Thursday, 10 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Navigator at The Merchantman

Like the north star's guiding light brings sailors and wanderers alike home, The Navigator at the Merchantman has brought my heart and taste buds to an oasis of savory deliciousness. This mouth-watering Burger Love creation by Chef Adam Loo will tempt you with it's exquisite flavors and as soon as you take that very first bite--well, let's just say be prepared to fall head over heels. Because it's easy falling in love when The Navigator is the object of your affection!

Like a charming worldly stranger, The Navigator's mystique and depth automatically attracted the attention of my heart. It was a vision of handsomeness of which the likes I have never before seen.

And to be quite honest, this Burger Love creation had me at...7oz of Island Beef with Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Aioli, Cherry Tomato and Bacon Relish, Cajun and Summer Savory Pork Sausage Patty, Sprout and Radish with Basil and Lemon Slaw with crispy Shallots on a grilled Sun-Dried Tomato Summer Savory Bun garnished with a Prosciutto and Date Cheese Bite in Puff Pastry.

Because, let's be honest here. If a girl like me had a choice between candy and flowers or a burger with all those gloriously mind-blowing ingredients... Burger all the way, baby!

As the Navigator made it's way to my table with Chef Adam Loo, I was fully prepared to grab him in a tight, completely Burger Love driven hug! The smell of this burger was so beyond compare that it sent me into a world of beefy beauty and it's appearance was a true vision of loveliness. I just knew The Navigator couldn't wait to be eaten! ...Well, I knew that I couldn't wait one more second to eat it.

Taking that very first bite, I was completely wonderstruck and taken by the superb blend of flavors that was consuming my taste buds and that sheers, unadulterated jubilation that came from that initial bite. And every sensational bite afterwards only increased the experience of The Navigator! You can tell from all angles, every aspect and each taste that Chef Adam Loo put all of his incredibly vast talent and a bounty of local ingredients into this Burger Love creation. All of that translates into a true Burger Love opportunity that has to be tasted to be believed!

The diadem on this treasure of a burger was the prosciutto and date cheese bite wrapped in the flakiest pastry I've ever had. Layer after layer of buttery indulgence turned into a savory heart so smooth, cheesy and toothsome that I savored the precious moment in time that the bite and I spent together. Yup, that's passion invoking food, right there.

The Island Beef that's featured on The Navigator was impressively smooth and the true nature of it's flavor was used to the advantage of every flavor surrounding it. You could tell that the beef which has become the pride of our Island was the integral part of this burger, every flavor branching from it and coming together with it to bring out the crisp and clean notes of pure Island Beef.

The Cajun and Summer Savory Pork Sausage added yet another layer to love, giving even more depth to this Burger Love's ever deepening dynamics. Cozy and soothing flavors met a tiny kick of spice that complimented the aioli and slaw impeccably.

Earthy and exceptionally fresh tasting, the Sprout and Radish with Basil, Lemon Slaw offered a pleasant crunch that came along with yet another depth of flavor that created the refreshing aspect of this burger, making it lift your spirit like a fresh ocean breeze. When matched with the light and savory Crispy Shallots and Roasted Garlic and Artichoke Aioli, there's a fantastic balance that creates an excellent signature flavor that only The Navigator could sport. Add in the sweet smokiness of the Cherry Tomato and Bacon Jam and you've got the dictionary definition of delightful.

Carefully stacked between a Sundried Tomato and Summer Savory Bun that is fragrant and sumptuous. This bun not just adds to the burger but actually becomes it in a very eloquent way, fusing it's flavors with those that make this burger truly amazing. And if you feel like baking an extra batch of those buns, Chef Adam, you can bring them to my place! They're unbelievable!

My side salad, the signature Merchantman Salad was Spinach, Arugula and Carrots, tossed in a black currant and blueberry vinaigrette and completed with date goat's cheese and candied pecans. And while I realize all that put together in already calling your name, let me just say that it's just as tasty as it sounds! Refreshing with a savory edge, it's a unique salad that will make you love it from the very first bite.

All in all The Navigator is my lighthouse, my harbor of tastiness, my guide on the path of yum. You too should go forth and make it yours as well, this phenomenal creation become your compass on this Burger Love journey!

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