Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Some Fancy Lobster Roll at Dave's Lobster

Ever wonder where you can go to pick up a Lobster Roll that's as good as the legendary Rolls of yore that you're great, great Grandfather goes on about but with flair that can take on the 21st Century? I've pondered that conundrum with the best of PEI's great thinkers and though there was ne'er an answer in sight for many a moon... Something incredible appeared on Charlottetown's Historic Waterfront! Dave's Lobster is it's name and so, after all that wondering (which conveniently made me very hungry) I made the (short but epic) pilgrimage to Dave's.

Boasting indoor and outdoor seating, a bright and welcoming atmosphere, genuinely caring staff and Island charm to boot, Dave's was all I could expect and more! And they might be the new kid on the block, but this little restaurant is already making waves with their first award coming from the Savour Food and Wine Festival recognizing their Lobster Tacos!

Greeted by Kirsten, the cheerful Assistant Manager, I already felt like I was home. She talked about the menu with me since I was having a hard time picking between their two Lobster Roll offerings. The Local, which is a classic chilled lobster roll or the Some Fancy a unique offering that you're going to be hearing more about... Because that was my roll of choice. (For this visit anyways, because after how impressed I was, I'll be back for The Local.)

With lobster warmed in a pan of butter, fresh lemon and garlic, it's served up on a traditional home made roll which is buttered and grilled. Add in a sprinkling of fresh cut chives and you've nailed the recipe for what tastes like a delicious lobster dinner all on a roll of super toasty goodness! With a Mini Bag of Covered Bridge Kettle Cooked Chips and crisp Dill Pickle, I decided to add a side of coleslaw so that I could get the full David's experience. The warmth of this roll infused even more flavor into the huge chunks of warm, tender lobster as the butter melts into everything, especially that toasty roll for a perfect crispness on the outside and softness on the inside. The light citrus from the lemon compliments this delectable shellfish and the garlic is a perfect companion to the lobster's naturally subtle sweetness, the chives add in a crispness of flavor for a great combination that really is Some Fancy. Honestly, this Lobster Roll is the perfect welcome to PEI when it comes to newcomers and a taste of fond memories for our locals, which is likely why Dave's has already won the hearts of regulars! My side slaw was great, fresh and citrus-y with a touch of cilantro that made it stand out from it's peers of typically prepared coleslaw. It was definitely a taste of Summer and pleasantly cool in it's flavors; just as refreshing as Dave's decor!

Of course, the Covered Bridge Brand chips were delicious. I've always known that this brand, which hails from New Brunswick (Go Atlantic Provinces!), are great but when paired with PEI Lobster...Yum! Crispy, crunchy potatoes, perfectly cooked and then salted with sea salt. If you haven't tried Covered Bridge's Chips, make your first time at Dave's!

And knowing me, you'll understand that I can't really go anywhere without dessert and coffee, because coffee is practically my life blood! With the delicious stuff hailing from Row 142, this coffee is roasted right Downtown and was perfectly brewed at Dave's. A light roast that while it not only matched dessert, went with the whole meal. Who knew you could drink coffee with lobster? As of now, me! As for dessert, a Cinnamon Roll from Mary's Bakery in Cornwall was lovely because let's face it you don't get more PEI than these Cinnamon Rolls which are famous across the entire Island. They're sweet, kissed with cinnamon, gooey and crunchy. So essentially, they're pretty much perfect. Oh and did I mention how big they are!? No dinky cinnamon rolls here. They've always been my favorite but now they're at Dave's; talking about sweet, sweet providence.

Really though, it's not just me that's in love with Dave! ...I mean Dave's Lobster! Although he deserves a big hug for creating such a great place to hang out and eat. You've got to know it's amazing when all the customer's compliment the food on their way out. Just consider this review a big virtual hug from another one of your fan's Dave.

Oh and for those of you who aren't ready for lobster yet or have little ones with you, Dave's offers Gourmet Grilled Cheese for kids and kids at heart.

So now, as they say on the Island...Have at 'er!

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