flavours give birth to a burger as legendary as its namesake. Meeting Dundee Arms' Sous Chef Michael, I was able to experience first hand, the true inspiration and dedication behind The Griffon Burger. A meeting of the minds from their culinary team has brought forth a burger of epic proportion and mind blowing quality.

The Griffon Burger comes with two unique dining options that both suit this versatile beef masterpiece. The first a warm, rustic pub at the Cricket and Hearth, the second Victorian style dining in the Griffon Room. I chose the latter of the two, wanting to soak in all the inspiration that was used to craft this PEI Burger Love creation. After all, the Griffon Burger was made to be eaten in the Griffon Room!

As soon as the Griffon was presented to me, I knew we were made for one another. Me; an Island girl searching for a burger that could handle my adoration and the Griffon, there before me, open faced and baring it's crispy pancetta, gouda and 100% Island Beef soul. Embracing it with a house made, hand crafted onion and sage bun, there was no doubts that this Burger Love adventure was about to soar to new heights.

Being my first taste of the Burger Love season, sinking my teeth into this inaugural burger sent my standards sky high! 

The buttery, luscious and perfectly crisp bun mingled with subtle sweetness from the goat cheese cranberry and date BBQ sauces. Savoury pancetta and tangy gouda created the perfect setting that leads straight to a hearty 8oz Island beef burger ideally seasoned to wake your taste buds for this ultimate flight of fancy. And that was just the first bite!

The savoury, rich, refined and succulent meat was cooked to absolute perfection, the tenderness of the beef pairing perfectly with crispy pancetta and creating a complete sensory experience. Each bite literally beckoning you to take another and tempting you with the mix of generous flavours coming together in a new way with each taste. The added zest of fresh lettuce and well appointed single dill pickle complimented the richness of this burger perfectly, making it the best of fine dining, exotic tastes and down to earth PEI home cooked traditions.

Rejoice PEI Burger Lovers; for this mythical burger is much more than mere fable! it's an enchanting encounter of passion between your senses and true taste of the Island.

Swooping in to make a lasting impression; the Griffon is Burger Love at first bite.

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