Saturday, 12 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Forbidden Donut at the Gahan House

Forbidden fruit, forbidden romance, Forbidden Donut! Why is it that all of the best stuff in the world is forbidden?! Well, fear not, fellow Burger Lovers, because the best of those three forbidden desires, the "Forbidden Donut" is a temptation that you and I can spoil ourselves with in great abandon! Created by Chef Dwayne MacLeod this combination of wickedly delicious ingredients come together for one indulgently epic Burger Love Creation at The Gahan House.

Today was my Ninth Burger Love and I was so excited to venture over to the Gahan, since the idea of a Donut as a burger bun really sparked my curiosity and it just so happens that I chose to visit the Gahan on the perfect day! This Saturday afternoon they were hosting their Home Brewers Challenge. As of two month ago, the Gahan put a call out for home based beer brewers to bring their best to the table and the Gahan House received thirteen entries. Today was the culmination of that event, with the five finalist there and the judges tasting and deciding which beer would reign supreme.

The winner's spoils were great and almost like becoming Beer Royalty. The prize winner is going to be brewing their unique creation with the Masters at the Gahan House and will have their beer on tap! It's no wonder with a prize like that and how popular home brewing has become on the Island that the response was to great to the Gahan's call. Personally I was truly impressed by the description of each entry and couldn't imagine which would come out victorious.

But with a much anticipated announcement, the Winners were Ryan Palmer and Lee Nicholson with their Belgian White titled Cranberry Whit Ale. Now I don't know a lot about the science of how beer is brewed but my taste buds certainly got excited when I heard that Ryan and Lee were using Island cranberries to craft this beer. Congratulations Gentlemen and thank you in advance for the beer I know I'm going to go to the Gahan to try and love.

Top that all off with entertainment by the always charming Iain McCarvill and you've got exactly what I said, the perfect afternoon! Iain worked magic with his voice and guitar as usual and honestly, put me into acoustic heaven. (I admit it, I was singing along too. But thankfully, I don't think anyone noticed.)

Now of course, the crowning moment of this exciting visit was when the Forbidden Donut was carried out to me by Chef Dwayne MacLeod. I could swear it had little wings and was just flitting over as harps played in the background. It was a total vision of "Mmmm" and had this sort of spicy and sweet scent all mingled in with the always alluring scent of PEI Beef. Sitting still for the photos and not just taking a big bite out of the Forbidden Donut was torture!

But once I got that first bite...Just whoa.

I mean, let's just take a look at the amazing stuff that goes into this Burger Love creation. First up, 9oz of Beef and Chorizo together to make a flavorful burger with kick, green tomato relish, Cows' 2 Year White Cheddar, Bacon, Green Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Panko Crusted Onion Rings, a Poached Egg, Roasted Red Pepper and Ketchup on a house made Jalapeno and Cheddar Donut. All topped with a Cherry Tomato and Gherkin Pickle.

That's a lot of whoa, my friend. It came together for an enticing combined flavor that made me realize why this is the Forbidden Donut. It's way too good!

The Island Beef was hearty, a generous portion that was rustically delicious when mixed in with a mild Chorizo sausage. It's all about the texture and flavor pairing, the beef being tender and the sausage lean, providing robust flavor and presence on this burger that I swear was created in the Garden of Eden. Or rather the Garden of Eatin'. Oh yeah, and that Cows Cheddar, all melty and yummy; beautiful!

And allow me to say; Egg on a burger. Just take it in and think about it. ...EGG ON A BURGER!
What that honestly translates to on this burger is something so seriously and intensely amazing that I never could have guessed just how freaking cool it would taste. The smooth creaminess of this skillfully poached egg was decadent and smooth, the creamy center giving it's flavor and body to all of the other flavors and somehow managing to make this Burger even more...whoa.

The Green Tomato Relish and Roasted Red Pepper taste like they're garden ripe, like somehow there's a magical garden in the Gahan's kitchen and whenever Chef Dwayne needs to make more, he just picks them right there on the spot. That's how amazingly fresh it tasted. The sweetness of these two were great along with the onion rings and then the crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and always classic ketchup!

And of course, the first thing that intrigued me to the Gahan House this Burger Love...that deliciously convention defying donut! It's house made and is rich with the flavors of cheddar that come through clearly with each bite. Just a little edge of spiciness gives it a true balance with the rest of the flavors on this burger. It's light, fluffy and I'll take one dozen to go please!

On the side I ordered fries and onion rings, because honestly who can get enough of just one? It's like being on the same date with two guys, only better, because you don't have to do any heart breaking. The crisp and light panko crusted onion rings paid homage to the one featured on my burger and made their presence linger even longer. The fries, well, what can I say about Gahan spiced fries? I love them. I always have since I was a kid and nothing's changed. I just basked in their hearty glory.

This beguiling burger will call to you with it's smooth and rich flavors with the strength of your deepest desire. Don't fight it! Just give into the tasty temptation, you will be SO happy that you did.

Oh! And I've got to give a huge shout out to the Gahan's General Manager, Chris for just being a superbly nice guy along with the rest of the fantastic crew at the Gahan. Big kudos to you guys!

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