Friday, 14 March 2014

The Elegance of Baked Alaska at Terre Rouge Bistro Marche

What would you think if I told you that Downtown Charlottetown there's a dessert that's smoother than pure silk, warm, toasty, rich, creamy and cool?

Likely, you'd want to shake me and ask if I was dreaming...

And I must say, I think I pinched myself when I was at Terre Rouge today having dessert, because it just seemed too good to be true. But that's just it, their incredible Baked Alaska is a dreamy dessert that's available to us mere mortals here in the real world.

Unlike your typical desserts hiding behind fancy names, Baked Alaska not only tastes incredible but is a complete experience. As it's brought to you on the plate, flaming in a dramatic bluish glow, the intoxicating scent of rum fills your senses with the toasty marshmallow exterior browning to your own preference.

Here's a look at the drama that is the moment of presentation...

Imagine yourself in front of this glowing dessert, a mix of warmth and cool, like a mystical meeting between fire and ice. The best part is that Terre Rouge's Baked Alaska's taste is just as impressive and attention grabbing as it's first impression.

I'm talking about taking my spoon and slowly diving through the beautiful light toasty-ness that gave way to layers of silky marshmallow, house made hazelnut and pistachio gelato. The whole thing easily evoking my adoration to Baked Alaska for being the most opulent and impactful desert I ever hope to have.

My first taste was a combination of all the flavors combined and they created a sort of song on my tongue. A lovely melody of tastes coming together, the nuttiness of the gelatos, sweetness of the marshmallow and that certain something unexpected that crowned them with the taste of rum. And that consistency of "wow" continued on through the whole dessert, making each bite worth another and another and--well, you get the idea. It was all in all the tops.

Sweet, light and decadent. The juxtaposition of Baked Alaska's aspects are difficult to put into words aside from the fact that this is something so totally awe-inspiring and that a person should have at least thirty times over their life span. Lucky for me, Terre Rouge is close at hand. That way I can have the best of the Baked Alaska best.

 I also want to take a moment to pay my dues to the gelato artistry that is going on at Terre Rouge. The gelato that nestled within that Baked Alaska was some of the very best I've ever had. And since I've been an avid gelativore since before I could walk, that's not a compliment I just hand out like candy. It's so very true and even if you're not able to stop in for a sit down of their Baked Alaska (which is a crying shame), you can at least go in and get a cup of their Gelato which is offered for take-out as well. There's a huge selection of ever changing flavors, all fresh and ready to please your taste buds.

Listen up guys and gals, Baked Alaska is perfect to share with your special someone. You'll be on a puffy, marshmallowly, rum drizzled, gelato centered Cloud 9 at Terre Rouge!

P.S. The dedicated Chefs at Terre Rouge deserve a huge shout out, especially Chef Emily Miller for crafting this heavenly delight. Also a huge thanks to Chef Adam and my waitress Heidi for being truly exceptional along with the rest of the staff!

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