Tuesday, 22 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Olympian Burger from Downtown Deli

The Olympian Burger from the Downtown Deli is a truly fitting tribute to our Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team, Heather Moyse and Kallie Humpries who brought home Gold from this year's 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Along with honoring PEI Sports Hall of Famer David Eli MacEachen, a tenacious Olympic Island Bobsledder. And just like Heather brought her gold home to PEI, the Downtown Deli brings us all Burger Love creation made of pure gold flavors!

Co-Creators of the Olympian, Insaf and Fouad, owners of the Downtown Deli put true pride in their food and bringing you and I the highest of quality when it coms to flavor and ingredients. That's why, when Fouad came up with the ingenious idea to theme their Burger Love after our victorious Olympians, Insaf brought to the table an array of flavors so tempting and delicious it makes this burger impossible to resist! All on a Baguette that adorably mimics the shape of a bobsled, I have to say that this Burger scores a perfect 10 when it comes to design and taste!

Going into the Downtown Deli today, I must be honest, was more like being welcomed into a close friend's home that walking into a restaurant. With a warm welcome from everyone and all the enthusiasm of an athlete's homecoming, I never wanted to leave the Downtown Deli! It's just that awesome. Add that home like atmosphere with warm flavors that embrace you and I'd say you've got the perfect stage set for me to fall in love.

But, oops. I already did. Just looking at the Olympian as it came to my table was enough to set me love-struck. Let's just say that this burger looks ready for love, it's so perfect it could be featured on the cover of a magazine. From that very first glance and whiff of those heady and beautiful scents I was enamored with the Olympian. I could hardly imagine what the first bite would be like...

Is there a word strong than elation? Delight? Joy? Perfect happiness? Honestly I can pick just one to tell you how succulent and enchanting that very first captivating bite was. It's like nothing you've ever tasted before in Burger Love and exactly what you want to taste for the rest of your life! Immediately my senses were on an exotic vacation thanks to this Burger's rich spices and perfectly appointed seasoning. Yup, Chef Alex Murphy prepared this burger way too good!

With 10oz of Island Beef infused with Curry, Sultana Raisins and Toasted Almonds, you've got a patty that's as treasured at the coveted gold medals at the Olympics! Surrounded by Maple Chipotle Sauce, Mild Cranberry Chutney, Provolone Cheese, Maple Bacon, Montreal Smoked Meat, Leaf Lettuce, Red Onion and Tomato all on a Vienna Multigrain Baguette and topped with a Cherry Tomato, Crisp Dill Pickle and slice of fresh Pineapple.

I mean, "Hello"! That's one incredible line up of flavors that could easily make up Team Canada for the next Food Olympics!

The sweet and juicy Pineapple "Gold Medal" atop the Olympian was so delicious and is a perfect example of how the three flavors of the toppers compliment each other just like the combination of savory, spicy and sweet do throughout the burger. The dill pickle is the best I've ever eaten (and I'm a dill pickle kinda person.), it had this super crunch and a perfect dill flavor that made it amazing! And of course, that classic little cherry tomato with it's cheery freshness was lovely.

Honestly, the first thing that hit me when I bit into the Olympian was it's beef. This moist, sweet and spicy patty with flavors that can easily go the distance for your love. This is the Downtown Deli's first foray into the world of Burger Love, but, wow, that Burger tastes like they're total veterans! Keeping in touch with the Deli's flavor roots, they took this burger to higher ground by infusing it with such unique and complimentary ingredients. The beef is deliciously fresh and takes on all of the flavors around it as if it were created only for that purpose. And those Sultana Raisins? Make the beef even more, if not, impossibly juicier!

Add in authentic Montreal Smoked Meat and Maple Bacon to send me over the top in excitement! The Montreal Smoked Meat is a true classic at the Downtown Deli and their signature sandwich. Which, by the by, I absolutely cannot wait to go back and get one of those for myself! What I had on the Burger hooked me already! The Maple Bacon was a great idea because it's sweet and smoky balance brings together all of the flavors and ties them through one ingredient.

With warm flavors throughout, the Maple Chipotle which gives attitude and kick meets with the Cranberry Chutney, the two paying tribute to one another as they hit your taste buds. Warm and cool, spicy and sweet, I don't know how to tell you just how good it was other than to say you have to taste the Olympian to believe it! Topped off with melty and smooth Provolone cheese, it has a mild enough flavor that it lends itself to all of the powerful deliciousness around it. Add in some classic veggies that are crisp and juicy and you've got the makings of a legendary burger!

All of this on a Baguette that brings this Burger's uniqueness to another level and helps bring out the warm of flavors even more with it's multigrain heartiness. A truly innovative idea that not only adds more yum to the Olympian but also gives it that very cool Bobsled shape that gives itself so perfectly to this Burger's theme.

And on the side? A classic Greek Salad, of course! How could there be more perfect company for this burger than one that gives a nod to the ancient origins for the Olympic Games? With refreshing flavors of the Mediterranean, this Salad's light and heavenly herbed dressing was perfect with it's crisp and fresh veggies. It was definitely fitting of the first Olympians, those of Greek lore that lent their title to the athletic games that we've all grown to know and love. Juicy tomatoes, hearty olives, red and green sweet bell peppers, cucumber, red onion, greens and of course loads of creamy feta cheese all make up this Salad which is too good for mere mortals!

My final word? You cannot miss the Olympian! It's a truly unique and special offering this Burger Love that will leave you feeling like you just stepped to the top of the Olympic Podium! The only thing left for me is to say..."Can I have another, please?"

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