Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Christmas Wonderland Buffet at the Top of the Park

Twas' the night before Christmas and all at Red Shores were enjoying a buffet overflowing with the trimmings and oh, so much more.

When searching for festive perfection in a Christmas dinner, just like a gift this is the meal that keeps on giving! A feast fit for Santa Claus himself, a visit to the Top of the Park Restaurant is pretty much like being a kid on Christmas morning. Always booked ahead, the Red Shores Christmas Lunch and Dinner Buffets are a highlight of the culinary scene at this, the Holiday season. With a Team of Chefs who are likely topping Mr. Claus' Nice List, I wouldn't be surprised if Chefs Andrew, Glen, Jeff and Dana are chartered out to the North Pole to cater for the big man himself next year!

Think of it this way, everyday they host what could easily be considered the biggest Christmas Dinners and pull it off with the flair of your Mother, Grandmother and all the other esteemed cooks in your family that's ever put a turkey in the oven. That's generations of awesome all packed into a buffet that cannot be missed!

And I'm proud to say...this is how I celebrate.

Every year it's one of my favorite December activities to make it to the Top of the Park and totally do Christmas. With Holiday Spirit to spare, everyone is filled with good cheer. This year I've got to make a shout out to Jana and Denise for being to absolute darlings, they were warm, welcoming and made me feel just like a part of the family. And really, that's what Christmas is all about.

Well, that and food. Lots and lots of super delicious food. Which I clearly didn't have to look any further for once I was in the restaurant.

The best of the Island was spread out as a gourmet bounty which, as always, is quick to impress. In Christmas Fashion, the Top of the Park's Buffet was transformed both in food and atmosphere... It was certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Every table's personal TV was tuned into a crackling fireplace, while the decor was all candy canes and Gingerbread Houses.

I was tempted straight to the buffet by the smell of turkey and the trimmings. The classics were all there from savory dressing to creamy mashed potatoes.

My first plate, as you can see, was pure Christmas fare. The turkey, so tender and juicy was carved right before my eyes at their carvery. Always the star of the show, Top of the Park served up a turkey that was perfect in every way. Topped with some of their creamy gravy and sweet and tart cranberry sauce, I had plenty of reasons to go back for more and more. Alongside that was classic vegetables, seasoned just right and with just enough butter to make them irresistible. The mashed potatoes were so light and fluffy, they were practically whipped into a buttery, savory cloud and of course, the dressing was classic, just like your Mom would make. All of these put together spell out Christmas Dinner perfection.

Not as insanely obsessed with Christmas food like me? Don't worry! There's a whole cold salad bar with gourmet pasta, potato and other gourmet salads. There's always  soup of day with fresh rolls too, the day I went their selection just happened to be Chicken Gumbo. And in true Top of the Park fashion white wine steamed Mussels are one of their go-to greats!

As for me, I was tempted by the cheesey, saucy goodness of their lasagna! It was hearty and rich filled with layers of beef, veggies and tomato sauce then topped with glorious cheese!

And then... Dessert. Not just any dessert, but the dessert of desserts that could knock the socks off of your sweet tooth. Well, if teeth wore socks anyways.

Just look at that assortment of goodies. Some people want Santa to bring them Diamond Rings or BB Guns... But I just want that. All of it. I could promise an entire year of my best behavior if I could find all that under my tree on Christmas morning. Everything from Blueberry Shortcake to trifle and bread pudding. Pies, cakes, cookies, squares, jellys...and fudge.

That was a mouthful. Which is quite accurate considering I couldn't resist sampling all a wide range of these delectable morels. I had some of the fruitcake and fruitcake squares, which had the most divine crea, cheese icing, buttery shortbread cookies, deliriously rich chocolate and cookies and cream fudge...

...And Pumpkin Pie with a cup of coffee!

It's no wonder Top of the Park is consistently my favorite buffet. At any time of the year they are set to impress and there is always a selection that can satisfy anyone's wish list. While I was there, I heard about their upcoming Asian Night Buffets...yet another tasty present that I can't wait to unwrap.

And so I will say and I nom out of sight...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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