Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My First Love: Southern Comfort at the Redwater Rustic Grille

PEI Burger Love is upon us, friends! Which means a month of revelry all fueled by the culinary geniuses at our local restaurants and Island Beef. This is a special time of year for so many Islanders and I know that for myself, it's become one of my ultimate favorite month's on Prince Edward Island.

To share in all that bounteous creativity is inspiring!

So to mark this very special April 1st, I wanted to visit a restaurant that I knew would have one of the best burgers in our massive 54 wide variety. The Redwater Grille was the place I knew I wanted to venture to first since I always find their food at the peak of excellence. And despite the raging blizzard, I set out on foot to get my prize; paragon of beefy deliciousness.

That's exactly what I found! Chef Jane at the Redwater Rustic Grille created the Southern Comfort burger a taste of the French Quarter meeting PEI with a soul of palate pleasing goodness. This burger is everything you could dream of an a whole lot more, which makes it the perfect "first love" of 2014. And you know what they say about a person's first love. It always stays with them, holding a piece of their heart that can only belong to them. I know now, for a fact that, that is very true. The Southern Comfort Burger has certainly grabbed a piece of my heart exclusively devoted to my favorite burger.

So let's take a look at exactly what's on this heart-moving, mouth-watering PEI beef creation held by Chef Jane Crawford!

Nestled between a buttered, griddled roll is 7oz of pure, honest to goodness Island Brisket Chuck Burger along with Jalapeno Mac n' Cheese Aioli, Sweet Tomato Jam, Molasses Bacon Confit, Brown Derby Gravy, Glascow Glen Farm Pepper, Dill Pickle Slaw, Mustard Aged Gouda, Hickory Catsup Chips and topped with a succulent Pulled Pork-Cheese Curd Stuffed Pepperoncini wrapped in Bacon!

Served up with a side of rootbeer braised, pork belly baked beans that's a mouthful; which makes total sense, since this burger is a real mouthful that will leave your lips smacking and singing the praises of how a Burger gave you true love's kiss!

This heaven-sent burger came to me and my heart skipped a beat. The only thing that could compare to that first sight, the first intoxicating scent would be my first bite--or rather "kiss". It made the perfect impression! The tender, rich and incredibly fresh brisket called out to my taste buds, waking them up for a union of wonderful. The sweetness of the tomato jam with the savory bacon confit, tangy dill pickle slaw and super-creaminess of the aioli the perfect first taste trio. In the bites afterward I sort of just let that foodie driven part of my soul relish in this divine combination of flavors.

Mind-blowingly awesome would be putting it delicately for this burger within a veritable feast!

Mac n' Cheese aioli?! OMG, YES! I don't even know how I lived before tasting that life-changing creation. It's smooth, creamy, melty and gives you that satisfyingly cheesey blend that makes every single bite better than the first, which is pretty odd since the bite before that was sheer bliss! I don't even know what to tell you about this aioli except to urge, no, implore that you try it as soon as you can. There's nothing like it!

Oh! And those hickory catsup chips!? I could eat them by the basket! Not only were the able to provide a comforting smokiness to the burger had the perfect crunch that came from their thin crispiness. If you happen to have some extra chips Chef Jane, send them my way!

The side of house braised baked beans left me floored. I had never ate pork belly before and now I know that it's flavor is completely unmatched, especially when it's been in a rootbeer braise! These beans, while going along with the burger in a lovely fashion, made a strong impression all on their own. The clear notes of sweet and herbal rootbeer came shining through adding a hip new twist on this classic side.

It might be a blizzard outside but I was filled with the warmth of Southern Comfort! Together these ingredients make Island beef into a true Burger Love story, prepared and stacked high by Chef Jane!

This is a text-book case of love at first sight turning into undying devotion, so I owe a great big thanks to Chef Jane and the Redwater Grille for bringing the Southern Comfort and I together. You're gonna cater the wedding, right?

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