Thursday, 22 May 2014

Charlottetown Tulip Festival Art Show at the Guild - "Two Lips" Progresson

Hello Readers! Whether you've come upon this post from scanning the QR code next to my art piece that you're (hopefully) looking at with some sense of admiration, or just happened to find this post some way else... I'm glad you're here!

This year marks the first Charlottetown Tulip Festival, which is very exciting since tulips are extremely pretty and we all need a super dose of Spring! As part of the festivities The Guild on Queen Street is hosting an Art Show dedicated to the theme of...what else, Tulips! With a host of talented Islanders, there plenty of beautiful pieces for your viewing pleasure and I'm lucky enough to share a wall with some of these incredible people!

And as you'll notice, if you're looking at the art, I had a bit of fun with the theme. "Two Lips", while having plenty of two, plenty of lips and plenty of tulips does have symbolism that's beneath the surface of this piece.

That there is the rough sketch, as you can see the couple, Nakomis and Lars are their names, are having a sweet little lip lock there. But hark! There's more. Those tulips that their holding and wearing are going to be symbols once they're colored. As for doing the sketch itself, it was quite entertaining. I haven't actually drawn a couple kissing since...2006. So I was very pleased once it turned out to look like a pleasant little pucker.

Ah, the next phase. First inking. Done with a Sakura Micron Size 8 Pen was one of my favorite parts. I love inking, creating lines and then deepening them as they go along is something very bold, very tangible that takes a sketch and gives it some sort of different intensity. I'm very attached to my lines, which is a good thing since permanent markers aren't much for temporary relationships.

Next comes the second part of the inking. You can see that it's starting to get a bit more dynamic. I'm usually pretty playful when it comes to inking. I don't like to let lines linger or be missed so by making each one a piece in and of itself, there's a lot more for people to take it.

And...we have skin! Not too much to say about this aside from the fact that I like how it shows what color does to a straight black and white piece. You really start to get excited with that first layer of color going down!

...More color! I would have taken you through the whole thing, but let's face it, you've got a lot of other art to look at and basically it's a lot of alcohol based marker going down which is only interesting to people who get extremely technical when it comes to art (me). What I will say is that you can now see the color of the tulips that I mentioned earlier. Red Tulips are known to represent everlasting love, which is perfect for this couple. Why? Well, the White Tulips in Nakomis' crown will give you a hint to that. While human there, she goes on in her own story to become an angel, which within the realm of these two means an almost immortal existence. Everlasting? I think so. And while Lars' might not live forever, like his girl, I think his half of everlasting love definitely represents our human sense of love. Even after death we can still love greater, whether from our spirit or from the love that we shared with others and is carried within them.

Oooo, I'm getting kinda deep here.

Well, moving on to the next color, the Purple Tulips represent Lars' position as royalty. Oh yeah, he's a Prince, did I forget to mention that? Well, he is and one that goes on to be a King and since this color Tulip is undeniable sign of royalty, it was the perfect choice.

Now I'm sure a few of you are wondering why the background is white. If you know my art, you'll understand that it's just something I 'do'. I don't like to detract from the character design, which is a big part of what my art involves and also, with this particular piece I wanted to point out how when two people are sharing a moment like that; nothing else is around.

And now, I thank you for listening to me banter on about art! I hope you enjoy my piece and all of the stupendous pieces at the Tulip Festival Show. I would love to hear from anyone and if you have any other questions about "Two Lips" feel free to post, tweet or facebook me.

Have fun at the Festival, all!

I know Nakomis and Lars are...

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