Friday, 11 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: HeisenBurger at Water's Edge Resto Bar Grille

Along the Waterfront of Downtown Charlottetown, there's a PEI Burger Love Kingpin of a Chef who's cooking up an addictive Burger creation that'll have you coming back for more. Chef Jeff Malone's the mastermind behind the HeisenBurger, a culinary creation that's got deliciousness down to a science.

You'll be Breaking Good with the Water's Edge Restaurant's Burger Love 2014 offering!

Using Burger Alchemy to conjure up this Burger Love creation, Chef Jeff shows a true flair for pop-culture. In homage to the wildly popular television drama, "Breaking Bad", the HeisenBurger's got the top spot on the periodic table of tastiness. With the team at Water's Edge, you not only experience a Burger that'll make you fall in love, but have a terrific time! Everyone is so enthusiastic about Burger Love and are so enthusiastic and passionate about this Burger. There's a lot of proud people behind the HeisenBurger!

 With a host of ingredients, there's a whole cast of flavors to take in on the HeisenBurger. "Tortuga's" 6oz Island Beef and Chorizo Burger, "Pinkman's" Shaved Prime Rib, "Walter White's" Cheddar Cheese, "Skylar's" Siracha Mayao, "Hank's" Onion Jam and topped with slice tomato, green leaf lettuce and a pickle spear, all on "Saul Good's" Pretzel Bun.

Sounds like a dramatic group, doesn't it? Well it is! And in the very best of ways, these powerful flavors come at you in a blend of awesomeness that all boils down to the fact that you're addicted to this skillfully crafted Burger.

Coming to the table looking so totally ready to impress, this Burger lures you in with it's warm and intoxicating scents that promise to make your taste buds completely soak up all of it's essence. As for myself, I was a hooked from the very first bite. The HeisenBurger and I had perfect chemistry. It's warm and edgy flavors left me wanting more and more, each element of this burger came together for a purity of flavor that makes each bite like a cliff-hanger. You just can't get enough...

The lean and full of flavor, the refined tasting Island Beef was mingled with Chorizo sausage to create a truly unique Burger Love experience. PEI Beef certainly does love sausage and you know what? I love sausage with PEI Beef! They're a tasty duo that's brought to beyond perfection by adding superbly tender prime rib. This trinity of meat are a true triple threat that scores a hat trick of flavor!

Warm and smooth cheddar embraces everything with it's savory sharpness. Paired with the cool, creamy and attitude packed Siracha mayo, you've got two distinctively different aspects that collide for a fiercely impressive combination. Enter the bold Onion Jam and you've got another facet to this Burger's personality that adds just a hint of sweetness to achieve perfect balance. All of the veggies were clear, crisp and refreshing, including the yummy pickle spear that lent itself very nicely to the pretzel bun.

Speaking of that pretzel bun. It was so delish! With a slight crunch to it's edges and that pretzel perfect taste and texture. It went along for this burger's ride of yum and was the perfect partner to the scandalously scrumptious HeisenBurger.

This edgy Burger stole my heart from the very beginning and it's still got it!

Ordering this special side, it's one of the Water's Edge Signature Salads, a Honey Beetroot and Spinach Salad. With Balsamic Beet Glazed tossed Spinach, garnished with chunky sweet beetroot, goat's cheese and candied pumpkin seeds  The refreshing and sweet beetroot brought out the warmer notes of the spinach, while the incredibly smooth goat's cheese's savouriness tied in with the candied pumpkin seeds. Each piece brought together by a sweet and tangy balsamic beet glaze. Altogether it's a party of garden fresh flavors in your mouth!

Providing all of the culinary temptations that a person could ever desire, the HeisenBurger is at the perfect location for Burger Lovers from near and far. The Water's Edge Restaurant just happens to be located in the Delta Prince Edward Hotel, PEI Burger Love's official hotel! With a special package for intense Burger fans who want to make a whole day and night's worth of experience; the HeisenBurger is at the heart of everything!

All I can really say is that once when you're finished the HeisenBurger, leaves you having an A1 Day.

(Which means it'll make you so happy, this'll be the best day of your life!)

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