Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Loaded Mac and Cheese Love at the Urban Eatery

We all know Mac and Cheese, some like a good friend and other's like a loving mother. It's earned a title as a comfort food for so many reason's it would be hard to number them, but in the end I boil it down to familiarity. People love macaroni noodles smothered in cheese sauce...

But what happens when you give a Chef with great imagination and creative ability, a classic comfort food? Something truly delicious and outstanding.

That's exactly what Chef Emiley Newbury did today with her Loaded Mac and Cheese at the Around the World station of the Urban Eatery. (If you're there, go say hi to her, she's totally awesome.)

Putting together warm, smooth, fresh, savory and slightly sweet flavors to create a truly compelling dish, she was able to bring my taste buds to their knees, begging for more. This is assuming taste buds in fact have knees, which for the sake of dramatic flair, we will. With a generous helping of Mac and Cheese with a piece of toasty garlic bread to accompany it, this was a lunch fit for angels who really love yummy food.

Let's start with the house made cheese sauce, which was a combination of Swiss and pub cheeses melted down into a velvet marriage of yum with "OMG". Over the perfectly cooked macaroni this would have been more than even I could expect. But that was far from the end of this delicious journey. Because blended in with that was leeks, roasted red peppers and beef.

Now I like to think of myself s a bit of a beef aficionado after my Burger Love expedition of 2013 and let me say that the fresh and clean flavors of the beef in this Mac and Cheese truly impressed me. It wasn't hiding behind any extra flavors but came through with that true and honest beefiness that I've grown to respect and appreciate so much.

With the light and crisp flavor of the leeks and the warmth of the roasted red peppers, there was just so many great things about this Mac and Cheese that while describing it to you is fun, I wish we could just sit down together and eat away at a huge helping of this awesomeness.

The Garlic Bread that went along with it has a lovely combination of garlic and herbs on a toasted whole wheat baguette and topped with cheese. It complimented the flavors of the Mac and Cheese perfectly, not overpowering it but adding to the experience when the two mingled together on the palate. 

Filled with unexpected touches of lovely, this Mac and Cheese has converted me and I won't be able to go back to that normal everyday comfort food people had made it into. Knowing this dish as a complex and distinguished combination of tastes, I'll only expect the excellence that Chef Emiley has shown me it can me.

What I want really want to know is where Chef Emiley is hiding the Choir of Angels that I could swear I heard singing as I ate this... Seriously!

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