Thursday, 6 March 2014

Burger Love 2013 - The Pilot House

We're bordering onto three weeks until PEI Burger Love in April and as promised, I'm bring a whole month of nostalgia to my Blog! My Love Letters to four beautiful burgers, seen only on the official Burger Love site before, are being brought to you to help build excitement!

Then again, who needs to build excitement? It's already everywhere across the Island and my reliable sources say that other Provinces and even States are gearing up for the Burger Love.

Well, if you're looking for love; this is the burger. My second Burger Love visit from 2013 was at The Pilot House. If you haven't been to this restaurant, you need to go, even before Burger Love. Their atmosphere and food are outstanding! But right now we're focusing on their Burger and I do believe that this Love Letter and the photos speak for themselves....

Bon Appetite!

You know that moment when you see someone, really see them and you just know you're going to spend the rest of your life together? You can call it what you will, fate, destiny, kismet or any other variation of terms; I like to think of it as being struck by one of Cupid's more beefy arrows. But when
it all boils down to one point, you've found your soul mate.

Well hold onto your heart, Love, because your about to go head over heels!

As soon as you enter the Pilot House, there's an atmosphere made for falling in love complete with warm decor and romantic posters of your prospective love on display. But the real magic happens as soon as you and the "Soul Mates" Burger meet face to beef. This smoked gouda stuffed beauty makes for a burger with thoroughly modern flavors that you won't wait a minute to experience.

Your first bite of the Soul Mates Burger will hit you with full abandon, making you fall in love instantly and causing your taste buds to sing a chorus of fairy-tale romance power ballads in its honour. The buttered focaccia bun with it's airy texture compliments all the qualities of this Burger perfectly. Double smoked bacon and onion confit come together and create that certain je ne se quoi that has the disarming ability to make you melt. 

The Braised 100% Island Beef is extra juicy, tender and such a pure flavor that you know this is true to life farm to table taste. Stuffed so that it has a heart of tangy, distinct Gouda, this Burger doesn't need to masquerade as anything but the perfect harmony of flavors that it is.

Think of the Pilot House as a friend who will introduce you to the love of your life. Just don't forget to pass them along an invitation to the wedding!

Warm, buttery, savoury, sweet, crisp, clean and pure flavors come through perfectly with each bite to make this scintillating "Soul Mates" Burger a match made on PEI, which is practically Heaven anyway.

When it comes to claiming your Soul Mate, forget roses because only one question is going to remain..."Will you accept this Burger?"

Don't expect to leave with your Bachelor or Bachelorette status...

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