Tuesday, 15 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Eastie Boy at Terre Rouge Bistro Marche

There is a Burger in Downtown Charlottetown that I am irrevocably in love with, it is perfection embodied and truly takes on the deliciously beefy spirit that is what Burger Love represents. Created by the Owner of Terre Rouge, Chef John Pritchard, the Eastie Boy has got me wrapped around it's beefy little finger.

Walking into Terre Rouge, the hip atmosphere and friendly faces were a precursor to this amazing Burger Love visit. Everyone is so inspired by local food and the concept of eating everything and pure and local as possible, especially Courtney who recommended the stellar side that I had with my Burger. But even just reading the awesome looking chalk sign board menu was making me hungry, not to mention the wafting scents of local fare that filled the restaurant. I was on my way to Heaven just one foot in the door!

And as the incredible Eastie Boy made it's way over to me with it's creator, I caught of whiff of the Burger and immediately swooned! If that's what Heaven smells like, take me here, take me now! ...Then again, Heaven couldn't possibly smell this could, could it? Surely only Terre Rouge could conjure up such an alluring burger!

I'll be honest with you, I know Chef John Pritchard's cuisine. I've had his inspiring dishes and have learnt that you can only expect above and beyond the best. So I went into Terre Rouge with the highest expectations I could. And with that first bite...I was completely blown out of the water! It was refreshing in both it's flavor and John's innovative perspective on Burger Love. He treats this burger like royalty and the result is a creation that's the combination of every amazing word in the dictionary!

Check that out! The Eastie Boy is so beautiful he's admiring himself. (And rightfully so, I'd have a mirror plastered to my face if I looked as good as that Burger.)

With 8oz of succulent House Ground Brisket and House Smoked Ground Bacon, a Farmhouse Gouda Fritter, Sweet Bacon Jam, Crisp Leeks, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Green Leaf Lettuce all on an outstanding house made Kaiser toasted in Beef Fat and garnished with a Balsamic Onion Pearl.

Yeah, this is totally the Adonis of Burgers.

The very epitome of moist and tender beef, the Eastie Boy takes the meaning of luscious to a new level with all of it's refined qualities. It's steak like qualities and terrific seasoning makes it taste entirely immaculate. I cannot really explain to you with words how much this beef wowed me. In this month dedicated to Island Beef, Chef John was completely true to the concept of Burger Love by displaying Island Beef in, what I feel is it's truly highest form of deliciousness.

The sweet bacon jam made with Terre Rouge's own house smoked bacon is like nothing I've ever tastes before. Sweet and smoky, it was the freshest bacon I've ever had, which is easy to imagine since it comes from directly inside the same building as the restaurant. Terre Rouge's respect for the best of the best when it comes to food is definitely awe inspiring and should be emulated by as many local Chefs and even us at home. We've got a bounty on the Island and Chef John really highlights that with everything served at his restaurant.

The Farmhouse Gouda Fritter is by far my new favorite way to each cheese! So crunchy it's flavors paired perfectly with the beef and especially with the crispy leeks! This perfectly cheesy fritter should be a side all on it's own, it's got a commanding presence and me, being the cheesivore that I am, just melted at the very first taste. With the pickled mustard seed, the whole thing landed this perfect poise of tastes.

On an almost sinfully delicious bun, toasted in beef fat to once again unify the theme of how incredible Island beef can be, this Burger needs to be tied up with a bow. Why? Because it's a gift to all Islanders! Anything this incredible has to be a gift, just like the talent that stands behind each and every burger that comes from Terre Rouge.

Topped with a sweet and savory balsamic onion pearl, this Burger is the complete Burger Love package, ready to be loved by the masses. On the side was a touch of house made chow (Mustard Pickles for all those From Awayers). A classic accompaniment to any meal on PEI, this version brought that Island staple into 2014 with bold flavors and modern flair.

My side was Smoked Potatoes with house made Crème Fraiche. And let me just say this to start with. These are what every single potato wants to be when it grows up! Smoky, warm and smooth the crème fraiche creates perfectly harmonious flavors with it's creamy coolness. Lightly seasoned to perfection with a touch of chives, these potatoes have a delicate crunch to their edges with a silky inside. Honestly, this is what I want to be when I grow up. Seriously.

I think that my whole review speaks for itself (or for me, anyways), but in case the previous 846 words didn't quite make my point...Go to Terre Rouge! Yes, that's all. Go and eat the best burger of your life, it will blow your mind and leave you begging for more of Chef John Pritchard's incredible creations.

Yeah, sorry,  I couldn't help tempting you just one last time.

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