Monday, 19 May 2014

Chicken Shawarma at Cedar's Eatery

Well, after a month of beefy goodness, I'm back in action and eating exactly what you'd expect!

...Chicken! I know what you're thinking: "No beef? What's going on here!?". My friends, beef isn't the only incredible edible that PEI has to offer and so I set off to try out a dish that's been a-buzz around the Island for, well, years! Cedar's Eatery has been considered one of Canada's Best Restaurants since 1979 and every local foodie I've met has been there to try out a spread of their Lebanese and Island-Inspired fare. That said, I knew I was in the best of hands when I went in to try their Chicken Shawarma. Especially with their family-friendly atmosphere and the caring attention of their warm-hearted Hostess Gwen, super Waiter Kelly and awesome duo of Chefs, Matt Hollis and Matt MacFadden! 

With a fantastic reputation that precedes it, the Shawarma at Cedar's can be ordered with either chicken or beef and either regular or grilled. I went for the whole experience and got my Chicken Shawarma grilled and with an order of half their aromatic Lebanese Rice and yummy Fries on the side! I just couldn't wait for my plate to arrive at the table and so browsed their delectable dessert menu to pick out the perfect sweet ending! Don't worry, you'll hear more about it soon...

But first, the Shawarma! The Shawarma! We're talking super taste tempting here. It's got this beautiful smell of rich heady spices and charmingly smooth garlic. Honestly, just looking at the plate made me want to hop a plane and head for Lebanon. We've got our own little slice of their terrific cuisine on the Island thanks to Cedar's! And that first bite had me hooked. The cool creaminess was one great aspect, but what got my taste buds going was the spice, which is, very, very (no pun intended) nice! It felt like I was getting a warm hug from this wrap of epic yum and when your food hugs you, that's when you know it's awesome.

And just so everyone knows, when I say spices, I mean those warm, embracing kinds. The Shawarma at Cedar's is ideal for anyone who loves big flavor! There's no heat here, just a fireworks show of taste and yumminess.

The grilled aspect made added to the unique juxtaposition that comes from the cool sauce and spiced chicken. It gave an extra aspect to each bite and became a great part of that balance. Warm and toasty while being completely refreshing. Generously packed with chicken and veggies, this Shawarma just left me saying..."wow". It's a getaway for all of the senses and served up with Cedar's endless hospitality and charm, that's a winning combination if you ask me.

As sides go, the Lebanese Rice and Fries were a lovely combination. First, the rice was just as aromatic and tempting as the Shawarma itself. Plated up with similar spices to the Shawarama and added beef and toasted almond slices, this rice was outstanding. I'm a rice lover in general, but this Lebanese Rice beats them all with it's traditional flavors and those almonds with add an extra crunch and pleasant nuttiness. Next to that was some super classic fries with a majorly thick cut twist! I don't think I've ever seen fries so big before! It was awesome because they were fried perfectly so I got these incredible crunchy, golden nuggets with a soft potato inside.

So yes, I imagine you're very hungry and feeling a strong urge to satisfy your appetite with some Shawarma-tasticness. Well then, you'd better head to Cedar's! ...But not before hearing about the awesome dessert I tried out!

Baklava. If you haven't had it, you've got to. The best way you can describe the way it tastes to me is to say that it tastes even better than all of my favorite things and then is wrapped in the most amazing pastry ever! As you can see from the photo, Cedar's does Baklava not only deliciously but also beautifully, this plate looks like a pretty package with a sugary bow. These little desserts are dainty and oh, so adorable! With the two little "fingers" you could easily share this with someone. Although you'd have to figure out who get's the beautiful blossom shaped one, which is very appropriately shaped because this Baklava blooming with flavor! The pastry was the most flaky I've ever had and let's just talk butter. Because this butter was rich and so decadent! I belong to those endless layers of pastry with their buttery amazingness. With the sweet and pure tasting honey along side the nutty pistachios this was the perfect way to end an exotically satisfying meal!

So after all that, what else can I say about Cedar's? Well, I'd eat there again in a heartbeat! And I'm super excited to try Baba's Lounge which is upstairs at Cedar's, it's totally made for the hip, artistic scene and so it sounds like a great time to me. Of course, with the incredible food a la Cedar's it's bound to be the best!

P.S. Cedar's is a great place for people who are Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. Their menu accommodates all three needs and quite deliciously! Check out their weekly Lunch "Flight" Menu!

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