Wednesday, 9 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: M-2 at Mavor's

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."
-William Shakespeare, 'As You Like It': Act II

Shakespeare might be right that all the men and women on the stage of life are merely players, but one thing he never took into account was burgers! Because on PEI, we take our beef seriously and I found out today that if we're all players, then the M-2 PEI Burger Love creation at Mavor's is the star! Commanding the adoration of all that come to experience it's intensity of flavor, Chef Stephen Wilson's creation deserves one standing ovation after another!

The M-2 burger is an experience, each bite taking you deeper and deeper into it's complex flavors. Just like a great theatrical production leads you into layer upon layer of flavor, that's the very same philosophy I feel represents the stage worthy M-2. So much more than just a sequel to their original M-1 Burger Love creation, there's everything you love about Mavor's always amazing fare and more on the M-2. It's another wildly successful year for Mavor's during this year's PEI Burger Love and they deserve every bit of praise they've received.

Of course, 6oz of Island Beef leads this cast of incredible flavors but it's got a powerhouse of players along side it! Jalapeno and Red Onion Relish, Maple Peppered Bacon, Spinach and Cow's Applewood Smoked Cheddar Sauce all on a toasted and butter Brioche Bun topped by house made Worcestershire Sauce Potato Chips! That said, if I were acting alongside even the most renowned of actors, I would still prefer this amazing Burger to be my leading man!

We could tell the tale of a girl and a burger, together in a love affair fueled by the simple love of intense and harmonious flavors. That's one story you could take to the stage of the Confederation Centre! Take a look at the previews, this photo of me and Mr. M-2.

From the very first bite, I was awe-inspired by all the flavors that burst onto the scene! It was like a song and dance number going on in my mouth, every single aspect of the M-2 became a melodious blend of delicious. Warm, juicy, smooth, crunchy and savory with the charming attitude of spice that makes it so attractive. This burger is the whole package and more when it comes to pleasing the senses.

First, the juicy and tender beef comes through clearly, rich with flavor and displayed as perfect as a picture in a frame of "OMG That tastes so amazing". I've got say that PEI Beef is lucky to have met Chef Stephen Wilson's creativity, because he's got the panache to take one of our most loved resources and take it to new and unexplored heights. He compliments the beef perfectly with each ingredient, bringing out warmth and earthiness that leaves you going "Mmmmmm" repeatedly.

And that thick cut crispy, maple pepper bacon?, love, love this bacon and thankfully the M-2 is absolutely loaded with it! Maple and pepper are two completely opposites that attract as they reach your taste buds and mingle with the smokey bacon and--did I mention that I really L.O.V.E. this bacon? Haha! I know that bacon has gained world-wide fame by appearing in more incarnations than you can name, but this is my particular favorite version of bacon.

On top of that, the velvety Cow's Applewood Smoked Cheddar sauce comes to you as a burst of flavor that completely excites your taste buds. Crowning the many textures of this burger, it brings each one together and with it's subtle smokiness lends itself perfectly to the bacon I just wrote a love note to. Speaking of texture, the house made Worcestershire potato chips not only added another amazing flavor to experience, they were light and crispy, giving a pleasant crunch to every single bite. I could so totally handle Mavor's selling these chips by the bag!

As leafy greens go, Spinach was the ideal choice for this burger, it's got a certain warmth to it and it's distinctive flavor which matches the wonderful intensity of the M-2. Jalapeno and Red Onion Jam bridges the sweet and savory aspects of this Burger Love creation, tying them together with a delicious bow of flavor. The Jalapeno creates a warm tingle on the palate that introduces itself to you while complimenting all of it's fellow flavors. And of course, the toasted and buttered brioche, is pleasantly soft and warm, the butter giving it that extra edge and nestling itself around this burger cozily.

My side of choice was a creamy Cesar salad! Rich with cheese and oh, so refreshing in it's taste and perfect greens. This lovely Cesar was perfect in everyway right down to the buttery croutons and crispy thick cut bacon bits! (Yes, Mavor's has clearly cornered me on the bacon market, which is perfectly awesome to me.) Accompanying it was a fantastic cheese crisp that has such a delightful flavor and crunch, I wish I could buy one for everyone on PEI!

The spotlight is definitely on the M-2 Burger with it's potently eloquent flavors! Each taste is perfectly on cue, leading me to cry "Encore! Encore!". Looks like I'll have to go back for another!

P.S. I was so impressed by how passionate Meghan at Mavor's was about Burger Love and how much fun I had chatting about this experience with her that I've just go to give her a shout out! Here's to you Meghan!

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