Monday, 14 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: Bludacris at the Daniel Brennan Brickhouse

The Bludacris has flavors, that as the cool kids say are 'off the hook'. Literally meaning to the rest of us squares that it's outstanding! Created by Chef Andrew Cotton, the Bludacris is the best of savory and sweet all between one incredibly impressive bun! It's no wonder that they've already sold over 929 burgers! That's over nine-hundred really happy people who've have their senses awakened to the amazingness that blue cheese can truly be!

Like the perfect pick up line, this burger is smooth! It's got a collage of flavors that bring something truly unique to the table (quite literally). And since I got to sit at the bar and watch my Burger Love being prepared before my eyes for the very first time not only the flavors were truly one-of-a-kind. The whole experience was!

The Bludacris features 6oz of hand formed Island Beef, Jeff McCourt's Blue Cheese Gouda, Blue Cheese and Maple Aioli, Bacon Jam, Caramelized Onion and Arugula on a Baked Potato Bun with Potato, Cheddar, Chives and Bacon made by Breadworks PEI!

Doesn't that make you want to just run out and get one for yourself? Well, that's a perfectly normal urge, because just reading it makes me one too...and I just had the Bludacris!

My mouth was watering the whole time I watched Chef Andrew and Line Cook Jason Lane prepare this beautiful burger and with the smells wafting up from the grill, I could have just leant over the bar and stole a taste. It took all of my willpower and a little bit of lady like decorum to prevent such a scandalous and potentially hilarious event. In the end, this burger was more than worth the wait!

With that very first bite I realize that flavor truly does become this burger, everything is in one great harmony, each ingredient became one complete and totally harmonious experience for my taste buds. That's part of what makes this burger stand out in a month of beefy revelry!

Juicy and rustic beef is the perfect base for this lyrically designed burger, Chef Andrew clearly takes our proud Island Beef very seriously and it comes through in all of the Bludacris Burger's fresh and powerful flavors! With the Bacon jam, these two meats are warm and smoky and like I've said, truly become one single, overwhelmingly delicious flavor. In and of itself, the bacon jam is rich, with hearty cuts of flavorful bacon.

And then comes Jeff McCourt's Blue Gouda! I've had Jeff's delicious Goudas before both on culinary creations and on their own. His cheese is absolutely amazing, easily my favorite and always taking on a unique edge of flavor. He's kind of a pioneer in artisan cheese, in my opinion. His Blue Gouda was part of the inspiration for the Bludacris and I'm so happy it was! These cheese is cool and unmistakably savory with it's refined flavors. It's been paired with the perfect mates of taste and the maple aioli takes it to a whole new level of yum. These cheese is definitely a crowd pleaser and something that everyone can enjoy. So go out and get the Bludacris and then go get some of Jeff's Cheese! Because your better judgement in flavor is telling you so!

The Blue Cheese and Maple Aioli mingle playfully with each other and makes you fall in love with it from the first bite. Charming you with it's creamy coolness and the warmth of the caramelized onions and soft spice of the arugula; it's magnificent!

And I just can't over the delicious baked potato bun! I could have easily left with a whole tray full of these super buns! They're beyond flavor packed and loaded with all of the things that make baked potatoes a classic side. (It's also a really cool tribute to our PEI Potatoes.) This rustic bun is so hearty, it completely supports and joins in on this burger's eloquent flavors. Props to Breadworks PEI for their mad bread making skills!

As my side I had a salad that's amazing and a whole lot more! Tossed greens in a cranberry vinaigrette with goat cheese, beets and...wait for it...pumpkin seed brittle! Yes, there is a crunchy, sweet and delicious brittle on this salad that makes it so yummy I could have one every day at every meal! There's a great balance of sweet, salty and savory with creaminess and crunch. A bit of everything for the discerning palate and for those people who just really want to enjoy a salad.

The Bludacris is a mighty terrific burger that left me singing it's praises as I left the Brickhouse! Join in on this song of beefy glory by going out and trying the Bludacris for yourself, you'll be happy you did! I know I've still got a smile on my face!

P.S. Big shout to the Line Cook Jason Lane for being so friendly and taking the time to chat away and just be the awesome guy that seems to come so naturally to him. Kudos!

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