Wednesday, 23 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: El Toro at Papa Joe's

Ole! Today I went to a flavor Fiesta at Papa Joe's, all courtesy of the festive tastes of their Burger Love, creation the "El Toro"!

Translated, El Toro means "The Bull" in Spanish and like a powerful, raging bull, this tasty creation will conquer your taste buds. But let's face it, when it comes to this love invoking blend of ingredients brought together by the creative minds at Papa Joes, a little bit of conquest in called for. These Burger Love Champions get down to business when it comes to stealing your heart, you go from awe to head over heels in one second flat after the very first bite of this Mexican inspired Burger Love creation!

As for me personally, I have so many fond memories of Papa Joe's. Generations of my family all gathered around a table, eating to our heart's content, the first Burger Love I ever wrote about, The Goddess and so many ideal meals that lead me to expect nothing but the best from Papa Joe's! Of course, my expectations were met and surpassed by yet another incredible year of Burger Love. This Burger is truly a dream come true for Chef Irwin and now for me too!

Featuring 7oz of Island Beef infused with Ground Bacon, Black Bean Salsa, Sour Cream Spread, Fresh Avocado, Toasted Cumin Gouda, Banana Peppers, Chiffonade of Romaine Lettuce, Crisp Corn Chips all on a Toasted Chibatta Bun and garnished with a Jalapeno Pepper Popper, Corn Chip and Tomato... That's all the makings of a culinary ticket on the yummiest Mexican vacation this side of the Atlantic Provinces.

And that very first bite was just that! The creamy coolness of the El Toro transported me to the porch of a Spanish Hacienda, looking out upon lush trees while a warm breeze refreshed me. And then the attitude and heat of this Burger rushed me into the Bull ring with a cheering ground and the thrill of a bull fight! It was the best of both worlds that both soothed and excited my taste buds at the same time in a unique contrast.

On top of this intensely delicious burger was a fitting precursor to the flavors inside. The Crispy, smooth and juicy Jalapeno Popper was cool with a kick! The Pepper luscious, the coating thick and crunchy while the cream cheese gave it a smooth finish. I could seriously eat a whole basket of those little guys! Add in the crunchy corn chip and a juicy cherry tomato and you're primed and ready for the main event! The ever epic sounding...El Toro!

Using their prized Easter Beef for this Burger, this hearty and beefy patty was seasoned to perfection until it had a Spanish accent! This beef was beyond fresh, super juicy and blended like nothing else and made this burger ultimately one with itself, every piece of it coming together in harmony. And with that ground bacon infused into the patty, we're talking sincerely meaty flavor that makes a girl like me just sit there, in awe with my pen in hand, unsure of what I can say to express to you it's greatness.

Alright, let's talk avocado. It's superfantasticallyincreiblyamazingly one of the BEST burger ingredients ever! It's not just a cool to the heat of this Burger powerhouse, it's got a presence all it's own and oh, it's telling you something. It's saying "You're going to love me!" and it's right! It's the creamy backdrop to this burger's combination of texture and taste. And it blends smoothly in with the toasted Cumin Gouda so awesomely.

Speaking of Cumin Gouda...Jeff McCourt! I swear, his amazing cheeses are following me around! I'm dreaming about this cheese, it's too perfect for my own good and while I know this month is all about the beef, I propose a month dedicated to the singular beauty of Chef McCourt's Gouda. As always, his cheese impressed me to the point that I'm begging for more. The thick slice upon the El Toro was a perfect compliment to the array of it's fellow Island sourced ingredients. Seriously, if you're reading this Jeff, send some of that Gouda my way!

Of course, there's a whole cast of impactful and magnificent flavors that will make you get up and start dancing the rhumba! The black bean salsa is "Mmmmm" inspiring against the coolness of the sour cream spread, along with the satisfying crunch of the corn chips that give it another aspect of making your senses run wild! Mix in a spicy blend of banana peppers for even more color and flavor for a personality profile a strong and commanding as a bull in the ring! All stacked carefully on a fluffy and yummy Chibatta to make up a burger that swept me off my feet.

As for my side, I chose to get one of Papa Joe's Signature Salads, their Cranberry Goat Cheese Salad is just as colorful as it is flavorful and hold a garden worth of fresh yumminess all for you! On a bed of crisp greens was celery, red onion, colorful sweet bell peppers, shredded carrot, slices of toasted almond, goat cheese and dried cranberries all with a house made creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette! With a bounty of creamy goat cheese and hearty sweet cranberries that add an edge along with the kick of the red onion, this salad is not only fantastic but extremely well appointed. Add in that heavenly dressing and lets just say I was one very happy girl. Chatting with Chef Irwin, he told me that a lot of regulars get this salad with either Chicken or Salmon on it which I can imagine is incredible. I'll just have to write in a visit to Papa Joe's to test that already concrete theory.

The El Toro is a Burger Love creation that's truly raging with passion and flavor! My suggestion, Hermano? Don your sombrero, round up your amigos and vamonos down to Papa Joe's for this paragon of flavor!

What are you doing still reading this? I said, go! You know you want to.

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