Sunday, 6 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Innkeeper at The Dundee Arms

One of the most striking parts of PEI Burger Love, for me, is how it draws together producers, restaurants and eaters, making us more aware of each other. Especially teaching us eaters a new respect for all of the hard work and dedication that is poured into bringing each delectable plate to our table.

After eating and hearing the story of The Dundee Arms' "Innkeeper" Burger Love creation, I feel that it best represents the strong connection that this month's Campaign represents. You can taste the talent in every bite, because this burger tells a story of the Dundee's dedication to perfection. Their entire Kitchen of Red Seal Chefs (very impressive), were a part of this burger's conception. From Chef Patrick's passion for food, to Sous Chef Michael's secret pork belly recipe and all the other delicious touches the Innkeeper is a burger with true soul.

Check out this photo of Chef Patrick with my plate! (I was so ready to steal it from him, because the smell of that burger was incredibly alluring!)

This Burger, like it's story, make a big first impression. There's so much to love about this massive burger and it starts with the smell of warm gruyere, pork belly, that fantastic garlic bun and of course !00% Island Beef! Just to give you a rundown of all the culinary treasure's you can experience on the Innkeeper... There's 8oz of Charbroiled Island Beef, a tasty slice of Pork Belly Confit, melted Gruyere Cheese, Mushroom Duxelle Cream Cheese, Chiffonade Lettuce, Diced Tomato Salad with Mustard Melons and a sliced Dill Pickle all hugged by a toasted House Made Roasted Garlic Roll.

Just look at this Burger Beauty! It was so hard to stay still for photos before I just took a great big bite out it!

Yep, that totally puts the "Love" in Burger Love. My first bite was a combination of flavors that just kept leading to another bite, to another...and well, you get it. I just couldn't stop eating! The gruyere, with it's savory warmth complimented the tender pork belly, while the beef brought together both flavors into the perfect pairing. All accented by the exceptionally creamy and rich mushroom cream cheese and you've got a Burger that'll warm your heart. It's truly elegant, just like the décor in the Dundee's "Griffon Room" that has atmosphere from ceiling to floor, they've got a burger with presence from top bun to bottom.

The charbroiled burger is something that, until the Dundee Arms introduced me to yesterday, I hadn't tried during any Burger Love Campaign. It's an exciting an new twist on preparing the burger and let me taste just how great PEI Beef tastes charbroiled. So get your barbie's fired up this Summer people, because you're going to want to put some Island Beef on them. Not that you'll be able to emulate the Dundee's stupendous creation, but us ordinary people can always aspire to greatness. (Or just go to the Dundee for the best charbroiled Burger Love, ever! 'Cause that's what I'll be doing.)

All these warm and luxurious flavors were highlighted with cool and crisp vegetables and a unique diced tomato salad with mustard melons. These refreshing tastes were light while still being complex enough to join in on the skillfully designed burger. This created the perfect juxtaposition for the palate that made each taste exciting.

My side of sweet potato fries with crispy and smooth with a lovely aioli pairing. The tarragon, pink peppercorn, lemon and garlic aioli gave a fresh perspective on these earthy and warm root vegetable fries, making them irresistible. (And they just happed to be perfect with all of the Innkeeper's flavors, so cheers to the Dundee!)

Now I know this is Burger Love, but I had a little bit of Biscuit Love at the Dundee before my meal. They brought out one of their famous and completely adored by moi biscuits, perfectly warmed to my table. This time there was a little something different that came with it. Molasses Butter! It was the very best of sweet and salty as the warm of the molasses melted into the biscuit. With molasses being a classic old-fashioned pairing for biscuits, this is truly an updated classic with total flair.

A true culmination of their kitchen's collective talent coming with the inspiring pride of ownership that stands behind the Dundee Arms' Burger Love creation brings to the table a heart stealing Burger that absolutely cannot be missed!

P.S. A big shout out to Bethany! She was the incredibly knowledgeable waitress who I had the pleasure of meeting on this visit. I could hear the passion Bethany had for food whenever we spoke and I was super inspired to see more people just as thrilled about food as I am!

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