Sunday, 13 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Knockout at Quality Inn on the Hill

If you want a Burger to give thanks for this PEI Burger Love, then look no further than the Knockout at the Quality Inn on the Hill. This creation by Chef Mary Dunn makes each bite another reason to give thanks...after all, it's the best of every Thanksgiving stacked into one overwhelming impressive Burger!

Like a memory that you save to recall around the Holiday table with your family, this burger will fill you with warm fuzzies and you'll be wanting to tell everyone about it. You can taste home with every single bite and that's truly a reflection of Chef Mary's dedication to pure and honest home cooking that soothes the soul. It invites everyone into it's warmth and deliciousness, even Gluten-Free Burger Lovers. With a house made gluten free rustic Kaiser and savory stuffing, Chef Mary's got you covered! Burger Love...For Everyone!

All I know is from day one, I couldn't wait to try out the Knockout and today was my date of destiny with this fantastic Burger! Brought out my Chef Mary, I knew my heart was already conquered by this very handsome, incredibly savory smelling Burger!

With the very first bite all of my senses were awakened! It really is a total Knockout, every flavor grabs your heart's attention and you know that you've gone head over heels in an instance. Warm and savory, fresh and crunchy, sweet and smoky all with an edge of creaminess that proves this creation's worth all the love you've got to give. And I was certainly giving it a lot of love with all that "This is sooooo yummy", I kept saying.

There can't be enough said about this burger's presence in both looks and taste. There are so many aspects, each one equally impressive one it's own and beyond tasty when combined with one another.

Starting with 6oz of Seasoned PEI Beef and adding Larkin Brother's Smoked Turkey, Double Smoked Bacon, Homemade Savory Stuffing, ADL Mozzarella Cheese, Red Onion, Boston Leaf Lettuce, Cranberry Mayo, House Made Gravy all on a Rustic Kaiser Roll toasted with Garlic Butter!

Just imagine all those flavors at once...Tastes good in your imagination, doesn't it? Well your mind can't even do it justice. You've got to go to the Inn on the Hill and experience it!

The way the Island Beef tasted alongside the turkey, it should be inducted into the Thanksgiving Hall of Fame! It was juicy and lightly seasoned to accent all the naturally awesome notes that come along with our favorite meat of the month! The ultimately fresh turkey, delivered fresh daily from the Larkin brothers was so full of flavor and tender that it sent my heart a-flutter. Along with the crispy, smoky bacon these three meats are a trio of yum and as fresh as you can get, just like everything on the Knockout!.

Creamy and smooth ADL Mozzarella adds to the purely local taste of this burger, you can be sure that you're tasting the bounty of the Island.

And the stuffing! Oh the STUFFING! It fills you with the warmth of home and transports your taste buds to that favorite memory of Thanksgiving in your childhood. It certainly brought a huge smile to my face, perfectly seasoned, soft and buttery. Just perfection. Perfect with the house made gravy, this savory stuffing is extraordinary.

Crisp red onion gives crunch a nice little crunch along with the Boston leaf lettuce, the veggies all crunchy and delicious! And sweet, sweet cranberry mayo! How I love thee and thy warmth and subtle sweetness, how there's cranberries throughout your perfection. I want to smother everything with your creamy goodness and tell the world of how taste fulfilling your beauty is. Chef Mary's Cranberry Mayo needs to be our Provincial condiment!

All on a warm toasty rustic Kaiser with garlic butter, this bun compliments the burger's flavors. Soft with a light crunch and the deep rich butter that I absolutely adore. It's no wonder the Knockout can rule my heart so easily.

As my side I got the Inn's Spicy Fries, just likely spiced so that they're prefect for everyone and I asked for a dish of Chef Mary's delicious house made gravy, because honestly, I can't get enough of the stuff! It's SO good! Together they were lovely and the spices and gravy tied them in with the Knockout ideally.

And on top of everything off, Chef Mary's cheesecake was so tempting that I just couldn't resist a piece! It was calling to me in ways I've never heard dessert call to me before. It was as light as a cloud, rich, creamy and smooth like pure silk. The fresh and sweet strawberry on top was purely refreshing and this dessert created a sweet ending to this perfect love story!

I like to think of myself as something of a Thanksgiving Dinner aficionado and so it's with that self endowed title that I proclaim this is one of the best interpretations of a turkey dinner I've ever tasted! It's generous and filling while having a huge appeal in flavor! You can taste the local in this Burger Love creation and it's definitely got something for everyone to love. You couldn't ask for a better interpretation of a Turkey Dinner. The knockout is a true modern classic, firmly rooted in timeless traditions and ready to take on the future!

P.S. Thanks you Melissa and Sarada for being a totally awesome waitresses, you two rock!

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