Monday, 7 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: Hometown Market at the Urban Eatery

The Hometown Market Burger Love creation at the Urban Eatery is a passionate portrait of the Downtown Farmer's Market and Chef Jennifer Homan's talent. Using many ingredients from the market that's nearly steps away from them each Thursday and Friday, the Urban Market brought our local fare together into one incredibly refreshing Burger that tops to charts when it comes to flavor!

They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever...well, I'm completely convinced of that! The savory and sweet memory of the Hometown Market is going to be one of the most tasty parts of my life's recollections in the years to come.

And there's Chef Jennifer now with my Burger. It was so delicious, I already want to go back for another!

5oz of Island Beef infused with Honey Chipotle Ground Pork and wrapped in Bacon with Tomato Chutney, fried Haloumi Cheese and Black Garlic Aioli on a Golden Honey Mead Bun and topped with a glorious chocolate drizzled PEI Potato Chip!

That topper, that glorious topper that was practically singing my name before Chef Jennifer could even hand me the Burger. It's a house made potato chip, thick cut and all light and crispy on the edges. But that's not all! It's drizzled in milk and white chocolate! It was a all creamy and crunchy; the most beautiful slice of PEI Potato I've ever laid eyes or lips upon. Want to give me a really early Birthday present, Urban Eater? I'll gladly take a gigantic bag of those chips. Pretty please with spuds on top?

A 5oz Island Beef Burger infused with honey chipotle ground pork creates an exceptionally tender burger. It's got that incredible melt in your mouth quality that's even more satisfying while paired with the crispy bacon that wraps itself around the Burger. Oh, yeah, a bacon wrapped burger. That just screams "yumlicioustasticness". I know, that's a fictitious word but when I girl loves a burger as much as I love the Hometown Market, there's a little room for bending the English langue to my will.

I can't believe my taste buds had never experienced the splendor of Halumi cheese before! Fried up and on this refreshingly designed burger, it's a piece of savory heaven. It's got this incredible flavor that could only belong to Haloumi, I can't compare it to anything except to say that it's the essence of je ne sais quoi. What I can tell you though is that it has now captured my heart and become my very favorite cheese!

The Tomato Chutney and pickles were zesty and fresh, tasting like a bright Summer's day! I relished in the chutney, as it brought a sweet and savory balance and the  pickles which were light and airy, unlike any pickle I've ever ate tickled my taste buds. These two are important components in making this burger the completely refreshing and invigorating to the palate. With the warmth and subtle sweetness of the black garlic aioli, it's creamy richness married the rich  bacon and beef to they're flavorfully playful companions and tied the whole thing together.

And that Honey Drop Mead Bun! Wow! I could eat one of those every day for the rest of my life! With the gentle sweetness of honey, a pleasantly crunchy outside and a soft pillow-like inside, it's the epitome of what a bun can aspire to.

Of course, I'd be completely remiss without mentioning the house cut fries that went along my burger! They were crispy and light, totally showcasing our PEI Potatoes in a super delicious way. And now after that chip on top of the burger, I'm wondering how fries would taste dipped in melted white chocolate... I think I'm going to have to test that theory sometime soon and it'll be with the Urban Eatery's fries for sure!

I bet you can guess what my final thoughts are on this burger. It's a completely refreshingly imaginative Burger that deserves all the love in can get! By bringing the Downtown Market together with the Ubran Eatery was a stroke of genius that lead to a strong and delicious contender in this year's PEI Burger Love!

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