Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Perfect Meal at the Churchill Arms

In Downtown Charlottetown there's a gem of a restaurant that has is frequented by locals for it's consistently delicious food and hailed by tourists for being one of the culinary bright spots on their visit. The Churchill Arms is the only authentic British Pub on Prince Edward Island and makes it's home on Historic Queen Street. Just as you'd expect, the atmosphere is warm, with rich colored woods and ambient lighting that provides the warmth and charm that comes to mind when imagining a British Pub. And while that alone makes it a pleasant place to have a meal, the Churchill exudes a sense of community and family which is truly unique. Regulars fill their usual spots while they mingle like family, even welcome newcomers with their smiles and the staff, as gracious and friendly as can be, make everyone feel at home. Their waitresses not only serve up amazing food but also good cheer and conversation. Fran, the Churchill's charismatic Proprietor is everyone's friend, she has that rare quality and down-to-earth personality that characterizes the charm of the Island.

And of course...she cooks up some of the most addictive dishes this side of the pond!

I personally am proud of say that I frequent the Churchill Arms and couldn't help but share my latest meal with all of you hungry foodies!

For starters, I decided to partake in one of the Churchill's daily creations. Each day they feature a special meal, daily wrap and soup. It just so happened that this day's feature was Baked Potato Cheddar Soup. So even though I knew I was in for a huge main course, I couldn't help myself!

As you can see from the photo, this soup is exactly like it looks, creamy and rich. With all the best parts of a baked potato all put into one singularly outstanding soup, you can taste each ingredient seamlessly. Potato, bacon, chives, cheddar and of course the unmistakable smoothness of sour cream. It goes to show that home made quality goes into every menu item, daily selections included.
It was a great precursor to the main event, a dish that the Churchill Arms is synonymous with and undoubtedly a part of it's most popular menu selections! It's one of the dishes that was shown when the Churchill was featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here!'

Their famous Curry! Oh, and did I mention that Kelly Ripa, from Live with Kelly and Michael not only visited the Churchill to try their curry but is still raving about it? That's right, you couldn't go anywhere to get a tastier serving of curry and it's easy to taste why everyone from locals to celebrities are wild over their curry!

There are four varieties of curry, from the classic Butter Chicken, to their hottest, the Madras Curry. I myself wanted to show off something that everyone can enjoy. The Korma curry, which comes with your choice of chicken, beef or vegetables. I went for the most popular choice and picked chicken with the local classic side of "half and half". A complete must, of you're to get the whole experience, your curry is accompanied by half a side of basmati rice and half a side of house cut fries.

See how happy I am, standing alongside Fran before digging in? Well, my smile was even wider once I took that first, coveted bite! The spices, which warm you delicately, completely envelope your senses while the creamy curry sauce satisfies oh so completely. The vibrant colors of the curry cover generous pieces of juicy white meat chkcken. With a combination of dipping fries, adding rice to my curry, eating chicken and getting every last remnant of this delicious goodness wiped up with the provided naan could literally say meal is perfection. A little taste of heaven.

The wonderful thing about the Korma is that it features mild spices with a lightly sweet and rich sauce that is suitable for even the most sensitive of palates. Pick the Lunch size for a perfect meal sized portion or go for the full size if you're like me and just can't get enough of this curry's delectable goodness.

Even though I was thoroughly satisfied after the incredible serving of nirvana inducing curry, I knew that no meal is truly complete without dessert... And at the Churchill Arms it doesn't take much convincing to dive into one of their favorite desserts. The deep fried Mars bar. Yes, the first on the Island to serve this ingenious creation, their take on the Mars bar is filled with particularly gooey goodness, on all the very best ways! Battered and fried for crispy perfection, it wraps the sweet, heavenly nougat and caramel which is all warm and smooth like velvet. The chocolate and caramel drizzle enhance this dessert's natural glory while the whipped cream and a cool kiss to this delightful indulgence!

Quite honestly when I think of the Churchill, the fact that it's one of my favorite places to eat and associate it with te kind of home cooking and local goodness that warms my heart. That's something I hope I've shared with everyone in this review and inspired you to go out and experience it for yourself. 

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