Tuesday, 8 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Gatsby at Sims Corner Steakhouse

Congratulations to Chef Kyle Panton and his exceptional team at Sims Corner Steakhouse on being declared PEI's Most Loved Burger for this 2014 Burger Love Campaign! Your dedication to food and bringing only to best to every single table has truly been rewarded. My review speaks to that and hopefully does justice to this paragon of deliciousness!

F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" is a personal passion of mine. Of all romances and beautiful things able to be endowed with words, I feel that there is nothing in comparison to this classic novel. Today I found out that there is something, rather, some burger, that shares the same entrancing quality that my favorite novel does. At Sims Corner Steakhouse, "The Gatsby" Burger is as attractive and tempting as one of Gatsby's infamous glittering parties.

Thanks to the creative mind of Chef Kyle Panton, this love story of a burger has been brought to reality. A lavish Burger wrapped in warm flavors that enfold you until there's nothing to do but simply savor every single bite. It's no wonder that such an ardent burger would come from Chef Kyle, his passion for food is something akin to that of Gatsby's fidelity to Daisy. Not only a Chef but owning his own Farm, Chef Kyle truly redefines the meaning of farm to table. Providing vegetables for Sims Corner, the Pea Shoots featured on this Burger Love creation came from his own "One Vision" Farm. Sincerely impressive? You know it!

This masterpiece is built upon a canvas of 7oz of Island Beef and is accompanied by Chipotle-BBQ Aioli, Maple Chipotle Bacon, Smokey Peppercorn Gouda, Braised Baby Back Boneless Pork Rib tossed in Chef Kyle's BBQ Sauce, sautéed Portobello, Shiitake and Cremini Mushrooms with Pea Shoots and served on a toasted Old Style White Bun. It's no wonder this Burger can capture the imagination with such opulent flavors.

The beef, which is as generous in size and it is in impressive taste, has such a refined flavor that it eats like steak. Moist and tender, it's in perfect fellowship with the smokey peppercorn gouda. The two together create a balance of cool and warmth, of creamy and hearty. Blending together with the light, sweet and spicy kiss of maple bacon another layer of intensity and warmth to this decadence. The boneless baby back rib is as tender as I imagine meat could ever get, completely melting in my mouth, Chef Kyle's enchanting BBQ sauce lending itself to the rest of this party of flavors. Heady and smooth, the trio of mushrooms make their presence apparent by filling your taste buds with a combination that leaves your mouth singing. Taking the lighter side of this warm and rich burger, the Chipotle BBQ Aioli is cool and creamy while still maintaining a gentle spice that settles on your taste buds pleasantly and becomes a part of the light and airy toasted bun. With all this is the pea shoots from Chef Kyle's own farm; fresh and crisp they crown and complete the variety of textures that this burger hosts.

(As you can see, my coveted copy of "The Great Gatsby" came along for this visit to Sims and it fully approves of this lovely Burger.)

In honesty though, every bite of this burger is harmony, complete and total harmony. Of flavor, of texture, of how it rests on your palate and how your senses absorb it. Each ingredient is just as present as the next and supporting one another to make one amazing entity that is so wonderful it's as indescribable as the enigmatic smile of Gatsby himself. A novel worth of words could not capture the essence or do justice to this epic love of a burger and that's one of the qualities that make it so special; it's a mystery of stunning flavor that can't be pinned down by mere verse. It's everything that PEI Beef desires to be and everything your taste buds wish they could never stop experiencing.

The house made frites were a perfect companion to this burger, crispy and with that same hardy warmth that is matched to a complimentary garlic and herb aioli. Together the two were reminiscent to the flavors of "The Gatsby" and so made for the ideal side.

Perfection? You bet your novels this plate was!

The Gatsby burger would make Fitzgerald proud. It weaves flavors with the same skill and mastery that he used to bring words together; both evoking intense love and undying devotion. A true reflection of the uniqueness that became Fitzgerald's Gatsby's charm is what you will find in this exquisite Burger. It's certainly the Gatsby to my Daisy this Burger Love and that's to say I'm completely wooed!

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